Le Dîner en Blanc Los Angeles 2013

 I woke up today thinking last night’s Le Dîner en Blanc was just a dream.
Photo taken by Jennifer Young

I found out about Le Dîner en Blanc while browsing Pinterest about 2 years ago. Then I read this post by Jordan at Oh Happy Day. I made it one of my Life List goals to attend le Dîner en Blanc in Paris. Well, since I’m not going to Paris this year, I was excited to discover Los Angeles would be having their first annual diner so I registered on their site. I ended up not getting an invitation but I was able to sign up as a volunteer. This gave me membership *for free* and the opportunity to invite a few friends. It was difficult to set everything up but everything fell into place *despite shoegate*

Antz and I worked hard getting all the dinner items we would need and making my amazing headpiece and cute birdie boutonniere.

This headpiece was huge and HEAVY. I had a battery pack on there for the lights. We had to secure it with hundreds of bobby pins
Look how adorable Antz birdie boutonniere turned out. He made that top hat!

Since I was a leader, I was privy to find out the city the venue would be located but not the address. Anthony told me his guess was Rodeo Drive since it’s so iconic. I thought it would be at a park to accommodate such a large crowd, so I guessed either Greystone Mansion or Beverly Hills park. As always, Antz was right, we arrived right on time at Rodeo Drive which was blocked off to cars for the event. We had one of the best spots for the dinner right near the DJ booth and close to the center of everything. The moment we got off the bus, I met the founder of the event François Pasquier, his wife and his son Aymeric who came in from Paris and Montreal. They were so gracious and kind. François attempted to talk to me in broken English and I made a terrible attempt at French but we communicated best in Spanish. This again confirms how much I suck at French and that I must learn the language I want our child to become fluent in.

I love them, they were so sweet!
Aymeric is a sweetheart, he’s so cute!

We set up quickly and the dinner began. Our table was amazing, everyone looked great and the table settings were lovely. I was so happy my friends Warren & Kim and Jihan & Jennifer were able to be there with me. The band performing during dinner was rad! The singer had a beautiful voice and she covered Amy Winehouse and Portishead. We had a delightful meal, I drank too much wine and we all danced. The white mustaches turned out perfect for photos and we took tons of pictures, posed for tourists, guests and the media. I posed for so many cameras my neck was hurting. You can even catch a second of us on the ABC and CBS news. I had the time of my life. I met such wonderful people and we rocked out to a guy playing electric saxophone! I can’t wait to go next year and hopefully attend Le Dîner en Blanc in Paris soon. My incredibly talented friend Jennifer took these lovely photos.

I love how rad our mustaches turned out

Jihan, Jennifer, Me, Antz, Kim & Warren
Me & my hot date!
Our table

Since there were so many great pictures, I put together this slideshow that covers the evening. Enjoy!

The first annual Diner en Blanc Los Angeles
August 21, 2013
Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills


My photo made it in the LA Times!


Diner en Blanc LA
The evening was magical! Merci Le Dîner en Blanc.

Le Dîner en Blanc Los Angeles

So now I can finally let the cat out of the bag. Tomorrow night is gonna be EPIC, Antz and I will be attending the first ever Dîner en Blanc in Los Angeles! Attending Le Dîner en Blanc has been on my Life List for years. I was shocked to receive a call asking if I would be available to volunteer for the event. The secret diner is exclusive and invites are sent by members only. Since this is the first year for Los Angeles, they opened registration on a first-come first-served basis, by the time I registered, I was put on the waiting list. A few weeks ago, I saw on facebook they were looking for volunteers so I signed up. Then I got a voicemail on my cell saying I needed to call them back to confirm my availability. Unfortunately after a few days of phone tag, by the time I reached the woman who called, they were all full. I was super bummed, but a week later she called back saying someone had to drop out and I can take her place! I was so happy, and I found out I could invite a few folks too. So long story short *too late* I am a volunteer for the Dîner en Blanc! Now, most of you have no idea what the heck it is so here’s a video.

Here’s the rules.

Le Dîner en Blanc is quite different from other evenings. Seats are
allotted on site in a very specific manner.
– Once confirmed, the presence of each guest thus becomes essential and
mandatory, whatever happens and regardless of weather conditions;
– Colour: white only;
– Bring a picnic basket, white table cloth, table (between 28”x28” and
32”x32”) and foldable chairs (white);
– Arrive and depart by bus or organised public transit;
– Bring one’s refuse when departing and leave the place as clean as it
was upon arrival.

