5 Days to go till Cirque du Bebe

This week in going to blur by in an instant. Yesterday we went to Lowes  to pick up red paint for the front door and then we went to Ikea to get a new lack side table for the living room. On the way home we stopped by Antz sister, Debra’s to give her the map to the hospital and a checklist of the food to pick up on Saturday. I am a bit concerned of how much food we will have. I am going to Pico Party Rents before I go to acupuncture to place the table/chairs order. After acupuncture I am going to meet with Bill at PF Changs to place the catering order. I started the online Sprinkles order but I’m waiting until Tuesday to place the order in case I change my mind *for the hundredth time*. I have been checking the weather report every 5 minutes because last Saturday it was too hot, like uncomfortably hot. The forecast is sunny at 74° so hopefully noone will pass out from the sun! I need to start major cleaning mode but I also have to wait until closer towards the end of the week because our house is constantly dusty and anything I do today will be dirty by Thursday. I am trying to think of a present for Debra and My Mom for their help with the shower. I am a little worried because although the workers have been here for 2 hours, I haven’t heard any work started. I finished all my things to do this weekend except we didn’t sew my dress but thats like a 5 minute job so we can do that tonight. Tomorrow is a very low key day for such a busy week, we just need to assemble the feather centerpieces and continue cleaning.
Holy Benjamin Buttons!!
I have had a busy, exhausting day. I went to acupuncture, paid for the rentals, shoved a gross grilled cheese sandwich down my throat, paid for the catering, then went to Target and spent more than I should have. I just had to make 4 trips up and down the stairs of my house to bring all the stuff in. I also had to move my heavy filled trash cans so I could get into my parking space. I am spent! But I did everything on my list 🙂
I picked up some more Sharpies for the onesies, I bought new sheets to match our fancy bedding and new pillows for the hospital. I have this new thing going on where I get like a hot flash when I’m in stores. It sucks because I feel so sweaty and I immediately have to sit down and let it pass. I just got home and I need to make a glass of pog. Oh and David and his crew are working on the garage at full speed. I am so happy that everything is coming into place! *keeping fingers crossed because I am a jinx*
Oh and yesterday Antz built the bassinet, I forgot to post it.

Whew, Antz and I majorly cleaned the kitchen. Tomorrow we’ll work on the living room. I wanted to see if the baby bottles will fit on the tray and of course only 4 didn’t fit, wah! They do fit in the fridge 🙂

It’s afternoon already, Sheesh!

So now that I have my sanity back and I have been able to organize my thoughts I was able to harness my creative side and worked with Antz on decorating Olivia’s onesie. I really am proud of my contribution but of course next to Antz work it looks like a 3 year old drew my stuff. Oh well, Liv will know her Daddy is the talented one of us.

These are for the guests to draw/write on with Sharpies. We made 1 for each table.

My lambchop finished the fireplace and it’s drying. I am so proud of the amazing job he did, mostly because he had no experience working with the tile and cement and it definitely gives our living room a much needed improvement.

We may go to a thrift store today to get another frame (most likely 5 x 7) for the scrapbook direction for guests. Antz put in the post for the menu and I am happy with the overall look. We are waiting until Friday to add the chalkboard so it doesn’t fall from the weight.

I can’t wait to see it with the menu written on it! I love that the grass is bright and green but there’s a lame yellow patch right behind the menu, Boo. It’s weird for me to see the patio with no furniture on it but I’m feeling better that the round table, umbrella, food table and dessert/drink table will fit. I redid the floorplan and I hope everything fits. If my 2 pending people show up, we have 42 guests total. Not bad out of 48 invites.

So this is today’s progress, Antz list is totally beating mine but I’ll have alot done on Monday 🙂

Antz is actually cheating, he has finished stuff today that was scheduled for Sunday but it’s all gravy because his list is totally longer than mine. He just made this sign for our gate

Tonight I’ll create the bebe playlist on his iphone.

