Oh, Hi from Ojai!

Seems like we’ve driven in every possible direction within two hours of Los Angeles. Antz and I are both LA natives and we’ve been together for seventeen years so it definitely feels like we’ve been there, done that. When we try to find something new and fun to do, I am always at a loss. Lately, we have been relying on Red Tricycle for family fun ideas. So far, I’m putting together a list of things we have yet to do with Liv so when we get stumped, we can refer to it. Yesterday was a lovely day and we didn’t want to stay cooped up in the house so we hopped in the car and hit the 101 freeway. I haven’t been to Ojai since I was a kid so it felt new to me. Liv napped during the drive there and most of the ride home so we were happy since we had late night dinner plans with her Padrinos. We hit some traffic but got there within an hour and forty five minutes. We picked a place at random for lunch and were pleasantly surprised. Ojai is close to Ventura and a very quaint town. Definitely a worthy quick road trip. I can’t wait to take a trip to Portland, San Francisco and Austin.

Once again my Time Machine has failed me. I’m gonna call Apple manana to get it working. So all I have are these few photos from my phone. It’s such a recurring joke about me and machines. So lame.

Olivia’s Grammy gave her an ipod shuffle for Christmas so Liv will stop asking to listen to Thriller a million times. The funny thing is, she now sings Thriller at the top of her lungs! I put a bunch of rad songs on her shuffle but she only listens to Thriller and Shake Senora.

She was pretty stoked about her Disneyland goblet at the restaurant

Photo bomb by Bluebell
My tasty turkey sandwich
 After lunch we walked across the street to a very cute park

Thanks Ojai, you were fun!

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