Hither & Thither

Hello Friends! I’ve had a busy morning and it’s already time to pick up Liv from school so here’s a few photos of the past few days. Back to school night, lunch with Evelyn & Dion *who are visiting from Paraguay* and more dining, cause all we do is eat!

Preparing lunch in the classroom kitchen
Height measurements *3rd tallest in class*

One of my favorite thing about her class *besides her amazing teachers* is there is an ipod playing music all day. I think every child needs musical stimulation to develop a creative mind.
Awesome animal X-rays
The class has started a scrapbook of candid photos of the children
Liv eating her yummy lunch

“I go school today. See Ms. Ana!”
Queen of the Fort!
We bumped into Kumbi & Tigerlily at Bon Vivant
They always *accidentally* dress alike
Dion was teaching Liv Spanish

Duck sausage at Links & Hops
Hanging with Evelyn
Love this photo
Liv showing Dion her babies

At dinner at Maximiliano’s
Lunch at Good Girl Dinette
Vietnamese comfort food, chicken pot pie and fresh made tangerine soda
I adore this face!!

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