Lizzie’s Guide to Rad New Bebe Essentials

So it seems that this is a long overdue post. I am super excited to be welcoming new bebe friends for Liv this year so this post is inspired by my Parents-to-be**. We had brunch with our nephew and niece, Cayce & Ann-Marissa, who are not only expecting their lovely bebe girl in June but also just closed escrow on a new MEGA MANSION dream house. Congrats guys, I couldn’t be happier for you both!

Joining the awesome bebe girl power squad!!

**I can now Congratulate Carlos & Stephanie on their little  Peanut *they made their announcement today* it has been super hard keeping my trap shut for the past week! Congrats to you guys, you’re gonna be amazing parents. XOXO

Olivia’s wig is huge!!

You can find a few posts here, and here, about the key items we found critical to life with a new bebe. So, as an old pro to the bebe game, here are my essentials:

The good ole’ 3 piece furniture basics…crib, dresser w/changing table and a comfy glider.

Classic Collection
Changing Station
You may not use the crib for the first few months but it’s nice to have one ready to go when the time comes that you want a good night’s sleep *alone* this may happen much later than you think. 

Our crib and dresser/hutch, and changing table are from the Oeuf Classic set. We also got the toddler bed conversion set *so happy we did*. Now I know you are thinking I’m cray cray when you see the price but Antz used his bargain spidey skills and found the entire set on Craigslist for much less than retail price. We were extremely lucky to get ours brand new but even a gently used crib would work *after some serious sanitizing*. I see this set in almost every nursery blog or design magazine because of it’s modern and clean look. It’s unisex and eco-friendly *if you’re into lovin’ Mama Earth* The glider’s function should be comfort. If your brave enough to breastfeed, you will be using this chair 70% of the time. We choose our Luca Glider based on 2 features, it was perfect for supporting my giant frame and it was soo much prettier than the frumpy one I saw at Pottery Barn kids. Look for lower back *lumbar* support and a chair you can get in and out of easily, while holding a slippery bebe.

Luca Glider

The next must-have is a Boppy. If they ever need a spokeperson, I’m your girl. I still use my Boppy today *20 months later* They come with a washable slipcover which is fantastic cause I spill on it more than Liv does. The Boppy also doubles as a cushion to prop up bebe when she is learning to sit on her own. It has the perfect Liv to my boob fit. Comfort is crucial while breastfeeding!!

Boppy in Aqua

You may or may not want a bassinet or Moses basket for bebe to sleep in for those first months. Some folks let bebe sleep in the bed with them but I was much too neurotic to do that. We got our bassinet from the same place as our glider, again, their style is pretty and modern. Target, Babies R Us or any kids store is perfectly fine for a bassinet, preferably one that rocks.

Ninna Nanna Bassinet
Ninna Nanna Bassinet

The one item all Mommies have for their bebe’s across the world is a lovely, little giraffe teether named Sophie. She rocks in every way possible. Register for 2 on your baby shower registry, cause you will go nuts the day you lose or drop your Sophie.

Sophie The Giraffe 
Sophie the Giraffe

So you’re gonna give breastfeeding a go…YAY!! Well, if you are like me, you are probably a bit apprehensive about pumping. It really isn’t that bad once you get the hang of it. I used a manual pump so I can control the pump speed and pressure *and I’m a wuss*. Medela is my favorite brand.

Harmony Manual Breastpump

There will come a time when your pediatrician says it’s time to start solids *you’ll be sad on the inside cause it’s the starting point of your little bebe growing up* but it’s fun to cook up creative recipes for your little one. The Baby Bullet gets rave reviews but I like the Beaba Babycook since it steams and purees in one cup. We found ours used on Craigslist for $80. Just last week we steamed some corn and carrots for Liv’s dinner.

Beaba Babycook
Beaba Babycook

A stroller is an investment when it comes bebe gear. Some parents buy the infant car seat stroller *a fancy stroller frame where the car seat attaches* but they only are good for about 6 or 7 months. Some folks choose a pram or they must have a jogger stroller *that’s a three legged doohickey and I kinda love that one* I am 100% happy with our choice, the Bugaboo Bee. I spent months researching which stroller to buy and I found the Bee ticked all the boxes. I was waivering between a Bee and a Chameleon but the high price of the Chameleon was a dealbreaker. Most of the reviews were positive but there were complaints about the Bee’s wheels and brakes. I guess they listened to the reviews because just before we bought our stroller, Bugaboo put out a new and improved version of the Bee. Larger wheels and sturdier brakes were included with the 2010 model. I received the Bugaboo cocoon as a gift for Liv to use while she was a newborn. Aside from having a hilarious folding issue with it the first week, we have been quite happy happy with it ever since. You should think of the terrain you plan to use your stroller, the ease of opening and closing it as well as the features it comes with. Our Bugaboo Bee doesn’t have the storage and cup holders other strollers may have, but it has worked wonderfully for us.

