The Grand Opening of Glendale Bloomingdales/VH1 Save the Music Foundation

As you may already know *from my Instagram* Antz pulled a “Hey, wanna go to an event 5 minutes before it starts? on me today. Well, of course I’m game! He got an invite for a black and white themed party at the new Bloomies in Glendale. Any party that hands out masks at the door is my kind of affair. It’s funny how much black and white attire we’ve acquired in the last year, so we were prepared on short notice. I had many wardrobe choices for Liv but we decided to give her Misha Lulu striped dress it’s last soiree before it’s retired to her clothes-I’m-hoarding-that-don’t-fit-anymore drawer. You would think the party was in Olivia’s honor the way she schmoozed the crowd and posed for photos.

The Bloomingdale’s director was captivated by Olivia. They had a nice chat about her accessories.


 Happy Hanukkah to me??!!
 So I met this pretty rad chick, her name is Samantha fucking Ronson!! We are totally buddies now, she’s gonna DJ Liv’s birthday party. She told me to use hashtag #wutangisforthechildren
 The store was lovely

Every single person told us she was adorable and she should be a
model…yeah, I feel the same way too folks. There were lot’s of
Bloomingdales executives and very wealthy peeps who were there to donate
to the VH1 Save the Music foundation

 Checking out the Ralph Lauren dresses in the kid’s department.

Hello Christian Dior metallic pink pumps! I would never wear them, just frame them and look at them
 All boots need confetti in the heel!
 Hello handsome!


Our lovely three year old, looking like a pro on the black carpet. One of the paparazzi dudes snapped her photo so look out for her in People magazine!
 Gift bags
So what was in that swag bag you say? A tote bag that I can have monogrammed on the 8th, $25 gift card, some gross colored nail polished appropriately named “load” and some old lady smelling eau de parfum. Thanks Bloomies!


Thanks for the fun evening my love!!

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