Welcome to my Frequently Un-asked Questions…

I spend so much time blabbing about my daily life yet I’ve never really introduced myself or written about my background. So here ya go…feel free to ask me anything not listed.

Oh, I do miss that necklace *sadly it broke*

I’m a Los Angeles native *I know, there are so few of us* I grew up in the same house my entire childhood.

I am an only child *this you may already know*

My Mom was 29 when she had me, I knew I didn’t want kids until I was at least 30…I was 33 when I had Olivia

I am named after my Grandmothers *Elizabeth is my Dad’s Mother and Louise is my Mom’s Mom* I met my paternal Grandmother once when I was 3 months old and I was super close my other Grandma until her death in 1986.

My Mom is an only child too *that’s my entire family tree* just us!

Matching ‘Fros

My 1st grade teacher was incredibly impactful in my life with my love of reading. She contacted me last year to see what I have been up to. I still have this book she gave me in 1984!

This amazing book is Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein

I spent a lot of my childhood traveling on tour with my Mom *she’s a percussionist*

at a hotel in Chicago *the shawl is Stevie Nick’s I wish I still had it*

 Me & Stevie. I used to roller skate on her tennis court

Ordering a Shirley Temple in New York

Because my Mom traveled so much, I had a nanny who only spoke Spanish *I was fluent in Spanish for 4 years* Now is can barely say Hello, my name is…

Me in Mexico

I’ve always had a pet as a child *dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, turtles, mice & birds*

I want to grow my hair thick and long like this again, sigh

My Barbie collection was ridiculous in the eighties *I regret not keeping them*

Due to my Mom being a crazy talented musician, I took many music lessons as a child *today I can’t play anything with proficiency*

I love that portrait of my Mommy

I went to Catholic school until 6th grade

Beads were hot in the eighties

I broke my arm tripping on a curb while crossing the street. *I didn’t tell my Mom for 3 hours*

Way to ruin summer

I never wanted a sibling *and I’m still grateful I don’t*

Apple Valley circa 1984

I dabbled in modeling

I loved these Shirley Temple curls
I never stood still, it was hard to capture me

I went to summer camp every year from ages 9-14 *Girl Scouts, Sailing, acting, trapeze, horseback riding, mountain bike riding. I’ve been to 7 different camps*

My gazelle sunglasses and Izod shirt were totally awesome
Can you find me?

Chicken pox sucked *but I haven’t been gravely ill in my life, thank goodness*

You love my hair, right?

I played volleyball throughout high school and college *now I play on a coed league on Tuesdays with Antz*

I had a serious crush on Corey Haim. I would watch his movies all the time and stalk out his fave places in LA.

I was really sad when he passed away

High School was a dark period for me…In retrospect, I’m happy to have gotten through that angsty time wiser and happier than ever

Although I was totally bitchy teen in high school. I was an overachiever *like Tracy Flick in Election but cooler* I was on student council, in gifted classes, Yearbook, Earth Club, Young Black Scholars program and I took 2 AP classes when I was a senior.

OMG, I took this photo after volleyball practice. I was greasy gross and making the weirdest face ever *umm, wonky eyes*. Please read the following below

I have never tried any drugs *however I am openly admitting, I have smoked Mary Jane 3 times, not for me*

I changed my college major 3 times, finally I went with my heart and got my cosmetology license

I didn’t finish college *one day I hope to change this*

I have never been fishing or hunting *and never will*

I’ve had several jobs throughout my 20’s *I was all over the place, my first job was a camp counselor. I worked at JetBlue for the travel benefits and I was a personal assistant to a celebrity interior designer, she-who-must-not-be-named* are just a few

I worked at a children’s party place *like Chuck E Cheese* and I wore roller skaters while carrying pizzas and a pitcher of soda, I never fell*

Participating in a mock airplane crash while working at JetBlue was the scariest thing I’ve ever done *they hired actors with makeup similar to crash victims, it was cray cray*

I have been to a shooting range *I didn’t enjoy it at all*

My first car was a 1977 powder blue Mercedes. I got it for my 16th birthday…it was dead by December

I met my husband at Universal Citywalk when I was 19 and he was 20 *I was not looking for a relationship as I was in the process of breaking up with my deadbeat boyfriend at the time*

Our very first solo date *we saw Independence Day in Century City* July 5, 1996

Antz and I worked at the same video store at different times before we met

I have worked 3 jobs and an college internship all at the same time *it was very short lived*

I believe in the power of forgiveness and kissing

After we started dating we ended working at the same mall *He worked at Gymboree and I worked at the Gap*

Our early dating days…


For words!

…but so in love

Our first vacation together was Venice, Italy *I won the trip on the Price is Right Showcase Showdown in 1997*

Still can not believe this happened

We only had $200 between us and went we checked out of the hotel, we had a $300 tab, yikes!…we had to ask his Mom to wire us money

I have owned 5 Volkswagon cars *a Rabbit, 2 Beetles, a Jetta and now my Tiguan*

Snowball III

Snowball IV

We moved into our first apartment in 1999. We lived there for 6 years then we moved into my Mom’s apartments to save for our house.

Our apartment was next to a Hare Krishna temple so we would hear singing and prayer every morning at 5 am!

