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Remodeling, Redecorating & Repairs

I feel like we did such an amazing job on Olivia’s nursery and making our house look presentable for the shower that I can now take on the daunting tasks of the bathroom and kitchen *the money rooms*. Although I won’t have a budget to do anything until next year, it doesn’t hurt to start planning.











Antz wants to paint the kitchen a light blue *similar to the one the wall decal is on* but I’m not sure yet. My concept is to take off the cabinet doors *which means we would need new, pretty dishes and organize our shelves better*, paint the cabinets white and replace the knobs with the Villa Capri knobs. Have the floor professionally refinished, replace the awful ceiling fan with a pendant lamp. Paint the walls, trim and crown molding. Repair/replace the plumbing and install white *or another color* subway tiles backsplash and new countertop. I would eventually like to put in a dishwasher but there really isn’t any room and the plumbing would be expensive. When Olivia is old enough we want to put in her mini kitchen to play with but again, space is an issue.










Let’s take a look a how my pregnancy has progressed!!











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