When Life gives you lemons….

You get lemon in your eye!!! The on-going barf-room saga continues…Sigh, here’s the bitter, Malcolm phoned in the estimate…okay I guess he’s drinking Tigerblood. This guy wants ten G’s to make water come from a fuckin’ pipe! *SIGH* Bloody fuckin’ extortion, *yep, I throwing F bombs everyone’s way today* the cruddy part is he is reasonable, and he’s honest, Boo! This includes complete copper piping, new water heater, replacing the tub, demo-ing the showerwall, so he can work on the pipes while we simultaneously retile the wall and he has to add clean out and shut off valves, boring junk.

Instead of racking up new credit card debt, I’ll be patient and we’ll save for a year. *mumble, grumble, bitch, bitch* So the major work is now on hiatus until next March. And now for the sweet, we will rock out a mini loo makeover.

We will tile the floor, paint, new sink/vanity *we are getting the dark espresso vanity* new Anthro knobbies

Loving this classic vintage style which happens to match our glass doorknobs.
and a lovely TALLer toilet. YAY! I’m pleased as punch that the gross laminate floor is going bye bye.

This morning Liv had her 9 month pediatrician appt. She has lost 2 oz. but Dr. Wang said that is normal with breastfed babies, they tend to be on the skinny side *talk about jealous!!*

My necklace was the perfect distractor, she hardly noticed when the nurse pricked her heel.

She has grown 1/2 an inch and still has a tiny head *like her Mum*
Hi Dad, how’s it going?
Shots suck guys!
but now I’m over it!!

Dr Wang did green light us for chicken, turkey, lean beef, yogurt, cottage cheese and string cheese. I went to Whole Foods after the appt. and spent 20 minutes reading the sodium content on the thousands of different yogurts Whole sells. I ended up with Fage *that’s Fa-hey* plain no-fat Greek yogurt. I couldn’t bring myself to buying cottage cheese for Liv *major YUCK!!* I looked at the organic meats but I think I’ll do better at the farmers market but I did buy these guys.

Liv LOVES these!! Not kidding, she ate an entire snack ball of them, she knows how to take them from the ball and eat them 4 at a time.

Tomorrow is Aimee date day. We are going to Nordstrom to pick up my boots and Target, duh! Lord, give me strength to not spend $89 on this duvet set I have been lusting after for months now…

I wannit!!
I know this is random but Annie Leibovitz is stupid fresh. I just spent the past hour drooling over these photos.

Makes me want to play dress up and have Antz take my pics *maybe another day*

3 thoughts on “When Life gives you lemons….

  1. Liv is such a big girl now! Can you believe our babies are 9 months old already?!!!

    Olivia is just getting over a bout of roseola. She had a fever of 102 all weekend and now she broke out into hives but Dr Wang said that the hives mean that she's getting better. Was such an ordeal this weekend and very little sleep!

  2. I am just starting to look at themes and etc. One thing is confirmed is that we will have a taco lady! I had one at my baby shower so any chance I can have freshly made tacos in my backyard, I'm gonna do it! What about you? I know you've planned something awesome already! 😉

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