2013: Looking Back

Days, weeks and years are really warp speed ever since Liv was born. It’s ridiculous how much fun we are having with this kid. Even her worst days are fantastic because she cuddles up to us and says “I’m sorry I was bad and says I love you Mommy and Daddy.

Feels like yesterday she was this small

When I hear that, I’m done. I love her so much I could die. I never knew love like this which makes me love so hard and appreciate every one else in my life so much more *Antz, My Mom, Maria, Debra, her Godparents: Aimee, Leslie & Stephen* They are so supportive of us and I feel forever indebted to my family for putting up with my annoying antics. Thank you for a terrific year guys!

*and now I’m in tears!*

Anyway…my point is, this has really been an awesome year. I didn’t get to blog as much as I would have liked due to ongoing technical issues but I would love being able to look back at the highlights of the year.

The best & raddest of 2013

I started off the new year with a list of non-resolutions

I was in full-steam ahead in kitchen planning mode

Liv went to her first birthday party of the year…

…which turned into going to a birthday party every single weekend for the entire year!

We took Liv to an open casting call for kid models at American Apparel.

Unfortunately, we didn’t hear any feedback but it was good experience

I had a delightful Valentine’s Day thanks to my lovely husband.

Almost three years later, I finally made a video of Olivia’s birth. *go ahead and click, there’s no gross parts*

Aimee & I dorked out on several occasions.

Our tribute to our dirty Uncle Terry

We celebrated our seven year house-anniversary and I gave an extensive tour of the house before we moved in.

Our living room the day we moved in
Our living room now

I dragged my engaged friend Jes to the wedding event, The Cream and we had a blast!   

I bitched, moaned and complained about our kitchen, A LOT!

I celebrated my 36th birthday in such an epic way, it was posted in one, two, three parts.

My new lovely friend Jihan
Her studio was fantastic
Jihan making the frill magic happen
My Geronimo birthday balloon
We partied at The Standard downtown LA
Antz beat me in a bed-jumping contest
My bestie came out to party
Rooftop photo shoot
Thank you Antz for making my birthday so much fun!!

Olivia booked her first modeling job with Misha Lulu at the beautiful Humphrey’s Estate

I met an amazing group of people.

The creator of Misha Lulu, Karen and her daughter/muse Bela are wonderful.
Here’s sweet Rubyellen of Cakies

After seven years of whining, I finally put my money where my mouth was and we began our kitchen renovation.

Our choice for wall paint and ceramic subway tile
It took ages to choose a wall paint color
Antz tried to remove the layers of paint himself, then we found the wonderful Rene
New copper plumbing happened *and a new fancy showerhead*
We got BRAND NEW floors!!

 I posted our kitchen remodel in one, two, three parts.

The kitchen before

 the kitchen during
This floor almost gave me a heart attack.
I still hug my dishwasher everyday
Our kitchen after
Our amazing contracter, Rene. I love our new lovely kitchen, what do you think?
For Mother’s day we took a crazy road trip to Salvation Mountain
A very weird but remarkable place
This child spazzed out over her Cinderella gown, she’s worn it everyday since

//player.vimeo.com/video/83003410 Olivia grows from sunkissis on Vimeo.

We celebrated Liv’s birthday at Disneyland.

Liv met her favorite Princess

Liv modeled for Geronimo Balloons!!

I saw my incredible Björk at the Hollywood Bowl!!

Our friends Tom & Jes got married *on our same beach in Malibu!*

Antz & I celebrated our eleventh year of marriage at the first annual Diner en Blanc in Beverly Hills with friends.

//player.vimeo.com/video/72957003 Diner en Blanc from sunkissis on Vimeo.

I did a thirty-day photo challenge.

I blogged my thousandth post!

Liv started her second year of preschool.

Liv also started a new ballet school and hip hop class!

Anna Maria is an amazing teacher and Liv loves going to dance class

My BFF Aimee got her dream car *it’s really super cute* Allegra!

She got the most beautiful tattoos with Liv’s name and my initials *I’m so touched and honored* I love you bestie!!

Liv and I were a part of the 100 portrait project by Marcello Ambritz.

My Mom made her big screen debut in the documentary Sample This. I’m so proud of her!

 Liv started soccer class. She’s a natural!

Our little kitchen was featured on The Kitchn!

I changed my blog’s blogspot address!

Grammy Bobbye taught drum class for Liv’s class

Liv vamped out for Halloween.

She really got into character, she loves being a vampire!

We went Trick or treating on spooky Carroll Avenue

The house where Thriller was filmed
We didn’t get murdered by the scariest Micheal Myers dude ever!

Liv made two major discoveries this year, Pippi Longstocking *she loves the 1970’s movies* my favorite as a kid!

This rad costume was a gift from my friend Aura and she borrowed her Dad’s shoes.

…and Michael Jackson. Thriller is seriously her jam!! *We are very proud of her awesome taste* The house on Carroll Avenue sparked her obsession with Thriller. She loves to watch the full-length video and she wants to be the werewolf “Michael” for Halloween next year. She’s totally not afraid and she says it’s just makeup Mommy.

I got a new car.

My Bestie is moving into my neighborhood!!! YAY!!

I co-hosted a RAD baby shower for my good friends Story & Chris *and made the best cheese platter and spa water ever*

We met Tunameltsmyheart and he really did!!

We went to Liv’s school Winter Solstice.

We took silly holiday photos at Poketo.

 GSyFQr on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

We spent Christmas at the Palms Place in Vegas.

05eJC7 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs


 Santa paid Olivia a visit.

I had a pretty fabulous year. The highlight of it would be this lady here.

Always laughing, eating her fingerberries

 And lastly, here’s a video of my favorite Instagram photos of 2013.

Thank you for stopping by Violently Happy. I wish you all a very stellar & Happy 2014!

P.S. I start my new ecourses in January! I’m hoping to post about my 2014 goals in a fancy way.

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