So in tradition with our anniversary pop-up dinner, tomorrow night we will be boarding a bus and arriving to a secret venue for a pop up dinner with 1,300 other folks all dressed in white.  I’ve been working hard getting everything we need. My love helped me make my FABulous headpiece.


I will show you the details tomorrow!

I was lucky enough to borrow the fold up table and chairs from my Mommy-in-law, Maria and I used what we had around the house for the table settings. I bought new plates and battery operated candles from World Market. I set up a dress rehearsal of our table. I only had white carnations in the house so I used them for filler.

This tablecloth has special meaning to us. It’s a souvenir from our first trip together to Venice, Italy.
We are picking up Sprinkles cupcakes *for the cake stand* and Tenno sushi for dinner


Yep, we are bringing a photo of our lovely Liv with us!

Today I went shopping for flowers. Not to be predictable but I wanted white peonies so I walked all over the flowermart only to find one booth had them. Normally, they are $6 a bunch at Trader Joes when they are in season, but being off season, I knew they would be pricier. My jaw hit the ground when they guy told me they were $27.50 per bunch!! With three lousy stems in a bunch I would spend close to $75 for a bouquet. I went the cheaper route with a couple of $5 bunches of hydrangeas. They hold up better than peonies and they are fuller.

Am I nuts or don’t these look pretty crappy?
These would be a dream but $65 a bunch is pretty steep for some orchids.
They smell so nice, still my fave flower but so expensive!
$5 A Bunch. Winner winner, chicken dinner!!

The hardest thing to find was the white shoes. I had my heart set on these but they only came in bone (off-white) which wouldn’t fly. At the very last second, I found a pair I loved but they were sold out of my size *which is always the case* so I called Nordstrom and they found a pair for me in Washington DC. I had them over night the shoes and I had a heart attack waiting for them to arrive all day. I am gonna barf if they don’t arrive in time tomorrow.

I don’t know where the venue will be but I do know the city. I plan on taking thousands of photos. My guests are equally fabulous so we will be a rad bunch. I am so happy happy to be a part of history!!

Bon Soirée!


Jess & Tom’s Wedding 7/20/2013

Our good friends Tom & Jess were married yesterday on *our same* beach in Malibu. It was a small but intimate wedding. Their friend Michael was the officiant and Natalie & Vinny played violin and guitar at the ceremony. The reception was at Topanga Community Center. Olivia had the time of her life just being her three year old self. Lucky for us, everyone found her antics to be adorable and she hammed it up on the dancefloor.

Jess looked beautiful, I love happy brides!
Jess MADE  the light heart sign *yeah she’s a super handy lady* it was inspired by the signs we saw at The Cream
Lemonade, Vodka and Wine!!
Jess also made this adorable cake topper
Liv & Nic
My hot date!
Oooh Tom, you so nasty!

Happy Wedding Tom & Jess!!

Summer Serenade & Summer Solstice

Yesterday was Liv’s last day of school before summer break *which is one week* and Summer Serenade Masquerade party. Antz left the Nikon camera in his car and my iphone died so all I have is a minute of video footage of her class singing Yellow Submarine and some really bad photos. The classes performances were adorable. The little ones sang a song called I am a Pizza and the graduating pre-kindergarten class sang Oppa Gangham and danced. I was on the decorating committee for the Summer Serenade so Liv and I fancied up the dress-up house into a fab manicure station.

Antz made the poster
Liv in her costume

I made the Princess Leia braids this class wore for their performance. BTW isn’t it funny how many cameras are at events like this? It reminds me of this Louis C.K. joke.
We made our masks
Liv & Luna
The food was so good! Of course this was just my appetizer, we ate so much and had some wine too.
Liv was super hyper
She loves her school so much!
Liv and the school’s amazing owner *she is incredible*
A belly dancer and Mrs. Renae
Liv and her rad teacher Miss Karly *I couldn’t get her to stand still*
Me & Miss Karly
Dancing with her Pappa
There were some rad items in the silent auction
What a fun summer night!!

Happy Summer from sunkissis on Vimeo.