7 Days to Go…that’s enough time, right?

So today is officially one week from our shower. I woke up at 7:30 this morning. I know I need to be crossing things off my list but there’s not much I can do until next week. Here’s what my list is looing like:

Cirque Du Bebe Things To Do
*Put shower playlist on Antz iphone (today)
*Decorate onesie for guest’s sample (I think I’ll do that today *I haven’t felt so creative*)
*Give her a map and menu/go over food pick up with his sister, Debra (Sunday)
*Order rentals (I called Pico Party Rents yesterday to revise my order so waiting on email from them and Monday before I see Gilli I’m going to pay for the order in person)
*Order PF Changs catering (After acupuncture I’m going to see Bill to place/pay for the order)
*Order Starbucks coffee / buy giftcards (Monday after PF Changs)
*Assemble feather centerpieces (We will do this Tuesday night when he gets home from work)
*Order Sprinkles (I am doing that online Wednesday)
*Clean our house!! Wash curtains, bedding and rugs (can start this once garage is finished so we can put all the storage back into garage and clear the clutter, Pushing for Wednesday)
*Get a pedicure (Thursday, yay!)
*Put pencils through the Bebe Wishes paper (have to wait until Thursday night so the paper doesn’t get folded or bent, I don’t know how we will store them without the pencils marking the paper)
*Pin celeb photos to corkboard (Antz has a corkboard at work his has to bring home on Thursday for me to use for this game) *it’s larger than the foam board*
*Finish menu (Antz wants to affix it to the post before I write on it and I don’t want the chalk to fade or get smudged so Thursday I’ll write out the menu)
*Purchase flowers for house (Friday morning at downtown flower mart)
*Rental delivery (Friday TBD)
*Cut zebra fabric to fit Gift table and caricaturist table (Friday after delivery)
*Take cash out of the ATM to pay for (caricaturist, starbucks and flowers Friday before Vons)
*Buy ice for drink buckets (Friday when I go to Vons)
*Pick up cupcakes/ Assemble towers (Friday afternoon)
*Change bedding, dust, de-clutter house (Friday)
*Charge camera batteries (Friday, I always forget to do this!)
*Drop off Maxwell at Story & Chris’s house (Friday night)
*Put apple juice in bottles for bottles up game/put in fridge (Friday night)
*Wash/style my hair (Friday night)
*Leslie picks up coffee (Saturday @ noon)
*Place the linens, put cushions on the chairs, set the tableware, centerpieces, favors, drinks and dessert table (Saturday)

This is what Antz list is looking like:

*Finish grouting/repairing fireplace hearth (He’s working on that now)
*Fix Pink frames (both of the frames need stands to prop them up, today)
*Sew Liz’s dress (I just need a few stitches, today)
*Print sign for front gate (today)
*Build bassinet (today)
*Borrow table from his Mom (today)
*Take wood and debris downstairs to throw out (today or tomorrow)
*Put up post for menu board (Sunday)
*Put car seat in my car (Sunday)
*Give her a map and menu/go over food pick up with his sister, Debra (Sunday)
*Assemble feather centerpieces (Tuesday)
*Touch up cracks on outside wall (Wednesday once the garage is finished)
*Put all the tools and garage stuff back into garage (Wednesday once they finish)
*Clean out our cars (we are both holding garage stuff in our cars, Wednesday)
*Help clean, move furniture, wash floors (starting Wednesday)
*Sod, mulch backyard (start on Thursday when our gardener comes and finish Friday when he picks up sod from Lowes)
*Paint our front door (Thursday)
*Hang wreath (Thursday)
*Bring home corkboard for celeb game (Thursday)
*Wash backdoor and windows (Friday)
*Bring trash cans to the backyard (Friday)
*Set up electrical outlet for the portable speakers in backyard (Friday)
*Assemble flowers (Friday)
*Drop off Maxwell at Story & Chris’s house (Friday night)
*Pick up balloons (Saturday)
*Hang (2) posters, (2) canopies and balloons (Saturday)
*Set up candles in fireplace (Saturday)
*Place the linens, set up chairs, set the tableware, centerpieces, favors, drinks and dessert table (Saturday)

