What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wish I became a writer. I loved to write in my youth. I took creative writing classes and loved being assigned book reports and essays in school *nerd alert* I swear I used to create my own novels by stapling lined papers and illustrating a cover and I would even include my photo and bio on the jacket. I guess we can blame Kourtney Dean for my love of writing dissolving. Kourtney was 6 feet tall, had green eyes and played football *yep, a boy named Kourtney* he was friends with my good friend Stacey *another guy with a girl’s name* and I don’t think he even knew my name. I crushed hard on him all through middle school like Samantha Baker lusting after Jake Ryan but in the end, I didn’t get my first kiss with Kourtney. I turned to Metallica instead, threw out all my self-published books and began my Metal-head phase while I brooded for 2 years.

*Thank God there are no photos in evidence of that period*

So, now as an older lady who just celebrated her blog’s 4th anniversary, thank you, I am remorseful I didn’t continue developing my writing talent. I don’t even consider what I do here as writing. To me it’s my brain talking on a computer. Which is why you find so many grammatical errors, run-on sentences and plenty of incoherent ramblings *see above* I sometimes feel apologetic to my readers for my lack of poetic rhythm in my writings. Although I can’t help but feel proud that I have created this online journal. It is my preserved piece of history that I can one day share with my daughter. After she rolls her eyes at me and tells me I’m old and lame, she can read about how ecstatic we were when we discovered we were having a bebe. All the pain staking planning and details we put into her nursery, how amazing her birth was and all the thousands of photos we took of every smile, the videos of the first time she walked and her silly dancing in ballet class. I started out with 2 measly entries in 2008 and then 59 in 2009 and today, this post is my 838th. Well, thank you to those who have been here for some time and welcome to new readers. Even if it’s just my dear friends, my loyal BFF and my incredible Mom who take 5 minutes from your day to see what’s going on in the crazy world of Elizabeth, Antz & Liv. I am virtually high fiving everyone.

In honor of 4 years of being Violently Happy…enjoy this slideshow of my most embarrassing moments captured. Many of these were taken in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, in the pre-digital, pre-blogger age.

I have some rad projects for the coming year, a huge kitchen remodel this spring, making our backyard look green again and glazing the bathtub in white. I will try my best to add more videos to my blog. My biggest project at the moment is Olivia’s Christmas present which I’m working on a mood board now. Laters!

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