Eye Candy

I’m watching Moneyball on Netflix with Antz and I am at a complete loss about baseball but I am enjoying looking at Bradley Pitt. That man deserves an Oscar just for his sexy smirk, the graying temples and those baby blues. Yet, baseball sucks and is totally boring.

Does anyone else see a slight resemblance to a young Paul Newman? Meow!

We’re having a slumber party here tonight. Aimee is sleeping over so she can accompany us to Scruffin’ Rock class tomorrow. It will be awesome. I am a bit anxious cause next Tuesday is our in-take meeting at Liv’s pre-school. I have been getting reassurance from everyone but you never know, you know? So please keep me in your thoughts, I am taking all the good vibes and positivity I can get. *fingers crossed*

Good Night!

BTW: 4 months till TWO!!! AHCK!!

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