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2012 a Year in Review

It’s really New Year’s Eve! This was yet another blink in a second of an eye year for us. We had some amazing fun times last year.  Here’s a look back at 2012 year in pictures. Have a safe and rockin’ New Years lovelies!! We’re so stoked for 2013

2012 to 2013

We rang in the New Year at the W hotel

 Liv rocked out in Scruffin Rock dance class

We finally gave our bedroom a mini-makeover
Best curbside find ever, Antz saved this trashy side table for only $10!!
I love our Owl lamp



designlovefest – Anthropologie DIY from Son of Shark Pig on Vimeo.

 We spent my birthday at Legoland with Terry, Morgan & Kieran!

We raised our caterpillar Milton to grow into a beautiful butterfly

 We attended our 4th Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards

I made my first 6 layer rainbow cake *only took 5 hours to bake* as practice for Liv’s Rainbow birthday party

Fortunate for me, my client was pleased with the outcome.
Kieran & Liv gave the cake a taste and it seemed to have met their approval

We fell in love with Portobello fries and tried chocolate covered BACON!!

Super yummy
I made Liv’s birthday present, her name is Clementine.

Hello Dolly from sunkissis on Vimeo.

Before I knew it we were off to Palm Springs for Liv’s rainbow 2nd birthday weekend at The Sagauro hotel *one of the most fabulous places we’ve stayed at*.

I added some rainbow decorations to our room
My rainbow cake became a leaning tower due to the heat but Liv still loved it
Liv got some sweet gifts, including her awesome scooter
It’s obvious we had a miserable time
We took Clemmy to check out the new Sprinkles Ice Cream

It was just as amazing as their cupcakes
June is always a busy month for me, a few weeks later it’s was Antz birthday so we went to his favorite hotel, The Palms in Las Vegas.
Since we have been staying at the hotel for years since our honeymoon in 2002, we were upgraded to a Sweet Suite! My photos don’t do it any justice.
9nZ27P on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

We visted the Neon Boneyard *which was on my Life List*

Then next month, right back to Vegas we went for one night with Aimee.
The American gymnastics team took gold in London

We went to the Renegade Craft Fair for a second time *my favorite summer event*
My baby started ballet class *and I almost died from cuteness overload*
Antz & I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary with a lovely pop up dinner on the same beach we were married on with a few of our friends.

The space shuttle Endeavour made a historic flight right over our backyard
We had houseguests all the way from Paraguay, our niece and nephew Evelyn & Dion were in town on break from the Peace Corp.

I had a magical night with Jeff Goldblum *sometimes I have to pinch myself*
Nerding out with Jeff
I went to Blogger heaven at Oh Joy’s book signing at West Elm. I met Joy, Emily Henderson and saw old friends Bri & Jen.
TEA61J on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
We had our first Trunk or Treat at Liv’s school and made our Adventure Time costumes
After THREE Halloween parties, we took Liv Trick or Treating in Eagle Rock with Terry, Morgan & Kieran
Party #1 for Eric Garcetti candidate for Mayor
Party #2 Tom & Jess’s Adventure Time soiree
Party #3 Antz won second place as Jake the dog at his job’s Costume contest with help from Liv’s cuteness as Beemo
President Obama was re-elected and Elizabeth Warren won a seat on the Massachuetts senate.
Liv became a Mommy to her goldfish, Dory & Nemo
I unexpectedly scored on Black Friday
I finally got my Kate Spade bag of my dreams ON SALE!
Last year we attended Liv’s pre-school Winter Solstice as perspective parents. This year Antz designed the poster and I was the Crafts Coordinator. 

The Renegade Craft Fair is so awesome we went again for the Holiday Market to buy Christmas gift.
This kid keeps growing and growing!
I had many fun dates with my BFF
I hit the film nerd motherland at the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA
We took Liv to see an endangered treasure.
2012 have been good year for our family. I had the great fortune to welcome three beautiful babies *Sophie Bloom, Chayanne Michele & Finian Everett*  into my life. We have been blessed with health, family, friends, prosperity and happiness. I look forward to a bright 2013. Happy New Year!!

Happy Happy Christmas 2012

Last night we had the best fondue party with Terry, Morgan, Kieran & baby Finn.


Pretzel bread YUM!

Thanks to the Coxwells for a lovely Christmas Eve feast & sweet gift for Liv. We had to drive Liv around for an hour to get her nice and sleepy so we were able to put the finishing touches on the kitchen. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It’s going to move to the kitchen in March when we finish our remodel.

I bought a Tap light to give her some extra lighting
Her Aunt Debra got her this chefs set, so cute!!

We put blankets over it so she couldn’t peek. After heading to bed at 2am, I was hoping Liv would sleep in but she got up around 7:45 and by 8am we dragged ourselves out of bed. 