Now she faces forward *cause she’s an adult*

Baby carriers come in all shapes and sizes but my go to brand has been the BabyHawk. It’s lightweight, multi-functional and secure *a total lifesaver*. I had to convince Antz it was safe after he watched the videos on their site but after the first time he tried it, he was hooked. I rarely had the chance to use it whenever we were together. I have breastfed using it at Disneyland. I may even get her a BabyHawk Oh Snap cause holding her has become a work out neither of us is prepared for.

The next item is a necessity if you are nursing. A hooter hider is essential for a spur of the moment feeding in public. It’s weird at first, but soon you will feel confident enough to whip those boobs out in any situation *like a mall parking lot*

Diapers are the smelliest part of having a sweet bebe but having a good storage unit for them helps. I have a Diaper Dekor. I find it easy to use, it holds about a few weeks of dirty diaps and aesthetically pleasing. Throw a couple of stick up deodorizers for good measure.

Diaper Dekor Plus
Diaper Dekor Plus

I find the perfect diaper bag is a critical part to your bebe gear. You need something that can be used as a messenger bag or backpack because you want to be hands-free as often as possible. Having a sturdy bag with enough room for all the baby essentials as well as your wallet, keys and *sanity* Antz and I have our separate bags so we always have one ready to go fully stocked. I adore my Petunia Picklebottom Bag but I wish it was waterproof inside *I have spilled so many various liquids* I recommend a dark color cause it gets pretty grimey.

Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag - Evening In Innsbruck
Petunia Picklebottom Backpack Diaper Bag
Diaper Dude

You’re probably wondering what in the heck will I need in my diaper bag? Well here’s a list of my inventory *remember, I tend to overpack*

5-7 Diapers
a box full of wipes
a tube of A & D ointment**
a change of clothes
extra socks
a sweater
a sunhat
a warm beanie
a few books
a burp cloth
my hooter hider
various toys
her Yo Gabba Gabba dvd *never leave her with a babysitter without it*

**A & D ointment is the best invention and life saver you will ever use. The first thing our post partum nurse *awesome Alma* told us was every time we change Liv’s diaper, put a dab of A & D ointment in her diaper and rub it together. We have used this method all this time and she has NEVER had a diaper rash. I urge every parent to try this. It totally works!!

Blankets, onesies, bibs, rattles…I have no particular preference. You will most likely receive an abundance of these at your baby shower *and you can never have enough*. One blanket that does help if you happen to have a summer bebe like us is the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets. They are super light fabric so your bebe won’t become a sweaty Betty and they are pretty easy to swaddle *it takes practice* it comes with a how-to instructional dvd.

This groom kit is spectacular. I use the nail clippers and comb the most but these are all the essentials you will need.

Safety 1st Deluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit

List of go-to websites for friends of bebe

Ohdeedoh *amazing nurseries and party inspiration
LilSugar *People magazine’s bebe website*
Babycenter *a place for parents to ask questions and get info*
Giggle *my obvious, fave bebe store*
Target *for the basics, register here*
Pottery Barn Kids *furniture and bedding*
Land of Nod *lovely furniture and stuff*
etsy *you will find millions of handmade treasures*
Amazon *you can find almost anything here, for less*
The Pump Station or A Mother’s Haven *for the boobyfeeding club*

Blogs of awesome Moms

Uhh, this guy is pretty cool…
Making it Lovely
Design Mom
Marvelous Kiddo
Girls Gone Child
Lay Baby Lay
Becoming Mom
Kenzie Poo
Dear Baby

So that’s all the must-have bebe items and resources I can think of. I’m sure I will add to the list as I think of things but this is a good start. I will post a guide for toddler-hood soon. Try to resist the urge to punch someone in the face when they give your bebe their thousandth stuffed animal *sheesh, when will people learn to buy you things you need instead of things that just take up space* Congrats to any future parents, Liv is now taking appointments for playdates. Being a parent is life-changing in a way I can’t describe. You will quickly forget what life was like pre-bebe but in a rad way. I am happy to answer any questions or add any tips. Bonne Chance!

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