It’s Janvier

You know what that means? I have only 6 months to plan Liv’s 2nd birthday. Plenty of time for the average person but I have so many decisions to make and things to do. San Francisco *which is ‘spensive* or the Ace in Palm Springs?

Poolside at the Ace in June sounds dreamy

maybe stay in town and throw a party? I may be leaning towards SanFran. We would stay at the W *of course* go to the SF Zoo and take pictures at the Golden Gate Bridge *I have been there like 6 times and never done this* and Liv could take her first plan ride. I am not into throwing her a party this year since most of the attendees would be adults and that’s no fun for her. I’d rather wait until her 3rd when she is old enough to join in birthday party activities and she can invite her pre-school friends. My biggest challenge is her birthday gift. I am really wanting to make her play kitchen ourselves. Antz isn’t so excited about the project *he does most of the labor, while I am the designer* This guy looks amazing and I could sew pretty curtains and customized it for Olivia.


I saw the kitchen for Clara made by John & Sherry at Young House Love and started getting second thoughts. The price was right *they always do incredible things for no money at all* but Antz doesn’t have as many tools as they do and we would most likely end of spending as much as a pre-made one if I am involved. This dream kitchen set is from Pottery Barn kids

but even I won’t spend $700 for a toy! Plus we have no space to store this massive set. We still have to buy the play food, cooking accessories and the Melissa & Doug playsets. This makes me want a separate playroom for Liv *which makes me want our Dream House even more!* Well, Antz is so great at turning trash to treasure, I have faith he can find an entertainment shelf on craigslist for cheap and I can design a rad Parisian country kitchen for Liv. I’m sure I’ll change my mind about 20 times but it sounds like a fun project. I also want to make Liv’s playhouse

Miss Pretty Pretty via Etsy

I’m going to be a busy bee this year!

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