Bubble gun

Liv loves nesting dolls. Now she has her very own and she’ll stop playing with the ones I received as gifts from my friends trip to Russia.

She has been playing doctor since her 24 month check up. Dr Wang let her use her stethoscope on her doll, she’s given us a check up, I got a clean bill of heath but Antz was diagnosed as sick.

Best face ever…SUSHI!!

Now it’s time for the big present. La cucina!

She knew exactly what to do, she promptly started cooking us breakfast

It’s the perfect size for her, I was worried she was too tall for it.
She has been playing kitchen all morning. We are so happy and warm. I am going to take a nap like a bear, I’m so sleepy and covered in bandaid stickers from Dr. Olivia. Thanks so much for all the lovely presents we’ve received. I am so lucky to have such considerate and generous friends and family.
**Thanks to Aimee for the Misha Lulu clothes. They are beyond adorable and I will have Liv model them as soon as I get them in the mail.
 kate spade new york 'arm candy' leather pouch available at #Nordstrom

**Thanks to my Mommy for the gift of cash so I could get this adorable bag *on sale!!*
**Thanks to Leslie & Stephen for the AMAZING gifts!! She is such a sweetie, I’ve wanted this pillow forever. YAY!
**My Antz for the tons of gifts I’ve been getting all month *my RAD Kate Spade bag, Marc Jacobs for Target pouch, my gold loafers, my Ban.do poms and your lovely kisses*
We will be seeing Django Unchained later tonight. Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve!

Antz spent all day today working in Santa’s workshop building a little girl’s present. I can’t wait to see her face when she sees it tomorrow morning *it’s much to big to wrap* Since she doesn’t follow my blog yet, I think it’s safe to share a few pics here.


We couldn’t find a refrigerator that was under $100 with shipping so I asked Antz to use his magic and find something we could easily convert. He found the perfect cabinet the next day for $10. We bought a $7.99 set of cabinet handles from Ikea and he added some chalkboard paint and voila! A fridge for all her goodies. Tonight I’m going to add a faux window and curtain and we will let her open all the food/cooking sets tomorrow morning. I can not wait for her to see them in the morning!!

I thought it would be smart to add the tap light under the cabinets

Merry Christmas!

Liv’s Holiday Showcase 2012

Although it didn’t rain, we hit a snag with the show. My Mom spent the night so I dropped off Liv this morning and the plan was for my Mom and I to go to the school early (10:30) and save seats for Antz & Leslie who would meet us at 11. The show was supposed to start at 11:30. Well, I got to the school at 10:33 and the parking lot was already full. I had to block someone in and I ended up being blocked by 7 other cars. Then when we got inside the entire 10 rows in the front were taken. We were literally 3 rows from the back. I managed to save 2 seats for Antz and Leslie even though I got tons of dirty looks when people asked me if the seats were taken. I guess they wanted to take advantage that the rain had stopped because they started the show at 11am. I texted Antz immediately to hurry but sadly they arrived just as Liv’s class was finished with their song. Really disappointing. We snuck into her classroom so Leslie could say hello and give her a lovely bouquet of flowers. At least my Mom got these great shots because from where I was sitting *in Siberia* my shots were awful. I couldn’t hardly see Liv during her song because another child was standing in front of her. Her class sang “Frosty the Snowman” *you could barely hear them from where I was sitting* Liv says Krusty the Snowman.

Our seats in Siberia
How cute are these reindeer?
I was impressed by the elaborate costumes
Liv decided no smiling today
Leslie brought the star a bouquet
Grammy and Liv
Leslie and I coordinated, cause we’re awesome!

Don’t worry I got her to smile.

It’s worth the wait for a smile this bright

Christmas Card 2012

Hopefully by now almost everyone has received our Christmas card. We had so many possibilities for this year’s card photo.

This guy was a contender, taken at Liv’s school Winter Solstice, it would have been perfect if it weren’t for Liv’s sad face. 99% of kids aren’t happy sitting next to Santa so I understand.

Then there’s this one, taken at Grand Park with the amazing Christmas tree in the background. There’s two issues I have with this one. The weird underbite smile Liv is giving and my pudgy round makeup-less face. I am not happy with how jolly I’m looking here. Whoa, it’s time to start swimming again. Full disclaimer: I find it pointless to work out or diet during holiday season. Due to this stupid logic of mine, my Wii Fit trainer has informed me I’ve gained 8 pounds since September, YIKES!!
Finally, we were going to get dressed up, find a cool location, like a graffiti infested wall in downtown LA and have a photo shoot there but we procrastinated and last Thursday was our last opportunity to get the photo shoot done until Antz came up with this clever alternative.

