Christmas 2014

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. We spent time with family and I think we all got what we wanted from Santa. Although next year I’m adding a family trip to Iceland on my list. My friend Jennifer went this year and her photos are amazing!

Joyeux Noël
Liv and I made gingerbread people for the Big guy

Awake bright and early as usual
Pleased as punch with her gifts from her Aunt Debra
Liv got some new rad books. I have heard great things about BJ Novak’s book.
My Mom shared Christmas morning with us via iChat
It was awesome for her to see Olivia open her presents

I went a little Pop! Vinyl crazy but they are soo cute!
Huge Thundercats fan
Big Hero 6 was such a good movie
Hopefully he has enough socks now. I got most of these from Target
We are big Hayao Miyazaki fans
This is what you must get an artist
Our old Wii stopped playing games so I got a new Nintendo Wii Mini
Of course this means new video games, Michael Jackson Experience and Mario Cart

So much fun!!

Olivia’s piece de resistance her Frozen vanity
We watched A Christmas Story which I think is the greatest Christmas movie ever made
I won this incredible Moroccan wedding blanket in an Instagram auction, I LOVE it!

So today Liv is covered in nail polish and Frozen lip gloss. We are going through all of our shelves and drawers, cleaning out junk and throwing away as much as possible. I have a special surprise happening later today.

A bientot!

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