This is the only photo I could find of our old place *ironically this is the same day Antz was on Wheel of Fortune*

Antz proposed on top of the Empire State building on our vacation to New York in the gift shop cause it was too cold outside

December 26, 2000

It took me 18 months to plan our wedding *I went to 3 Bridal conventions* I still have my giant wedding planner binder

One month before we got hitched, on the beach we were married at
I got Swarovski crystal hearts vajazzled you know where
My Aunt Eloise flew in from Oklahoma to marry us *in the ceremony she said by the power vested by me and the state of Oklahoma…I always worry we aren’t legally married*
His Vows
My Vows
During the procession, Antz flip flop broke
I wore platform flip flops…MAJOR FAUX PAS!!

Our trolley got stuck in the sand, delaying us for an hour *everyone was afraid to tell me until after the driver left*

I can laugh now, but I was frantic

We had 60 guests at our wedding *small weddings are divine, you can spend more intimate time with your guests, the costs are lower and it makes for a saner planning process*

My BFF Aimee, my maid of honor’s, speech was so heartfelt and wonderful, I love her like a sister

I used to have my tongue pierced *this is the extent of my rebellious phase*

Antz was so happy when I took it out

We couldn’t afford a honeymoon so Antz siblings gave us a week at the Palms *the week it opened* in Las Vegas

The Palms is our favorite hotel in Vegas and we’ve been back 6 times
That hat…ummm? We won $700 playing roulette

Antz, Aimee & I went to London & Paris just to see a Björk concert, Our *first class flight on Virgin Atlantic* cost us $57 each roundtrip.

This was on our flight from Paris to London *I love dude one the right’s face*

Antz is a brilliant artist *and like all artists, he’s ridiculously modest about his talent* He has spent that past 11 years working at his dream job so fortunately I can be a stay-at-home-*and do nothing*-Mom, hate me?

We wrote 13 offers on 12 houses before we got our house. It was the peak of the housing bubble in 2007.

Antz cut his hair the year we bought our house

I am ridiculously superstitious

Our house will be 90 years old in 2013

I believe in ghosts *I’ve seen one*

It took us longer than expected to get preggers but Olivia was absolutely worth the wait

Antz came up with the name Olivia Lily. She isn’t named after anyone in particular, we just loved the name *some top contenders were Parker, Harper & Isobel*

I scheduled Olivia’s christening the day I found out I was pregnant 

I hope to set foot in all 7 continents in my lifetime *I’m not betting on Antartica because I dislike cold weather but I do love polar bears*

I believe in kharma and have been trying to be a kinder, more patient person ever since our daughter was born

I was completely grossed out by breastfeeding while I was preggers but I am currently on month 19 of bfing and I will be sad for the day to come when she’s ready to stop

Boob alert!

Therapy & Acupuncture made me a better wife, daughter, mommy and friend *I highly recommend therapy and acupuncture, the needles aren’t that bad, to anyone in pain or struggling with issues*

This is such a creepy photo!

My hair fell out 5 months post-partum *as most new Mom’s does*. It sucked and I wore a lot of hats but it did grow back. I am still taking prenatal vitamins and Biotin for hair and nails

I am a *not so liberal* Democrat who believes in the power of a woman’s right to choose, global warming is definitely REAL, I support capital punishment, in favor of making medical insurance, paid vacation and 401ks mandatory for all employers, while we’re at it, let’s make a minimum 12 weeks maternity leave, would vote to make animal cruelty a felony in all 50 states, not a fan of our current welfare system, 100% totally support gay marriage, would abolish guns if I could, believe the public school system in America is broken, would make every student spend one summer doing mandatory community service and I worked as Supervisor at the polls in 2008 when Obama was elected and will work them again if asked

I’m pointing at my I voted sticker, not my boob

We plan to send Liv to a Private school. You may not agree with me but I would sacrifice all the money we have to ensure Liv has the best education possible. We also plan to travel with her as often as possible *let’s keep it real* we can afford. I am no expert in parenting but I have encountered the most eloquent, outgoing, well-mannered and extraordinary children are well-traveled. There’s something about experiencing another culture that brings out the best in children. I am hoping we are able to live abroad for a year.

I am actively seeking new followers, more comments *good, bad but not spam, I love reading comments, it gives me such joy to feel like someone can relate to my barrage of complaints and neverending desires* and *money* sponsors to endorse my Life List. Wouldn’t it be great to invest in this girl’s trip to see the Taj Mahal while promoting your product *no Postivacs, please* along the way? If you are a long time follower, thanks so much for your support and taking time from your busy life to check on me. Hiya to all my new readers who may randomly stumble upon this blog while google searchin’. This has been one wild ride and I am ready to hit the gas and run full steam ahead into tha future

In closing, I adore Conan O’Brien. I was first introduced to his show when we watched Italian TV on our trip to Italy in 1997. We had terrible jet lag so we would wake up around 4 am so we would watch his show until the sun came up. I fell in love even though I never heard his voice since the show was dubbed in Italian. This was before he was famous so we didn’t have big guests so he would interview crazy people at Grand Central Station. I was fortunate enough to see his show live in New York in 2000 and then again in LA

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  1. Sadly no, we would have to pay the taxes on the trips and we already had to pay $3000 for the furniture and the trip to Venice. They give you 3 days to decide what you want to keep or use when you win on a game show. One day we will go!!

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