I Know…

I’m still here, eating Popsicles like crazy. I took my braids out so I can deep condition my wig and let it air out for a minute. This weekend I’ll be re-braiding *my poor fingers*. Here’s what 6 weeks of braids looks like.


I’m still working on my summer bucket list but I haven’t been blogging on a regular basis, sorry. Just think of this as my blog hiatus. Like all the good teevee shows, I’ll be back this fall. Speaking of shows, didn’t this last season of Mad Men seem like the shortest ever? My favorite episode was when everyone got stoned on “vitamins”

I am counting the minutes until Walking Dead returns. Meanwhile, I can’t stop watching this rad video…

Taran is really gettin’ it!! Plus, I love me some Robyn.

Oh, and my other obsession is this juicy piece of bearded Man Meat *trademark Lizzie* I’m this close to creating a Pinterest board dedicated all to Pretty Ricki Hall *we share a last name so it’s obviously meant to be!*

Ricki Hall by Darren Black for Fantasticsmag-6
All imagines are from Pinterest

Excuse me while I mop up my drool. This man is GORGEOUS!!! He’s British too, double whammy. OMG! Perfection.

And lastly, my official summertime jam. I know I have the weirdest taste but this song makes me so happy.

Jean Constantin – Ecole Buissonnière’

This is also a close runner-up *April March does a killer cover but I adore Françoise*

Françoise Hardy – Le Temps De l’Amour

Happy Friday Lovelies!

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