I have a lot of catching up to do

The power outage and the new Mac Air *still feeling awkward using it* have kept me from posting as frequently as I should so without further adieu here’s our Holiday decor.

Normally I’m not a fan of the inflatable decorations, but this one is an exception

It’s minimal this year but Olivia nearly wets her pants in excitement when she sees the Gabba Gang. The only thing missing is them singing. Speaking of singing, I am so wanting to buy the She & Him Christmas album

Only problem, I do not own a record player. I have my eye on this guy but he doesn’t come out until next year. The vinyl does come with an MP3 download too so maybe I shall pic it up. My current holiday playlist is full of Frank, Ella, Weezer, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs & Bird & the Bee.

I would love to show you the rest of the house but it’s top secret for now. I am in full search mode for one Pavo euro sham but it seems Anthropologie is completely sold out and ebay has 2 shams for $99, Boo! I still have some items on my list for the bedroom but I’m patiently waiting until after Christmas for a possible sale price.

This Saturday was wonderful!! We went to the Winter Solstice at Liv’s soon-to-be amazing Preschool. We are totally smitten. That place is mega rad! They have baby chicks, birds, an organic garden, yoga studio, artificial grass and everyone was really friendly. Liv seemed right at home. I can’t wait to start Mommy & Me classes there next spring.

Her new rad cardigan from Anthro


Liv was so fascinated by the astro turf, she keep rubbing it and testing it out. 

We gave ourselves a tour of the school, it’s super charming and spacious. We met some of the teachers and a few parents. Everyone was really nice and kept assuring us that Liv would be admitted in September *let’s hope so* I hate to say it but I am looking forward to her starting preschool.

Now I’m going off-topic for a random informercial. Last weekend after searching for weeks I found my new signature scent at Sephora. I am typically a Happy girl, ever since Aimee gave me some for a wedding gift. I adore the smell but after 9 years of it, I needed something new. I sniffed *and sneezed* almost everything until I found my new love.

Marc Jacobs Curacao

Curaçao *pronounced CURE-RAH-SOW*  is an island off the coast of Venezuela. I would love to visit one day but for now I can smell like Curaçao. It’s light, fruity and lovely. I wish my blog had smell-o-vision cause it’s the bees knees! I highly recommend grabbing it if you can find it. You may not since MJ made it limited edition. Sucks since I’ll have a hard time finding it when I run out but for now I’m trying to hoard it *the bottle is enormous*

Of course Mr. Jacobs did not pay me to endorse his product *although I would love it if he did* I just want to share my yummy new scent with my lovelies!!

Antz and I just finished all our holiday cards and a big project *you’ll see soon* so I’m off to bed. Have a great week and KEEP RAWKING!!

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