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I am pretty excited that tomorrow someone from the Geek Squad is coming to our house to finally set up my dumb ole’ Time Capsule and fix my networking probs. I’m usually pretty savvy when it comes to electronics but that guy has me completely stumped. I have a list of questions and problems to be solved. I am keeping my fingers crossed I get someone knowledgeable and nice. My last 3 DirecTV guys have been Neanderthals. I asked the last one for a new remote since the marking have rubbed off the 7 year old one and he grunts to me “You have to call and ask for one, I don’t got any.” Yeah, direct quote. If my internet speed doesn’t improve I’m going to lose my shit. I am one of those impatient jerks that Louis CK hates that complains when things don’t go faster than a micro second.

Feel bad for me guys, it has been taking me on average 1-2 hours to load photos to my blog. I haven’t had any success with uploading to flickr or youtube. When I’m browsing sites, I often get timed out. Antz had trouble printing wirelessly and of course he blames my Mac. I need to redeem myself to him because he IS NOT LIKIN IT!!

On a happier note, I found peonies at Fresh & Easy today, yay! I wish they were available year-round but their scarcity makes them extra special when they are in season.

They smell amazing

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