Rustic charm vs Shabby chic

I keep starting to write posts and I haven’t published any. It’s not like I haven’t been busy lately, I just haven’t been in to mood to take as many photos because I need to take our Nikon SLR camera in for service. Using my iphone to take photos has left me feeling uninspired. I’m not sure if I should bite the bullet and buy a new camera or get mine fixed and buy this external flash. Well, I’m going to need a solution soon because we are taking a trip to Europe this summer.

We found this amazing secret garden in Pasadena called Arlington Garden

Honestly, I have been knee deep in planning this vacation. The last time I planned a big trip was over ten years ago so I’m rusty. There was no Pinterest, Instagram or blogs to reference back then which make it very hard to narrow down my options. I have been apartment hunting for a place in Paris for weeks now. I
am not exaggerating when I say I have looked at every single apartment
rental in le Marais. I want to find a place with Air bnb since it has the most legit site. The problem is my favorite apartments are not available for the dates I need. This was my original winner but of course, it’s booked. I have never been so picky in my life.

My top ten criteria is:

1. Location (Le Marais)
2. Haussmann building
3. Plenty of light and quiet (no lower floor units)
4. One bedroom/one bathroom
5. Clean furniture that doesn’t feel like dated *Parisians really like plaid bedding and red couches*
6. Washer/Dryer
7. City views
8. Chevron hardwood floors
9. Close to a metro station
10. All this within our budget!
* Dishwasher (a bonus)


I have narrowed it down to these top two contenders.

Rustic & Charming in the 3º arrondissement
World’s narrowest kitchen
Wheee, these stairs!
Hooving up and down six flights of these stairs everyday will be the death of me

Let’s break it down. This apartment is within our budget, perfect location in
the heart of le Marais, has authentic Parisian charm *look at that beautiful building and courtyard* it has all the amenities we need. It doesn’t have my chevron hardwood floors but I do like the stone pavers. I google-mapped the street to find it is centrally located and even has cute graffiti.

The downside is, it’s a six story walk up with no elevator. That will get
old really fast but not a deal-breaker. The kitchen…is tiny! I don’t
think I can even open the oven door but who knows how much we will be
baking in the apartment. I am not a fan of the second floor bedroom. We
are very tall people and it appears there will be a whole lot of leaning
and possible head bumps in that slanted loft ceiling. I do like that
the bathroom is on the second floor since I have the bladder of a ninety
year old at night. I like the rustic feel but it may be more dated than I’m imagining it to be. I don’t know how comfortable we would be lounging.

Our other option is…

Shabby chic & cute in the 4º arrondissement

The kitchen is small but efficient

apartment is super cute. I like the quirky toys and the floors. It feels French shabby chic. My favorite is the dollhouse in the bedroom, I know Liv will love playing with that guy. The views are rad and there is an elevator in the building. I like the street it’s located on much better than the other place. The apartment also comes with a cat!

This apartment does have it’s downside, there is no fixed shower head in the bathroom, which Antz isn’t so happy about. It’s also a smoking apartment so I worry it will smell like smoke which grosses me out. Also as of three days ago, the host has yet to respond to my email inquiring about renting the place so I’m not sure if it’s available for the dates I want.

Liv is mega excited to eat French bread and ride the carousel

I cannot seem to make up my mind. The apartments are very close in location, size and price. I know I am being picky *Antz keeps reminding me, we aren’t going to be in the
apartment that often
* but I want to feel at home. I could just get a hotel room for the trip but I want total immersion. We are planning to go to London and Amsterdam too so I’ll post about that soon.


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