Pack Rat

I have been running around like a chicken with her head cut off preparing for our trip. I hope to have everything done by next week so I won’t have any last minute surprises. I am trying to stay uber-organized because this is the longest trip we’ve taken so I am packing our entire lives. Not really but I did a preliminary pack last week and it turns out my clothes, shoes and toiletries didn’t come close to fitting in my tiny carry on suitcase.


I’m trying to follow this example I found on Pinterest. Although I don’t think I will fit eight shoes in my suitcase!

london packing

Luckily, I can borrow one of Antz suitcases and use my carry-on for Liv’s clothes and other stuff I couldn’t fit into my bag.

We bought this 4-piece Swiss Gear set from Nordstrom Rack for only $99 back in 2005!
I am wearing my heaviest clothes and shoes on the plane

I am trying my best to condense my packing list but it’s harder than it looks. So far I’ve got:


4 pairs of pants

2 pair of jeans

4 dresses

3 shorts

5 skirts

3 blouses

2 cardigans

3 sweaters

7 tops

2 scarves

1 trench coat




Makeup Bag

Hair products *still unsure if I’m bringing my flat iron Accessories/Jewelry

8 Pairs of shoes *I know, I need to cut this down to five!

Laptop bag




Extra chargers/Batteries



Passport *bringing extra passport photos

Itinerary folder *it’s 10 pages long!/Travel vouchers



Umbrella *I hope it doesn’t rain

Nikon J1 Camera

Eos lip balm

Water bottle

Camera bag *we may put this guy in Antz backpack

Our heavy, giant Nikon DSLR

Extra lens


Aye yi yii! My suitcase is bursting at the seams. I am praying we don’t get charged for exceeding the weight limit. I don’t know how I will be able to bring home any souvenirs. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, I always do.

I have been ordering things online like crazy. I got a new backpack for Antz and Liv *so excited for hers to arrive next week!* and we needed this Apple travel adapter kit. I also ordered some cute sandals I couldn’t resist that were on sale for Liv. I have a few more things I’ll share later.

So after two weeks of drama with finding a place to rent in Paris, we got our apartment!! I can’t believe our luck. It’s super cute and affordable and the host seems really sweet.

So many things I need to do today. Any tips for efficient packing?

Have a lovely weekend!!

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