Dia de los Muertes 2013

We held our seventh year tradition of going to the Day of the Dead festival at Self Help Graphics in East LA last night. Since we were pretty tired after ballet class, we took a family nap but ended up over sleeping *which was lovely*  We missed our window to take the train to the festival so instead we picked up my Mom and drove over.

Our sugar skull faces

I’m happy she could join us since November 2nd was my Grandmother Louise’s birthday. She passed away in 1987 so we were able to say a prayer for her.

Me, my Mommy & Grandma Louise in 1986

When we got there the event was in full swing. Antz, Liv and my Mom went straight for the tamales while I got a burger and fries *I know, I’m lame cause I’m not an authentic Mexican food fan* Call me loco!

Showing generosity
These guys scarfed down tamales
Liv’s Padrinos!! Too bad I didn’t get a shot of Leslie’s adorable lotteria skirt
This lucha was made out of cardboard
Way to photobomb us random lady!
We had no idea what this guy was talking about but he was sweet
el diablo
Finally knocked out!

Another incredible Day of the Dead. Can’t believe this year is almost over. Next weekend we are going to Liv’s future school for an open house. I have the worst butterflies about getting into this school!!

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