PS….I’m Freaking Out!

Good grief, Charlie Brown, this morning Antz and I attended Liv’s Pre-school Open House. Antz dropped her at her Grandma’s while we went on a tour of the school. My mind is officially blown. This Pre-school is amazing!! The staff, the curriculum, the facility…too much to register. The school’s owner is friendly, and down to Earth. The owner and Assistant Director gave us a presentation about how the school works and how much involvement the parents have *tons*. There are so many awesome events like each month they study a new word, an artist and a profession. This month was Empathy, Andy Warhol and Graphic Artist. *LOVE* They have yoga, organic gardening, cooking, music lessons, and Empowerment classes. They even have a date night once a month so parents can have a kids free evening. We peeked into the classrooms and ooh-ed and ahh-ed at the lovely, well-behaved children. It is definitely not your average let your kid play on their own for 5 hours while the teacher talks on their cell phone, daycare. There was close to 50 parents at the Open House so now I’m really worried. The classes are very small so I am in panic mode until they notify the parents on March 30th. The school is also very expensive but completely worth it. Antz and I were already mentally volunteering for projects at the orientation.

I really was under the impression Liv would start school at 3 but she needs to be around other kids, like now. Being an only child can have it’s drawbacks with toddlers learning to share with other children. At Liv’s dance class she tries to take the other kid’s instruments and says MINE! I have a hard time explaining the concept of sharing. She is at an exhausting, constantly pushing boundaries and testing me stage. I have to laugh or I’ll cry. For the most part she’s wonderful, obviously but she has picked up a nasty tantrum habit. She also somehow learned the power of the word NO! Grrr, I am hoping to get her into their Mommy & Me classes in April. She’ll be going to that twice a week, then Scruffin Rock on Fridays and soon she’ll start ballet. I am going to acupuncture on Mondays and Thursday is my regular date with Aimee. Our schedule is filling up fast. I also want to re-enroll her in swimming lessons on Saturdays.

So my biggest challenge has begun. Today we officially begin POTTY TRAINING! She must be diaper-free by September. I think it will go well. She likes sitting on her potty but I must remember to not make a big deal out of it. I spazz out over everything but it’s best to just act normal so she doesn’t seek the attention when she goes potty. I watched this doc, Nursery University, *its on instant Netflix* about the admission process for private Pre-Schools in Manhattan and it freaked me out. I’m going to be a wreck when it’s time to enroll her into elementary school. Maybe I should put her on the waiting list this year for 2014??

Holy Moly!!! *bites nails*

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