Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

That song has been stuck in my head for a few days now. Last night I went to prenatal yoga, which was lovely but I am sore. Tonight we are going to Paramount to see The Lovely Bones. I am going to see my sis-in-law at Bed, Beth & Beyond today to buy a few things

Boppy Pillow
At first I was going get the Snoogle *shaped like a candy cane* but I like that I can use this to nurse.

I hope this works, it’s early now but in January movement begins and I would love to play classical for the baby.

Everyone has to have a Hooter Hider

My sis-in-law is getting me a 20% discount. I really want to take advantage of the end of year sales but we don’t have any place to store things. Last Monday I was checking out Young House Love and I got inspired and attempted my 1st mood board.

I know it’s a bit cluttered and the text is overwhelming but I was excited and I wanted to try to put everything in the room at once. I still have to figure out how to put in the crib bedding. I’m glad I could visualize the room but I wonder if it lacks color, and it’s going to be difficult to find the right wall paint. We are keeping the 2 brown walls and I wanted to put a square pattern of teal, turqouise, lime green, Tiffany box blue and orange. However, I have seen this exact pattern in magazines and Bringing Home Baby a few too many times. I would like to put up a wall size canvas behind the crib and have Antz draw a mural but I’m not sure of what. I have seen too many trees, safari animals and monkey murals. I love this piece of art I saw at Monkeyhouse in Silverlake *which is sadly closing next month*

Lorax by Darren Goldman. I can’t bring myself to have any other artist besides my husband in the nursery. Ah well, hopefully the popcorn ceiling removal will happen this month and sometime in March we will seriously plan paint. So, being that next year is right around the corner, I have a new babymoon destination. I think it’s quite suitable as it is international travel and it has a W hotel 🙂 Drumroll please, Montréal, Quebec, Canada.
I am hoping we can go the weekend of my birthday in March. I will be 29 weeks so I can still fly without a doc’s note. I have always wanted to go to Montreal, I love the French culture and I am excited to go to the Biodome and see the Artic animals. I also hope to pick up a bunch of toys for the baby out there.

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