Make it WORK!!

I am totally exhausted at the moment. I now know exactly how the designers feel on Project Runway. I spend a great deal of today sewing *and pulling out seams* Olivia’s Halloween costume. I am feeling pretty proud of myself given the materials I was working with and the fact that my lovely model would not stand still for her fitting. She needs to have a final fitting but I am 80% done. I was worried about the tights I bought her would not fit *I found a size 7 in the closest to the color I wanted* so I’m taking Dear Timothy’s advice “Make it Work!”

Mr. Gunn was giving me the side-eye when I started but it somehow came together. Now let’s hope Liv rocks it on *the runway* at the several Halloween events we’re attending. She already is not too pleased with one of the pieces of the costume so keep your fingers crossed. Now as for Antz and mine costumes, I have no idea what we will be. I can put something together but it’s admittedly lazy route. Antz spend most of today working his trash to treasure magic on what I considered was a lost cause.

$10.00 Thrift store found in July

A hot tranny mess right? This guy sat behind our rolling microwave cart forgotten and unwanted for months until…

With the added fancy props

Darn you Antz!! He somehow manages to make the ugly, lovely for NO MONEY. I mean I totally want it for myself but he’s putting it for sale in our Etsy shop. It’s going to be marketed as an arts & crafts organizer. The holder on the bottom will store rolls of ribbon, CUTE! I discouraged him from using the chicken wire for the door but again, my advice is terrible. *fine, you were right* It looks super Fabby Chic!! He used our leftover paper from our medicine cabinet remodel and the Anthropologie knob was borrowed from our kitchen pantry door. He promised to get me a new one *and I’ve wanted a larger knob for that door anyway*. Speaking of the pantry door. I would LOVE to paint it with chalkboard paint and the interior badly needs re-organizing. So many projects.

So, there you have it, pretty awesome weekend. We have a busy week ahead of us *pediatrician appt, movie date and Universal Horror Nights if we get secure a sitter*

OH! Before I go…Mademoiselle Pauline Darley emailed me back *YAY* The good news is she is available to book a shoot *and super friendly, she writes with a French accent* The bad news is the quote she gave me. Yeah, about $150 over my budget. But, she is soo worth it!! Uhhh, I have 2 years and 5 months to save. I am changing my mind a million times. I would like to go in March for my 37th *eep* birthday but if we went in May we could be there during PEONY SEASON!! And that’s 2 additional months of saving!

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