Career Day

Remember those? I loved bringing my Mom to my school to show off her percussion skills to my class. Yesterday she went to her friend’s school for career day and blew some high school kid’s minds. The school is a performing arts charter *like FAME* so having my Mom playing for them was a pretty big deal. I couldn’t help but feel proud of my kick ass Mommy, she rocks!! Liv and I drove to Apple Valley for a few hours and headed back home just missing rush hour traffic.

Playing with the Jazz ensemble

Talking to the class about how she started with Motown and kept ahead of her game as a woman drummer.
This kid flipped out and asked for her autograph while I played paparazzi

New drummer in training

Playing “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5, these guitar students were incredible

GOOD NEWS!!! I found a short clip of the performance on the Flip *which has been wonky but I hope is fixed now*

Love you Mom, you are an inspiration!!

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