I know you’ve seen it

There are several versions of this hilarious video orbiting the blogosphere

Shit Girls Say *Holy Shit, this is funny*
So true, it’s scary! I begged Antz to watch it but he was positive it would be stupid, halfway through watching it he was like “Man, that is sooo you!” *particularly constantly complaining it’s cold and asking him 50 times what’s wrong with my computer?*

Then the spin-off happened as we knew it would.

Shit Guys Say *luckily Antz doesn’t say this shit with expection to Okay, I’ll go!*

Shit Black Girls Say *again, spot on*

Shit Gay Guys Say *I snorted when they mentioned my fave, Parker Posey!!*
Today the BFF, Aimee, discovered the crème de la crème of this series. Presenting…

Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls  *word*
Personally, none of these has been said to me or Aimee but she has been told that she can’t tan since she’s Black and she must be “Mulatto” cause she has nice hair. Her family is from Louisiana but that has nothing to do with her ‘do!

My weirdest encounter was while on vacay in Italy, this chick ran up to me and asked if she could touch my braids. Umm, sure, go ahead. Then she seriously asked me if it was made of yarn. Uhhh?!

Lizzie in Piazza San Marco being invaded by pigeons

*Might I add, I braided my hair myself and it took me 3 days to finish, I was braiding while waiting in the airport terminal*

Now-a-days, the secrets of Black girl’s hair has been revealed just like magician secrets *blame that loser Criss Angel* Let’s face it, every celebrity is rocking a weave. I have worn hair extensions *aka the weave* Please don’t ask me if my hair grew *12 inches overnight* if you see this!


Also braids and I spend 3 – 4 hours every 3 months chemically torturing straightening my hair with a Brazilian treatment. Thank the Heavens Liv has naturally curly hair like her Dad so she won’t have to endure daily blow drying and flat ironing. Oh! and I can actually tan…even get sunburn, and have to wear daily sunscreen.

Getting dark in Las Vegas

So Lovelies, what misconception have you encountered in your life? I’m not so much plagued with stereotypes but more often mistaken for a Teen Mom cause I look younger than I am when in reality I’m an old lady that takes iron vitamins.

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