2 days 2 Go!

I’m gonna make this quick because I am going to watch Bored to Death starring my insatiable Jason Schwartzman and Zack G. Story’s birthday was Saturday so Antz and I went to 3 different Rockabilly shops for a pressie. We got her a Frankenstein Bobble head from a place in Little Tokyo, a Frankenstein tee from the Eagle Rock *Philipino* mall and a shrunken head sifter.  We wrapped them in awesome skull paper.

We visited the Burbank shelter and Antz fell in love with a pitbull named Tipsy *maybe she’s a drunk*

He really wants a English bulldog because of the extreme mega cuteness of this video
We took Story to breakfast at a place called Dish in La Canada. OMG so yum! Antz, Chris and Story had grapefruit mimosas and I had fresh OJ. The food is super good and the restaurant was really nice.
I cooked spaghetti for dinner tonight. It was ok but for some reason I couldn’t cook the pasta correctly, next time I’ll use a timer. I am having lunch with Jes tomorrow at Emerald’s 🙂  My Mummy is coming over on Wednesday. Been feeling like my period is on its way, nothing irregular happening. More to come…Mad Men and Bored to Death time.

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