Date with my Bestie

As you know Thursdays is my date day with Aimee. This Thursday we zigzagged all over LA running shopping errands. The plan was to go to City Target in downtown, then pick up Olivia from school, hit The Grove for lunch, go to Urban Outfitters, Sephora and stop by the cart to get some pom poms for Liv and me. Then head back to Aimee’s place. Oh plans, you never follow directions do you? I got to Aimee’s early but since she lives in parking hell, I only got a space for 40 minutes so we rushed through her showing me her new duds for her vacation next week.

Ready for VEGAS!!
I know she’s my best friend but damn this girl is stunning.
Her gold cap ASOS heels are killing it

Then I did a bone-headed thing and ruined my brand new Marc Jacobs pouch so I had to drive all the way to my house to get the box and receipt so I could exchange it. We finally made it to Target when I realized I’d left my shopping list at home. Yeah, it was gonna be one of those days. I seriously debated about getting this Jason Wu dress for Olivia but Aimee was my conscience and I agree, this dress, although very cute, is a one hit wonder. We left and headed to grab a quick lunch since we were starving by then and picked up Liv from school. She promptly feel asleep by the time we got to the Grove when I realized 2 things, it was a dumb idea to go here during Christmas season because it was packed like Disneyland and we left Liv’s stroller at home so we had to carry her while she was sleeping *35 pounds feels like 100* Then even more bad news, contrary to what I thought, there was no Sephora or Urban Outfitters at the Grove *way to confuse the Grove with the Americana Liz!* I did find the cart and of course I wanted all the pretty things.

On my wishlist, so pretty

Antz texted me and suggested we take a photo with Santa since we were at the Grove and guess what? Santa took his ass to lunch so it was closed when we got there. D’OH!

Feeling defeated, we drove over to the Melrose Urban Outfitters so Aimee could get this clutch for Vegas. I wasn’t planning to get anything but I couldn’t pass up this guy.

Super cute, right? Liv and I have agreed to share custody of Mr Panda hat.

Liv loves watching The Goonies
A nerds-loving nerd

After such a long day, we decided to postpone Sephora and went back to Aimee’s house. We had an awesome day and I was so pleased to see what was waiting for me when I got home *besides my darling Antz*

How sweet is Karen for giving Liv a free Owl tee with her jumper?
I’m so happy I got this, it was sold out everywhere

Liv’s adorable Misha Lulu dresses!! I love them so much. They are so much prettier in person. Well, I’ve gotta run, more errands today and we’re sending out our holiday cards!!

Happy Friday!

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