We attended Liv’s future lycée’s annual fundraiser for their senior class prom. The students came up to us to thank us for coming and helping with their prom fund but they first asked which do we prefer, English or French? *swoon!* We got name tags that said we were future a future family so a number of people introduced themselves to us and welcomed us. Of course, the first question everyone asks is, “Do you speak French?” It pained me having to say no to all these awesome French speakers. Yet hearing the little ones speaking French as easy as English was so inspiring. We hung out with a family from her current school, who have a prospective student too. I feel so at home there, very warm and friendly people.

I am hoping she is able to attend this amazing school
Class of 2028!!
French circus in LA
All the signs were in French, so adorable!
This *unflattering* photo is the head of school, her name is Elizabeth *it’s a sign, right?* and she is the smartest woman I’ve ever met.
I LOVE this Mexican dress from Godmommy *crossing this off on my Summer Bucket List*

I was blown away by the event. There were bands performing in French, a petting zoo, food and tons of wine and the bubbles were a big hit…

Honestly, I was a bit bummed adults couldn’t do it too *although I’m not sure I would have fit inside*
Rouleaux de Spheres Humaines which Google translates to Rolls Human Spheres!
We weren’t sure she would go inside the bubble, she kept saying, “My dress will get wet.”
This little one was fascinated by the bubble
At first she was apprehensive
Liv had so much fun, it was worth the hour long wait.
mon chat mignon
This lovely lady in red is Jenny Eloise. I had to meet her when she caught me snapping a photo of her. She told me she needed to pose for a proper photo, si fabuleux! She performed before we arrived but I know I’ll see rad Jenny again one day soon.
She was grumpy since we were leaving

I’m so glad my Mom was able to check out Liv’s future school. She loves it and we can’t wait until Olivia is speaking French. I really need to step my French up, Olivia will need someone to speak to when she’s at home, oui?

Happy Happy 3rd Birthday Olivia Lily!!

Our daughter is growing up too fast!! I feel so lucky to be this wonderful, happy child’s Mommy. I love you Olivia!! Thanks to My Mom, her Ninos *Leslie & Stephen* and cousins Greg & Anaiya for joining us on her birthday. Un bisous!!

I love my Rifle & Paper Co banner, I bought mine from Paper Source
We are going to Disneyland on Monday

I love the birds Antz made, so cute!
Antz and his fabulous wrapping skills
She loves to play dress up and be girlie, this blow dryer really works!
I bought this rad birthday shirt from Paperfingers on Etsy
Her expression was priceless!!

Her heels light up too *Groan!*
Every single day for months, Liv has asked us and every person she has come in contact with for a Cinderella gown and glass slippers and a crown.
Olivia is the new Suri Cruise
She insisted we watch Cinderella *her fave at the moment*
Her Aunt Debra gave her a ticket to Disneyland for her birthday!!

She also loves Wreck-it-Ralph. She flipped out over her Vanellope race car *which was very difficult to find*

I love this doll, it’s a collectible from the Disney store
I made Liv a special birthday breakfast *blueberry pancakes with pink food coloring*
Costume change #2, Tinkerbell
Her Ninos gave her a sprinklers toy, French bingo game and an awesome Star Wars book *they always know exactly what to give her*
Antz took this amazing photo of Liv playing with her sprinklers toy. *I love the bathing suit Aimee bought her*
A rare quiet moment, reading with Grammy and Ching Ching
I made Blondies with sprinkles from this recipe *found on my Pinterest* they turned out perfectly!
Liv LOVES to play with her cousin Anaiya

Liv’s Pre-Birthday Lunch

Thursday we surprised Olivia during lunch time at her school for her birthday *which is Sunday, June 2nd* . We brought mini cupcakes for her class and sang Happy Birthday. It’s not the grand birthday party I planned at the beginning of the year, but she was pleased nonetheless.

Liv and her BFF Liam

Who wants a cupcake?

I think the Wreck it Ralph balloon I brought was the star, I hit the kids with and I said “I’m gonna wreck it!” in his voice. It was all fun and games until some older kids tried to hit the balloon and ended up knocking off the string it was tied to and it floated away. Lucky for us her school has shades that prevented the balloon from flying away and Antz saved the day just in time to catch it.

I love her school so much!

Then we headed over to Bon Vivant in Atwater Village for yummy lunch before Antz had to head back to work. Aimee joined us and delivered birthday gifts for Liv.

