It’s Spring time!!

I love the first few weeks of spring in our backyard. Somehow despite our total lack of watering our garden has begun to crop and the fruit trees started to blossom. You can smell the jasmine flowers. My favorite is our peach tree. It only holds the delicate pink petals for a few weeks and then turns completely green with leaves in the branches, heavy from the donut peaches that grow in the hundreds. Liv has found a new game of throwing her ball from the upper yard to the lower yard *much to Antz displeasure*. We finally had to get rid of our old, torn hammock. It was our own fault, we were too lazy to put it away during rainy days, then the windstorm trashed it and the sun just ruined it. I had one last ride in it yesterday while reading my awesome Mindy Kaling book before it ripped right in half and sent me to the ground *Antz took a pic of this but I’ll spare myself from the hysterics* Other than our lack of patio furniture, umbrella and grass I say our backyard is pretty rad.

Yay, I am doing my best Bigfoot impression

She says Buh-bulls

Liv takes tangerines from the tree
Then throws them down this tree stump

She’s totally having a convo with the plants and bugs

silly girl
Flowers sprouting from our cherry tree
This guy used to be a sad twig and now it’s taller than me
Hopefully our grapes will make it to June this year. I need to talk to my gardener Jose about keeping everything alive *which is no small feat since we just nods and says yeah to my awful Spanish*
Helping Dad clean up the patio

I caught a huge butterfly while taking photos of Liv. I have an equally embarrassing photo of Antz getting scared by this butterfly as collateral in case he does post the photo of my tumble in the hammock. It’s tiny, I hope you can see it.

This guy was awesome, I looked him up and found out he’s probably a Trichodezia albovittata *fancy right?*

On an exciting note, ever since my Mom took Antz and me to a pygmy goat farm years ago,

Love at first sight

we have wanted a pet goat. Then a couple of weeks while walking in Atwater, we happened to see a goat on a leash outside of Starbucks

*Antz lost his shit*

So we were entertaining the idea of getting one when Liv is about 4. Today I was doing research on their health and suitable living conditions. After finding out they cost about 4 grand, can chew through pretty much any fencing, and need a companion, I was pretty bummed. Unless we raise our goat at my Mom’s house in Apple Valley in a gated enclosure, there’s no way we could keep one. So we decided to get….chickens!!

Brahma chickens

I want Brahma chickens so bad!! How adorable are their feet? I think we’ll be getting them next year and I am so excited *jumps up and down*. I want 2 hens to start and we’ll see how they do if we add more. We have this area that can be easily enclosed on the side of the house with plenty of room for them. I have my eye on getting this Eglu which is a perfect and really cute shelter for them.

I can’t wait to have our own eggs!! Gotta run, Happy Daylights Savings Time, lovelies. Enjoy the sun!

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