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This is precisely why I can’t save for important stuff! Two sites, Mod Cloth  and ASOS, has me in a battle of will power and entering my credit card number. *I blame Facebook for their strategically placed ads* Tell me if you could resist

This shoes…Holy shit. I love them so much. Antz always makes fun of my Steve Madden floral oxfords *he calls them my Granny shoes* so these are a great upgrade for only $62 bucks. I’m dying…must have them!

Montgomery Leather Brogue with colored sole

The pink trim is my favorite!
UPDATE** I just snagged these oxfords on sale for half price!! I’m a little concerned they might hurt my feet since that has been my experience with shoes that are inexpensive. I’ll let you know how they feel in a few days.

I am smitten with this bracelet. I would have to get one for Aimee too

Limited Edition Plaited Tassel Charm Friendship Wristband

The best thing about these beauties is they are on sale…they were $259 and now they are $129.99!

Swedish Hasbeens Cherries Shoe-Bilee

These may seem like some average clunky heels but I am 5’10” so wearing heels can look ridiculous *Drag Queenish* on me. I also have a problem with heels hurting my ginormous feet. If I find a shoe brand that makes comfortable heels, I’m a fan for life. Seychelles used to be my go-to brand but I’ve been reading so many great things about Swedish Hasbeens *on Bleubird* and last Thursday I saw a girl wearing some…I think it’s meant to be. See how adorable they look on these girls!

Cherries Shoe-bilee

bleubird vintage

I saw this shirt at Anthropologie a few weekends ago and I’ve obsessed over it since…the color, the shape and the texture…simply divine! Just perfect for spring.

Draped Snail Tank
 The back is so cute!


 I love it, hopefully it will go on sale *and have my size* cause I can’t spend $128 even as cute as it is.

So I am thinking of building my wardrobe for our trip to Paris and when I saw this *paired together*, it screams Parisian!

So Good to be Spearmint Top
Good to be Spearmint Top

Musée de Montmartre Skirt
Musée de Montmartre Skirt

Even the name of the skirt is Parisian. I have been wanting a full swing skirt for ages. I love the length and Super lame these socks are sold out, cause they are rad.

Second Semester Socks in Cream

I would wear these shoes with this outfit.

Candy Apple Gloss Flat
Candy Apple Gloss Flat

They look like shoes I had as a child. Love the candy red gloss worn with some black frame glasses.

This dress is too amazing for words. The cut…the sleeves… the luscious green. No words, just wrap it up please!

Embossed Basket Dress

So sweet, paired with this…

Eyes of Mars Sandal
Seychelles Eye of Mars Sandal

Now that I’m thinking of my dream wardrobe, maybe March isn’t the wisest time of year to go to Europe. I am really thinking that late April would be better since it’s spring and the peak of flower *peony* season.

I adore peonies

I’ll have to check airfare in April cause presently it’s close to $2900, yikes. I really dislike cold weather and I want to enjoy walking outdoors in the sunshine. We went in June so it was unbearably hot.

This backpack is too sweet and just perfect for my camera. I like to travel as hands free as possible.

Backpack in the Day
Backpack in the Day

Although, I do love this clutch. The color is so adorable and lovely for a nice dinner. I rarely use clutches but I’d like to start again. Asos is so awesome and reasonably priced but the products expire in 30 days so they really know how to pressure you into buying stuff.

Image 1 of ASOS Slot Through Portfolio Clutch
$30 freaking dollars! I spend more on a sushi dinner

  How adorable is this guy? I would wear it as a bow tie or in my hair. Super cute!!

Spotted Chiffon Bow

This guy is my biggest splurge. I have been coveting the Cambridge Satchel for months now. I first saw it in neon green over at J. Crew. Then I was stoked to find it at a more reasonable price at Mod Cloth but there are so many choices in color. I am trying to get over my immature loud color style so I am leaning towards the stately brown leather. I just looks so polished.

Upwardly Mobile satchel in Brown


Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Red

However, the crazy teenager in me is dying for the FABulous neon color. I mean, check out this pink

She makes a strong case. I don’t know whether to choose fun over adult. I am so happy it’s the perfect size for my laptop who currently needs a home whilst in transport. I was going to get this Kate Spade laptop bag but it went mysteriously missing from the Apple website before I could buy it.

Kate Spade Pocket 13” MacBook

The color is making me drool but it doesn’t have a strap and I tend to drop things, often. I already have a pink Incase sleeve for my laptop, I need a larger bag to hold the cords and my extras. I can only find it on the Australia Apple website and it’s not going to be cheap to ship 🙁

I just got some new stuff from Gap but I’m making a few modifications before I unveil them.

So, one thousand dollars later and I’ll be all set for Paris!! Happy weekend lovelies.

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