Pre-Thanksgiving in Apple Valley

We have an annual tradition of spending the weekend before Thanksgiving at my Mom’s house in the desert. We cook up a non-traditional feast of crab legs, shrimp, lobster tails, filet mignon and spinach & feta cheese stuffed salmon. Sadly, I didn’t get any shots of the fantastic food but let me assure you, it was yummers. It was such a laid back weekend. We just hung out by the fire, took a nature walk with Liv and the dogs and played around in my Mom’s music room *Antz on the bass, my Mom on drums and me and Liv on the piano*. I spent hours trying to set up my Mom’s new streaming player so she can watch instant Netflix and turns out all I had to do was enter her wi-fi password in caps. DUH!! Now she can access Youtube and Netflix on her TV but I had to make her a cheat sheet so she remembers how to do it.

It was stormy and cold in LA but we had pretty nice weather

This is just a fraction of my Mom’s gold & platinum albums
Sunsets are the best

I have a busy week ahead doing two of my favorite things, eating & shopping! We’re going to family and friend’s houses. I’ve got my Black Friday shopping list started but I’m disappointed that Anthropologie hasn’t launched the kid’s clothes yet, Boo!

My Game Plan
Target – Vacuum cleaner, sheets, a dress, socks and a Wii game for Liv
Bed, Bath & Beyond – Heated mattress pad, new pillows, a crock pot, and a comforter

Detailed View
I want all the Confetti system holiday ornaments so bad!!

West Elm – Duvet and sheet set, a Smeg Refrigerator *sike, don’t I wish*
Home Depot – Propane Grill *our 7 year old grill died* we’ll take a look at patio furniture too
Anthropologie – Clothes for Liv, maybe this tablecloth
Gap/BabyGap – Pajamas, clothes for this year’s Holiday card
Etsy – Christmas gifts and maybe this fabulous scarf for Mommy *hint, hint Santa Antz*

I’m doing all my shopping online in my jammies. Anyone brave enough to tackle the stores? I hear people are already in line at Best Buy *insane!*

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