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I am super, majorly happy happy at the moment. I just went from zero to sixty with this bedroom makeover. I found a lovely rug online, ordered it, purchased the Areaware iPhone dock *using my Amazon credit so it only cost me $13.99*, made up my indecisive mind and bought the table lamp. What took me 2 months to plan, we finished in 2 days!!

Say bonne nuit to Monsieur Owl!!

He’s dreamy, much sturdier than I thought
I heart this guy so bad!

AND we just put this guy up!!!

Blik Invisible Circus decal

It was tedious and pretty nerve racking putting him up perfectly

His name is Elephant Gerald *see what we did there?*, the monkey is still nameless

The lighting in here is tres sex-ay now
**UPDATE** Finally got the rug and the alarm clock dock.

I’m so bummed that my Anthro quilt was at the cleaners *Liv has an accident* the day I got the rug. What a difference the vibrant colors of the Anthro quilt makes!
I will take close ups of the alarm dock soon
Did I mention we chose green over black?
I really need to come up with a new location for the printer/stand, it takes up too much space and doesn’t look cohesive with the room. Maybe we’ll squeeze it in Antz and Liv’s already crammed closet. However, how will I get a plug in there?
I still cannot believe our night stand went from this

to this fine looking piece of furniture

The best from trash to treasure ever!!

We went to lunch with Les & Stephen today but it was cray cray cold and we foolishly ate outside.

Antz didn’t like his pop. At first he said it tastes like Christmas tree but then he said it taste like old houseplant

The cookies were yummers

It was a weird day, Antz and I witnessed a car accident *nothing serious* and then while we were eating we saw a woman get hit by a car *she was absolutely fine* I was pretty sure bad luck was running rampart so by the time we got to West Elm I was certain the lamp would be sold out. Which is was…*sads* they only had black but I sweet talked the manager into selling us the display model which saved us a drive to Santa Monica. Suh-weet!

**All I need is the rug and the alarm dock to be delivered and the room will be finished. Hooray for us!

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