Sprinkles ATM

Wellsy, we headed down to Bev Hills to check out Sprinkles debut of their 24 hour cupcake ATM. First stop was the new pedestrian walk in Silver Lake. The city painted these adorable dots over the weekend and I am hoping HP gets a cute little nook like this. 

The Polka Dot Plaza
iPhone is not jump friendly
I’m totally wearing my jammies

The line behind me after just 10 minutes. Am I the only person who gets annoyed that every passing person had to ask me, “Is this the line for the cupcakes?” DUH!! *I’m such a mean old bitch*
I didn’t try the Irish cream cupcake for Saint Pattys
Finally, I made it to the front of the line!! *She wore a raspberry beret!*
There was a Sprinkles song that would play but I don’t think you can hear it in my video

Can’t wait to try Sprinkles ice-cream

We figured there would be a line but this guy was long. It must have been the coldest night of 2012 cause I was freezing my ass off. Antz stayed in the car with Olivia while she slept but we texted each other during the hour and ten minute wait, you heard me…70 minutes for a lousy cupcake. Well, let me say, TOTALLY WORTH IT! It was the first night so everyone wanted to try it out. The machine broke 5 times while I was in line but there were workers inside to fix it. To my great displeasure I was sandwiched between 2 sets of equally annoying college girls so I was tortured subjected to the lame blah, blah, blah, 20 year old discussion in that nasal, whiney voice that sounds like nails on a chalkboard. I was lucky to have Antz to talk to via text, he kept me laughing to myself like a crazy person, it was like he was reading my mind. By the time I got to the window, he came out and filmed my transaction. I thought there would be more flavors available *being that they stock 600 cupcakes a day* but I ended up with 2 red velvet and a dark chocolate. I was sort of bummed that vanilla was sold out but I’m sure that’s the most popular flavor. There was one vanilla milk chocolate left but as you can see in the video, the robot couldn’t reach it. I really felt pressured to hurry since the line was so long and everyone instantly hated who ever was at the front of the line. Sprinkles could make maggot cupcakes and I’d still eat them. There must but crack in them because they are so addicting. Perfectly moist,  just the right amount of icing and it smelled delightful. Be warned, the ATM is 50 cents more *$4 bucks* and you can only order one cupcake per transaction. I can’t be certain the long lines will die down due to the close vicinity to UCLA and Hollywood late night crowds. I tell you one thing, Sprinkles sure are evil geniuses making cupcakes accessible 24 hours. Way to go playing to the fat girls weakness!!!

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