Happy Stinko De Mayo~

There should be a celebration today because this morning the crew came and started working, I scheduled Best Buy to come out to fix our refridgerator *for the 4th time* because it isn’t getting cold enough and I got a call from the delivery company that our glider and bassinet should be coming today between 12 -3pm. All makes me totally happy but I am still bummed because David is saying the city wants him to take up the roof he has already put down and use actual deck material on our roof which is more expensive and takes longer. He is going to fight it today but I don’t see how successful he will be. This nightmare will never end. I have so much anxiety about this repair not being finished by next Wednesday. It really sucks that it is my happiest time in my life and it’s ruined by drama from the stupid city inspector. It’s always something!!

Well yesterday I didn’t get anything done, I paid bills, made important phone calls but haven’t crossed anything off my list. Antz printed a few things for me last night but he couldn’t print any maternity photos because we ran out of glossy photo paper. I would love to go to Target today but I have to wait for the delivery and Best Buy. I cooked dinner last night and I totally impressed myself and Antz. I am disappointed that Antz Mom called us last night to let us know his Aunt and cousin from Mexico can’t make it to the shower, BOO! So as far as rsvps go, Gail, his cousin Chrissy and my godfather, Leon are the only ones who are still pending. Monday I am placing the rental and catering order so I am crossing my fingers I’ll hear from them by then. I so need a vacay!!

What a busy day!! I was anxiously awaiting 3 major things, Best Buy coming to look at the fridge to see why it’s not getting cold, the delivery of our glider and bassinet and word on David getting the permit from the city. Well, good news, great news and BEST NEWS!! Around 2:45 Geek squad *chick* came and of course the fridge was colder than ever. She is still ordering a part for it and she is coming back to install it on the 17th. At the exact time the Best Buy chick was leaving, a huge truck was pulling up in front of my house. I was jumping up and down like a flea, they brought it right up the stairs no problem! I am still nervous it won’t fit through the nursery door but once it’s out of the box it should be ok. I was considering building the bassinet myself to surprise Antz when he gets home but I am worn out.

Now on to best news, David texted Antz to say he got the  permit and the inspection is scheduled for tomorrow. The workers are starting on the fire wall today.

We are going to Lowes when he gets home to get more cement, grout and I want to buy the topairies *if they are still there*. So tonight he’s going to finish the fireplace. I can’t wait to take pics of the finished nursery. What a great day, I am getting conditioned to not enjoy great days like today because I feel like it’s inevitable that I will have a bad day in the future.
Antz is home now and he had to take off the nursery door to squeeze the glider through. He got it in place and it almost was too big because it was blocking the dresser drawers. It’s now in place and he put up his artwork.

We still need to find a home for his Radiohead poster but I keep second guessing if I want it in the nursery. Now we are going to Lowes and Target.

FLASHBACK: This day in 2006 we were preparing for our Cinco de Mayo fiesta

Viva Fiesta!!!

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