Le Diner en Blanc Los Angeles: Part Two

Chapter One


It’s harder than you think to find white shoes in August when you have giant feet, searching for cute but comfy and staying within a budget. Not that I didn’t find tons of great white shoes but they were either uncomfortable or over budget. I was getting desperate so I almost bought these.

Hinge Fraser Oxfords

The price was right and they seemed comfy but they are bone, not white. The nearest store that carried my size was the Westside Pavillion mall. Monday morning I went to order them online so I could go pick them up when I saw a pair of shoes under the we recommend section that looked perfect. They were white, cute, comfy and under budget! Yippee!!

BP. 'Sandi' Oxford | Nordstrom
B.P. Sandi Oxford

Then I saw they only had size 7 – 8 left in stock. No, no, no, this isn’t happening. I called Nordstrom and pleaded my case. The lady on the phone checked every Nordstrom in the US when she found them in my size in Washington DC! So, I totally said I’ll take them and pay extra for overnight shipping as long as I get them before Wednesday. She assured me I would but Tuesday came and went and still no shoes. I’ve been here before so I called Nordstrom to try to track the package. The sales lady said they were in route but could be delivered any time after 3pm. I wanted to barf. I had no back up shoes and I had my heart set on the ones I bought so I was majorly bummed. She was gracious enough to not only credit me for the shipping but she also comped me the shoes. Kudos to Nordstrom on their exceptional customer service.

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning but Antz was home waiting for UPS. I told him on the drive to my doc, I saw a UPS truck. He needed to go to the garage for something and happened to see the same UPS truck a few house away. He caught the UPS guy and explained our Shoegate problem. The guy said he’ll check and…

My shoes!!

This guy is AWESOME!! He told Antz, if he hadn’t of caught him, the package wouldn’t have been delivered until tonight. So once again Antz has saved the day!! He’s my hero. I’m super lucky to have this amazing guy. He’s my hot date too.

 I’m super duper excited for tonight. I have everything packed and all we have to do is drop Liv off, pick up our dinner and get ready. It will be a long night so I won’t be able to post until tomorrow. I’m so happy happy!!

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