I don’t know how it’s possible but my BFF and I have serious ESP. Just the other day I posted about wanting to buy Liv a Mexican dress on our Summer Bucket List and without reading it, she gets her the exact dress! *it’s creepy how much we share a brain* She also bought her another lovely dress, the cutest purse ever and a knit shrug. Of course Godmommy Aimee had to get her shiny purple leggings, a striped leotard and a totally rad 80’s bathing suit. She hooked that kid up with a summer wardrobe! Merci Bestie.

We asked Olivia to model her new clothes for us at home. The problem is, when Liv gets excited, she is unable to sit still so these are the only photos I could get of her fashion show.

Aimee and I were dying over her little butt in these leggings!

That dress is super adorable! I really would love one for me but I am always trying to be twinsies with my kid *and that’s totally lame* and the price tag on the one I love is pretty steep. *for $220 I could drive to Mexico and buy 5 dresses!*

Today Antz and Liv are having a Daddy/Daughter date *I think they are going to the Discovery Science Center since Liv wants to see dinosaurs*. Tomorrow *which is her actual birthday* I’m making her a special breakfast and a birthday dessert. I’m gonna try this recipe from my Pinterest board and we’ll blow up her inflatable pool and hang at home. Monday Antz took the day off so we are surprising her with Disneyland since there’s fewer crowds during the week. I can’t wait for her to open her presents. I really had to hustle to find one particular toy she wanted that wasn’t readily available. It arrived yesterday just in time!

More photos to come! Happy June!! Happy Happy Third Birthday Olivia Lily!!

Happy Kitchen Renovations, so far!

I know I haven’t been posting regularly lately but we have been busy bees. So much progress has taken place in the last week in our kitchen. We still have 3 more weeks of scheduled work.

I can’t give everything away now but here’s a few sneak peeks.

Rene and *sorry I forgot the other dude’s name* working hard so we don’t have to!
I’m so happy we chose to keep the uppers. It saved so much money and they look 1000 times better!
What a difference some paint makes.

I’m super excited about the new kitchen! The next few weeks will be busy. Our demo crew starts on Monday, then the plumbing. I am sure once the plumbing is repaired we will use less water since it takes forever now to wash dishes or do laundry since the pressure sucks so bad. I’m crossing my fingers our water bill goes down significantly.

Today Ikea is delivering our cabinets. All 800lbs! We cleared some space in the living room.

We cut this pile in half, by donating, selling and recycling a bunch of junk

But the new cabinets are gonna have to chill in the garage until the floors are done. I did save some money by finding a new company to install our cabinets but I promise to post a more detailed account of the remodel experience once everything is finished. So from here on out, I’ll share a few photos of progress but Antz is swearing me to secrecy until we can do a grand reveal. I am playing around with the Nikon *hello ISO levels* to make sure I get some amazing after photos.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention, Liv went to her school’s first Parent’s Night Out last Friday. Once a month, they offer a night when we can drop her off in her pajamas at school for pizza, playing with her friends and a movie. It’s funny they chose Wreck It Ralph since that’s her favorite movie *at the moment*. See how awesome her school is? While she was at her slumber party, we went to a cocktail mixer hosted by the *rad* parent’s of one of the boys in Liv’s class. It was awesome since I haven’t had a chance to individually meet the parent’s from her class. I know most of the kids, but we really enjoyed being kid-free and meeting everyone. Cindy and Steve’s house was incredible. Now I’m thinking of sending her to Parent’s Night out every month.

Can you believe this month is almost over? I can’t. Time always flies when I’m in the midst of a project.

Happy Sunday!



Happy Birthday Lizzie Part Two

The Standard Downtown has always been a fun place for us to have a drink. I actually spent my 33rd birthday at the Standard rooftop bar *whilst 5 months preggers* Yet this time, I was ready to drink like an adult *something I haven’t done since 2009* so we made a night of it.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up! Debauchery ensued, dead hookers, I’m sure there was a midget involved…that’s all I can remember. Here’s my photographic evidence *which will be held admissible*

Don’t mind me, just checking in with my giant balloon friend here!
Upgrade to a corner room suite… Happy Happy Birthday to me!!
No elevator guy? Pressing your own button is so passé
What a friendly suite we had
This might be the greatest sticker ever!!
I suppose it will do
I love a place that there was a tub big enough for two and a bottle of Mr. Bubbles!
I have no shame in my snack/liquor game

Antz tried to out jump the master

He only wins on a technicality, I scrunked my knee
I was asked many times by folks “Is that for me?” NO! ALL MINE!!!
Spin LA Club
I had no idea there were this many rules for playing ping pong.
No time for legal mumble jumble…let’s play!
It’s raining ping pong balls
My attempt at juggling
I’m not kidding, I really love my balloon. Smoochies!

