Godmommy Aimee is RAD!!

She came over this morning and we went to breakfast in Pasadena at the Corner Bakery and it was yummy. The chick at the register was super cool, she gave me a free cookie. We went to Giggle and I picked out some stuff from our registry.

Aimee with all the loot!

I got the diaper Dekor, YAY!

And a Boppy with an aqua slipcover

Also a mystery person *although we are pretty sure we know who it is* bought the Bugaboo Bee cocoon from our Amazon registry. EGADS! I have no stroller!! Antz keeps reassuring me we’ll buy it before she’s born but I don’t see how.

I saw David today and he is pretty sure they will be finished by Thursday at the latest. Do I dare believe him and allow myself to breath deeply with relief? I’ve been on this garage repair roller coaster before. Alas, I have loosened the nervous knot in my tummy only to replace it with butterflies every time I think of going into labor.

I am now trying to motivate myself to clean up the bedroom and organize the hallway linen closet. I was supposed to line the shelves with paper but I am soo comfy in bed right now, watching last night’s Daily Show. I need to wash Max’s bedding so it will be clean when Antz gives him a bath tonight. My biggest problem is Lola has been shedding like crazy all over the bedroom. I dust everyday and she sleeps on top of our printer so there is hair everywhere. I also need to swifter the floor. I need to hire Merry Maids but I’m too embarrassed for them to see our dirty house.

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