Holiday Card 2011

So I promised to reveal what Antz and I have been working on. Now that our Holiday cards are in the mail I can finally share our Holiday photos. It was very difficult to choose one, so many are my faves.

 These, of course, are the outtakes
obviously I’m trying hard to get on awkward family photos
why is Antz making a Bill Cosby face?
wonky boobs!!!

I will reveal the winning photo in a few days when everyone has gotten them. So now you have seen the banner, here is our mantle.

 I almost chose this one…how adorable!

We printed the photos at Target which I highly recommend. It took an hour and only cost $12 for 40 4 x 6 prints *but we had a coupon* Since we were printing, I bought some new frames for the house.

 Yay! Clean and clutter free desk

I finally bought storage drawers for my fabric and crafting supplies. It’s not my favorite look but it’s functional.

These guys are going on her wall

 I LOVE this photo *and frame*, this is going on our new bedside table to give me inspiration for our trip, ie: SAVE BITCH!!

Still need to figure out where this guy is going but it will look amazing against the green walls.

So that’s what we’ve been up to…oh! and this girl is now a year and a half!!! BANANAS!!

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