La Tour Eiffel

It’s been three weeks since my trip to Paris and I still can smell the fresh baked baguettes in the air. Visiting Paris during spring is such a difference than being there during the summer. I was concerned that the weather would be too cold, rainy and gloomy. Being cold makes me miserable but I loved the crisp air. It never rained, so of course I schlepped my rain boots and umbrella in my suitcase for nothing. I really don’t have much cold weather clothes so I bought a new coat from Asos (on sale!). Every day the sun would peek out just long enough for me to take some incredible photos. I know I was driving Aimee insane because I couldn’t walk one block without stopping to snap photos of buildings, flowers or even the lovely cobblestone streets.

So, I know it’s super cheesy and very American touristy but I had to test my courage and check out the new glass floor on the Eiffel Tower. It’s only on the first floor of the tower but it’s really high up *60 meters above ground!* I waited in line for 45 minutes for an elevator which ended up only going to the second floor so I took some quick shots of the view since Aimee was downstairs freezing while waiting for me.

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Looking north at Trocadéro. It was totally cloudy but the sun popped out just as I took these


Looking east (there’s our Dîner en Blanc bridge!)


Southern views

I took this with my selfie stick and my hands were frozen. Don’t I look cold?

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Sadly, I had no one to kiss so I blew an air kiss to Antz and Liv


The view from the 1st level glass floor


Can you see Aimee down there?

 47a05-dsc_0164 f6896-dsc_0155

I’m not joking about how terrifying this was for me!


My best #fromwhereIstand so far

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