I have always been a fan of this photo we took over the summer so Antz drew it and added a Christmas tree for this year’s rad Holiday card.
He changed his shirt to white but kept my ample hips, thanks! 

Haha, I love it! I would do a brick background every year. Brick walls are rad. Have you sent out your cards yet? I feel so late this year being that Christmas is one freaking week away. Whoops!
Maybe this will be next year’s photo?

Finn, our Angel

Today we met Finn, our friend’s Morgan & Terry’s new baby boy who was born on December 14th. I’m sure Finn is an angel sent to us to feel love and joy despite the horror in the world. I have been feeling much like everyone else, sickened and saddened from the elementary school shooting. I think what bothers me so much is, it’s not just a simple fix. Beefing up school security doesn’t really stop tragedies, disarming the crazies, institutionalizing them really doesn’t help either, so sadly it’s bound to happen again. We live in a violent world. Someone who wants to be immortalized by the media, they will hurt innocent people. It’s been happening for centuries and what is even more disturbing is we all know the name of the shooter and not the victims *Victoria Soto*. All I can do is hold Liv tight and cherish the time I have with her.

Here is the scrumptious Finian Everett, Liv’s new “baby brother”. Congrats you guys!!

Big Brother Kieran was at home with Grandma
Here’s my two handsome boys all dressed up for Christmas

I mentioned that Friday I got a package of new clothes from Misha Lulu and today we asked Liv to model them for us. I added the hot pink Ban.do pom I bought Thursday with her dress. Mega cuteness!!

This is my favorite dress ever. It’s so simple but rad. I adore how it looks on Olivia.
I won a Misha Lulu giveaway and she got a whimsical jumper and a matching Sophie & Lili doll.

Liv named her Maggie but we call her Mags
Liv’s shoes are Livie & Luca

Karen gave us an Owl tee too. Thank you, it’s super adorable. Tuesday is Liv’s last day of school until next year. It’s also her school’s Holiday showcase so I’m excited to see her first performance. She’s been practicing Frosty the Snowman in her tiny voice. I hope to video it with the Flip *but that guy’s battery is always dead* Good night!

Holly Jolly Christmas

Our house is looking quite cheerful.

These guys makes Olivia very happy
Last night Antz and I wrapped some of our Christmas presents.

For Aimee
My Mom

We used last year’s wrapping but then I ran out so now I need to pick up a few rolls at Target. But then Anthropologie had to go ahead and make this…

Hand painted pom wrapping paper
Homage wrapping paper
Add caption
Add caption
Add caption

Kinda makes the wrapping paper at Target look like toilet paper. 🙁 I’m hoping these lovely ornaments go on sale in January. I am so excited for Liv’s present from Santa this year. We are going to work on it this weekend. So happy all the shopping is done!

Winter Solstice 2012

Today was wonderful! The craft stations ran smoothly and the most popular was the build-a-Buddy. I made 4 of them. Antz and Liv came later and despite her grumpy mood, we rode the train, played games, took a photo with Santa. Some of my friends showed up but I didn’t have a chance to chat with everyone but I had the best time. I had one of the yummiest bacon & egg sandwich ever. Here’s the photos!

Hello, my name is grumpy face, I will not smile not matter how many times you ask me!

I got so much of this “snow” up my nose, but it was rad

Just prior to the maylay! There must have been thousands of people
The gingerbread station stayed busy
Bummed out I missed the wine toss
Me & lovely Renae. She owns the school and she is quite rad!
I really wish I remembered to bid on this Shepard Fairey print
This is Olivia’s amazing teacher, Miss Ana, her hubby and her adorable baby Abe
This is Liv’s other teacher, Miss Karly, she is incredible. My favorite thing about her school is the staff, they challenge Olivia and help her feel comfortable around everyone. I want to hug both her teachers, all the time!
Mommy at work. This little girl chose the same body of the head so I obliged.
The mixed heads and bodies turned out cool. Mutant Zebra-deer
Getting some glittery ink
Playing dragon in the cardboard castle
It was extremely difficult to not spazz out over Tony Kanal *maybe you’ve heard of a little local band called No Doubt*, I played it cool as cucumber
My friend Joice and her sweet bebe Sunna
Papa Hlynur and Sunna
Kaia Bug & Liv
I know what makes grump-face happy

Thanks to my peeps who came out to support our school.

2012 Holiday Renegade Craft Fair

Although 95% of my holiday shopping is complete, I must swing by the Renegade Craft Fair. It’s this weekend and even though Saturday Liv’s preschool is having their annual Winter Solstice, I have been thinking about those delish rosemary butter crunch treats we had in July. I also have to find something amazing for Aimee’s cute new apartment.

Just when I thought this would be a mellow week. Liv is officially two and half years old!!