2014: A Look Back in Pictures

This was a pretty rad year for our family. Two of the greatest things happened for me, Olivia was accepted into her French school and we took our AMAZING trip to Europe over the summer. I was super fortunate to attend Le Dîner en Blanc in Paris!! We took a few road trips to Palms Springs and San Francisco. I am in disbelief of how fortunate I am.

There were a few downsides this year, I didn’t post much about them on my blog but I touched upon them in this post. Overall, 2014 was awesome. I am super excited for the new year. I haven’t made a list of resolutions but I am hoping to stick to my Aspiration List. So far, I have already bought a new camera. I got so tired of complaining about the quality of my photos so I found a great deal on a Nikon D3300 dslr at Samy’s Cameras. Hopefully I won’t drop this one!

Here’s a look back at twenty fourteen!

We celebrated New Years Eve at Grand Park in Downtown LA
We partied on the Metro train
I updated my RAD Life List *and crossed off a bunch of things*
We ordered Olivia’s first passport
My dear *giant-headed* friends welcomed their beautiful daughter to the world
After years for searching, I finally got my Heath Nash It’s Beautiful Here coat rack
I became a member of LA Cake Club *and met new awesome friends*

Olivia worked her third Misha Lulu photo shoot *it was at a rad movie prop house*
Liv really loves these girls
I turned…uh, thirty seven!
Liv and I attended the second LA Cake Club
My bacon maple mini cupcakes were a hit!
This kid had a hoppy Easter
I scored at the Ban.do Fun Sale
My social media maven
We threw a Goodbye Party for Liv at her old Pre-school
We had a muy awesome Taco Fiesta in our backyard *which I had so much fun I forgot to take photos for my blog!*
I channeled my inner Wes Anderson for a look at What’s in the Bag? for our trip

We did some summer traveling abroad to London – Paris – Amsterdam
Liv took her first airplane ride
The flight attendants loved Liv

We stayed at my favorite hotel in the trendy, hipster Ace Hotel in Shoreditch
We had a rad photo shoot in Shoreditch with Lee Robbins
I cried when I got these photos from Lee *his photography looks like artwork*
I love this husband of mine *we’ve been together for eighteen years!*
Lee is my homie!!
We had the most fun during our photo shoot!
I almost killed everyone driving on the right side!
We ate authentic British Fish and chips
I did some Banksy hunting
We did some London siteseeing
Hung out with these dudes
Didn’t make him laugh
Antz pointed at a lot of things
We walked across London Bridge
We took a Black cabbie

We rode this guy
Ate like a local at a Street food fair
We took the Eurostar train from London to Paris
Settled into our lovely Parisian apartment
Had our first meal in Paris *best meal ever!*
This kid turned four
I think it’s safe to say she enjoyed her birthday
We marveled at the beauty of Versailles
Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette is one of my favorite movies
The most opulent place I’ve ever been

We visited Pere Le Chaise cemetery
Ate some yummy fondue
Drank wine from baby bottles
Shopped at my favorite store
We took a ton of photo booth pictures
Vandalized a bridge

Saw where Quasimodo lived
Visited Liv’s future university
Liv rode a million carousels
Found the best park in Paris
Saw a French film *actually it was Maleficent and it was in English*
Discovered that we could possibly live in Paris because of this
We had a very special date night
We attended the white dinner thanks to my friend here
Had dinner with 13,000 people on a bridge over the Seine
My handsome date!
The view was not bad!
The most magical night of my life

We almost forgot to take Liv to see this classic landmark
Cheesy tourists
Guess who rode their one zillionth carousel?
I never ate better in my life
We took a river cruise on the prettiest day

We said au revoir to France and took the train to Amsterdam
Amsterdam wasn’t gorgeous at all!
Antz tried Dutch beer
and we ate Dutch pannenkoeken pancakes
We walked for hours and feel in love with the city
We were in Amsterdam during World Cup, everything was orange
We visited the Anne Frank house
We stayed at the world’s coolest hotel

Antz tried two local favorites, beer and fries with mayonnaise
We spent Fathers day at the beautiful and enormous Vondelpark

Just as soon as we arrived, it was time to leave
But we had to bring home some Holland wooden clogs
So sad to say goodbye to Europe
We got a special tour of the cockpit

Here’s a video of our entire trip


We attended the coolest art show ever

Antz turned thirty NINE!

We pigged out on fried food at the OC Fair

We spent our twelve year wedding anniversary at The Parker hotel in Palm Springs
This kid learned how to swim unassisted!
I channeled my inner Heathers
I did some harmless local trespassing
Olivia had her first day of pre-school at her new French school

We took a road trip with my Mom to The City
We stayed at my favorite hotel chain

We ate at a Carnival theme restaurant in Hayes Valley
Mmm, donut breakfast sandwich
We shopped at the prettiest candy store in California

We braved the Seward Street Slides

I drove on the crookiest street in America
We oogled the marvelous architecture of SF
Liv and I went to our third LA Cake Club meeting

We checked out the Hello Kitty exhibit at the Japanese American Museum
I pretty much owned everything here back in the eighties

We met Lena Dunham at her book signing
Liv was Rainbow Dash for Halloween
I had the most random encounter with Patton Oswalt  *whom I adore*
We attended Antz company Halloween party
We went trick or treating in Angelino Heights
via imgfave for iPhone
I was inspired by these words and put together my Aspiration List

We had our annual Crabsgiving with my Mom
We spent Thanksgiving morning in the most colorful way thanks to Jihan

This sweet bebe grew soo fast
My dear friends of ten years moved to Portland *I’m looking forward to visiting them soon*
Liv’s beauty shined bright during her photo shoot with Jess Koehler
She is growing up to be an extraordinary person
These are Liv’s school portraits. This was the first time I wasn’t there when she took her class photos but I knew she would be fantastic.

This photo pretty much kills me. I know life with Liv has only been four years but I’ve never felt so much joy, so much fulfillment being able to spend my days with her and so much love for my rad family. I am so stoked for 2015. I know it will be another remarkable year!

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