Paris to Amsterdam

Is it already time to say au revoir to our lovely apartment in Paris? We are so excited to head to our next city! Thank you Marion, for hosting us in your sweet home. We really enjoyed ourselves. It was amazing to live in Paris like a local. I fell into a nice daily routine of shopping, walking around our neighborhood, practicing my French as often as I could and discovering new Parisian treasures.

We took the Thalys train from Gare du Nord to Centraal Station Amsterdam

I booked first class seats for our train rides. So worth it!
We had Belgium waffles for breakfast
The city of Brussels, Belgium from 70 mph
The trip was a little over three hours
Of course this book is so good! I’m more than halfway through it and as we were on the train to Amsterdam the characters were headed to Amsterdam too.
Really cool cemetery in Antwerp, Belgium
You ladies ready for Holland!
Hay Hay Holland!
It was close to impossible to hail a taxi at the train station
I finally got one!
I wanted to visit the Smeg headquarters *I want a pink one so bad* but we didn’t have time

So here’s the story about our hotel. I booked our trip through Expedia as a package so in order to get a discount, I had to book two hotels. The Ace hotel in London and I wanted an awesome hotel in Amsterdam. For some dumb reason *they told me the hotel I wanted had a maximum two person room occupancy policy* so we had to book a corporate place for our first night. It was further from the city but close to the tram.

Oh well, it’s clean and has wifi and the staff are extremely nice. I suppose it will do for one night. Now off to explore Amsterdam!

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