FABulous Ban.do Yard Sale

We totally scored. I am sad to report there wasn’t a single Ban.do item featured in the sale but I found a gorgeous turquoise bracelet, some fabric, some yarn *for making pom poms* a stamp set, a storage box filled with pretty paper, an Oh Joy set of mailing envelopes for our Etsy shop and a couple of candle votives.

Okay guys, I’m ready to shop till I drop!
I was stoked when I saw this guy in the front yard.

Big Pimpin’

Cotton Candy Pink tulle, for sure!
We are hoping we can use this to upholster something. Too bad it’s too small for laundry curtains. *yikes my wig is embarrassingly huge*

I am on the hunt for vintage letters

you two pink ladies are coming home with me
How amazing is this menagerie?

Antz wanted to use this rope in our new curtain design but I declined, too nautical, you know?
Stripes & Tights, my new uniform
Jenn from Ban.do was gracious enough to take a photo with me. I LOVE her jacket!! We’re both sporting our pom poms.

My Loot!

Okay, what happened next was a tragedy…

The restaurant I wanted to eat at was CLOSED!! 

The decor leaves little to the imagination

I was starved after running some errands it was already past 3pm so I HAD to have some sushi. Yet the sushi I wanted was all the way near LAX on the other side of town *like a 35 minute drive* I was relentless in my sushi craving so off we went. I was giddy with anticipation since I have been to this place 6 times in the last 4 weeks! My Mom first took me there a few months ago. I immediately brushed it off since A. It’s a total dive and looks like cockroaches and rats party there and B. It’s cheap for sushi. In my years of experience cheap sushi = bad sushi so I remained skeptical. I ordered some california rolls and didn’t give the place a second thought. The next time my Mom took me I was ravenous and I knew mere California rolls wouldn’t sedate me. I checked out the menu and after I got over my initial shock of how yummy the photos looked and the variety of sushi, I order a catepillar roll. Expecting to be totally underwhelmed it was fantastic. When my Mom was in town I found myself recommending we go to this out of the way dirtball place. I took Aimee there and she went through the same reluctant process I did but once I ordered for her, she was convinced. Antz was the hardest sell. We had a pact that we wouldn’t even think of ordering our sushi outside of Little Tokyo but when I would whine about wanting to drive all the way to this place he would not give in. One Sunday afternoon, I talked him into the drive and I again had to tell him to look past the horrible formica tables and shabby decor. It was all about the food. Tenno sushi has been good to us, with it’s modern design and Beyonce DVD concerts playing on the flat screens, we’re used to a dining experience. At this joint, they have an old clunky TV that only plays People’s Court and is large enough for one family of 6 to squeeze in. The guy at the counter won’t admit it, but he definitely gives me a look like “You again?” when I step up to order. The prices are so reasonable it’s easy to go overboard when you do order. I always get my regular and Antz has made his favorite a caterpillar roll and beef/chicken teriyaki bowl *which he shares with Liv* My journey is always worth the mileage for one thing only…

Tempura shrimp made by the Gods!

They make the best shrimp tempura, EVER! I challenge anyone to find a tastier version. Gordon Ramsey himself would bloody love them. You could tell me they were made out of human brains and baby seal guts and I’d still eat them. I order them every single time and so far, so delish *smacks fingers*. I was pretty bummed this place was closed at 4 pm on a Sunday. I SWEAR we came there at the same time before but being it’s a Mom & Pop, I’m sure they keep crazy hours. Oh well, c’est la vie. We went across the street and ate but it was whammp, whammp *thumbs down*. Antz is working Monday and Tuesday of this week and then he’s on vacation until the 3rd of January so we’ll have plenty of time to give it a go again.

Anyone has a guilty pleasure hole-in-the wall disgusting place they secretly LOVE? Mine used to be a disgusting taco truck AKA roach coach in Highland Park but Miyako has usurped it. Why close on Sunday, dammit!

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