We worked up an appetite so we ordered some room service. 

I had the yummiest grilled brie and bleu cheese sandwich and portebello mushroom fries with chipotle aioli sauce…sooo good! Antz had a manly bacon burger with swiss cheese and herb fries.

Time for some R&R

Later my BFF, Aimee arrived. She gave me another gift *she paid for me to get gel nails mani and a pedi* on Tuesday.

We got our nails done on seperate days and still ended up getting the same color polish. BFF Power to the max!

She also got me an Anthropologie gift card because she knows I love that place more than anything and she loves me. I can’t wait till tomorrow when I go to get my new watch! I was all set to hit the sack cause I was tired but Aimee and Antz were ready to head upstairs for some drinks at the bar. I got dolled up and up we went.

*Insert Beyonce song here*
I tried to convince them that my balloon wanted to go too but they *wisely* told me to leave it in the room in case it popped or got ruined.
Me & my rad Bestie

The rest of the evening is a bit of a blur. I do remember how wonderful the French 77 drinks were and it was our bartender’s birthday too. We cheers/danced the night a way and the DJ was really awesome. He played our song from Silence of Lambs and who doesn’t love that shit?! I am just happy I didn’t jump in the pool like I planned to do because I would have ruined my new shoes *and my blowout*.

I love these waterbed pods, I really could live in one
I am sure I was channeling my inner Hannah Horvath here
Running across the street to the Library Bar

That’s all I have, my camera was full…we chased Antz around the hotel and ordered room service again. It was a celebration bitches!!

Our Thursday was just as fun, find out what happens next in the riveting finale of Happy Birthday Lizzie!

the Cream at Vibiana

I’m over-stimulated and overwhelmed by the epic radness of the Cream. I was definitely in wedding/blogger heaven. My friend Jess and I were wide eyed and in shock of all the savory food, decadent desserts, incredible floral bouquets, lovely calligraphers, talented musicians….I could go on and on but here’s the photos. I had the time of my life! Thanks Jess for being my hot date. Your wedding is going to be FAB! *Note to self: I need more mint and navy in my wardrobe.

Gorgeous venue Vibiana
Checking in, it was wise to be a half an hour early
Representing Kelly Green!!

Sweet Lucies organic ice cream *I really would love to hire them for Liv’s birthday party*
Swag bags!!
This lady was an amazing calligrapher, she wrote Liv and my name on a gold button
This bartender was adorable…AIMEE!!
This delicious concoction was Vodka with a cucumber infused cream
Spinning the prize wheel at Kindred
I really wanted one of their awesome crowns but I got a glitter gumball
Yeah! Rentals were killing it
Pink Marais chairs!!! I need these for our dining table
This band sounded like Pink Martini and Paris Combo had a baby. Most importantly, she’s playing an accordion!!!
Me & the lovely bride-to-be
This guy was a jedi at serving cheese. He made us something that starts with a T with fresh honey, from a live beehive, grapes and flowers…so yummy!!
Really inspired to have a wine and cheese party when our kitchen is finished
I met the other half of Ban.do, the lovely Kelly
The talented Son of Sharkpig & Portablesera
Scott Coopersmith Designs
This tablescape….Mint & Gold!!!
I can’t believe I ate a dandelion salad and loved it! Urban Palate was fantastic!
Minted and Vintage is a clever cake stand rental
This dining table…swoon!
I met Audrey who is super sweet and nice, from Urbanic
I have to visit her shop on Abbot Kinney
The Flashdance we meet again!
Salty caramel donuts
Instant printed Instagram photos. Genius!!
Smilebooth I am a total hot mess!
I totally made out with Ryan Gosling

 I replaced my lost silver Ban.do heart and added the minty ostrich pouf to my collection, YAY!!

I’m definitely returning next year