Playdate with Kieran

We went over to Terry & Morgan’s stellar house for a playdate and then pizza at The Capri. Their house is incredible! They have gorgeous mid-century modern furniture, beautiful views and amazing artwork *I was nerding out, but trying to play it cool*. Olivia had a blast playing on the slide and in Kieran’s truck. I think it would be a good investment to find Liv a slide for the backyard.

I LOVE their house!!
Our house is on the other side of this hill

Tag! You’re it.
Doing secret kid stuff
Kieran’s room was enormous. He had so much room to play and his toys were all organized and had a proper place.
Sweet Lew, she is so great with the kids *she totally reminds me of Nana from Peter Pan*
They have an authentic Banksy piece *so freakin’ jealous*

The food was good but they didn’t impress us with the decor
Boo, blurry camera sucks!

Terry had my back with her camera

Best Bananas Foster Ever! I have to try to make this at home

Kieran is such a lovely little boy
Race time!!

We had such a fun time. They are so cool, I can’t wait to try more new places with them. Thanks so much for the awesome playdate/dinner!!! 

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