Halloween 2013

The morning began very early, Antz sister Debra came over to have Antz paint her face for the raddest costume ever.



Of course she won first place at her office costume contest. Yay Debra van Gogh!!

Then we headed to Liv’s school for Trunk or Treat. Here’s our trunk.

Liv’s class had a bake sale *Her BFF Liam’s Mom baked all these goodies*
Ruby’s costume is so awesome. Half Glinda, half Wicked Witch of the West
Liv’s bestie Liam and his Mommy
Liv’s class Yellow Dragons
The kids love the talking skeleton guy
We ran out of candy *Antz had to run to a nearby store*
Liv’s lovely teacher Ms. Crissy was Mary Poppins
Love this little dude
I spent a lot of time explaining my costume to befuddled folks *No, I’m not a robot!*
Mrs. Ana’s husband is a brilliant DJ. He played a rad Thriller remix and Halloween songs in a hip hop/big band remix. I was dancing all morning!
Liv and Senora Renae *Darn early morning sun!*

The funny thing about Liv’s costume is when she puts her vampire fangs in, she stops talking. After 2 years of nonstop chatterbox, it was the weirdest thing for us to not hear her talk for hours. She was really good at signing what she wanted.

Liv stayed for school, Antz went to work and I headed home to clean up and clear the photos off my camera *this takes forever since my laptop memory is still full* Before I knew it, it was time to pick up Liv and go to Antz work for another costume contest.

I left my camera in the car *d’oh!* and none of my iphone photos were decent enough to post *well, here’s one*

My preggo Story and a Liv photobomb

So I’ve stolen a few of Antz and Natalie’s so I can show you how amazing the costumes were.

Bonita Nina Frida!
Keith always brings the radness! Cobra Commander
How cute is this?
This guy won best costume *there’s a person in there*

We had just under an hour to chill at home before we went back out for trick or treating. We went to Carroll Street in Angelino Heights this year. SO RAD!!!


The Thriller house
This guy owns the Mad Men house *nice guy*
Pretty sweet costume *I love originality*
The houses were so breathtaking
This guy is my favorite, doesn’t even need decorating
For some unknown reason a lot of my photos had these white spots on the but only one Carroll Street *me thinks there were spooks about on Halloween*
This dude scared the heck out of us. He wasn’t even trick or treating, he just stood around looking creepy. We just knew he was going to murder us!

What a stellar Halloween. Liv has so much candy, we won’t run out until next year.

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