As you can see these lists are quite long but I am hoping nothing is too tedious. Antz keeps telling me the stuff on his list each takes less than an hour to complete. Nothing can stop me from worrying *stressing* that the crew won’t get the garage finished on time. They are working all weekend but we have another inspection coming up and that may hold us up *gasp*. I really have to stick to this timetable so Friday and Saturday we aren’t running around too much *as if we aren’t already*. My Mom and her friend Patti dropped by last night and they got to see the nursery and our maternity pics. I was pretty embarrassed on how cluttered and dirty our house was. Tonight we are picking up Antz Mom and going to an art show my Mom is playing drums at in Downtown LA. We have a prenatal appt. this Wednesday and we are meeting our pediatrician, Kristen Chapman, the same day.
So yesterday I uploaded Olivia’s nursery photos on Project Nursery. I have been trying to submit the photos to Ohdeedoh but I keep getting an error message, I think the photo sizes are too large 🙁
Looks like the busiest week ever!! Hope I have time to post anything.

8 Days!! Are you kidding me??

How did our shower countdown get into single digits?? I have been dreaming of this baby shower for close to a year *just as giddy as I was on my wedding day*. I have a better sense of everything getting done in time. Particularly because the garage has made big progress

Today’s progress

Today I need to run errands and most importantly I am going to look for some new couch pillows!! The ones we have now are so yawn!

Sorry not the best pic of the pillows but they are sad lumpy Ikea pillows and I don’t feel like they look good. I can’t wait until the garage is ready so I can clean our house! Tonight my Mommy is coming by with her friend Patti to drop off a new floodlight for us and check out the nursery. Thank goodness there is one clean room in this house.

Happy Stinko De Mayo~

There should be a celebration today because this morning the crew came and started working, I scheduled Best Buy to come out to fix our refridgerator *for the 4th time* because it isn’t getting cold enough and I got a call from the delivery company that our glider and bassinet should be coming today between 12 -3pm. All makes me totally happy but I am still bummed because David is saying the city wants him to take up the roof he has already put down and use actual deck material on our roof which is more expensive and takes longer. He is going to fight it today but I don’t see how successful he will be. This nightmare will never end. I have so much anxiety about this repair not being finished by next Wednesday. It really sucks that it is my happiest time in my life and it’s ruined by drama from the stupid city inspector. It’s always something!!

Well yesterday I didn’t get anything done, I paid bills, made important phone calls but haven’t crossed anything off my list. Antz printed a few things for me last night but he couldn’t print any maternity photos because we ran out of glossy photo paper. I would love to go to Target today but I have to wait for the delivery and Best Buy. I cooked dinner last night and I totally impressed myself and Antz. I am disappointed that Antz Mom called us last night to let us know his Aunt and cousin from Mexico can’t make it to the shower, BOO! So as far as rsvps go, Gail, his cousin Chrissy and my godfather, Leon are the only ones who are still pending. Monday I am placing the rental and catering order so I am crossing my fingers I’ll hear from them by then. I so need a vacay!!

What a busy day!! I was anxiously awaiting 3 major things, Best Buy coming to look at the fridge to see why it’s not getting cold, the delivery of our glider and bassinet and word on David getting the permit from the city. Well, good news, great news and BEST NEWS!! Around 2:45 Geek squad *chick* came and of course the fridge was colder than ever. She is still ordering a part for it and she is coming back to install it on the 17th. At the exact time the Best Buy chick was leaving, a huge truck was pulling up in front of my house. I was jumping up and down like a flea, they brought it right up the stairs no problem! I am still nervous it won’t fit through the nursery door but once it’s out of the box it should be ok. I was considering building the bassinet myself to surprise Antz when he gets home but I am worn out.

Now on to best news, David texted Antz to say he got the  permit and the inspection is scheduled for tomorrow. The workers are starting on the fire wall today.

We are going to Lowes when he gets home to get more cement, grout and I want to buy the topairies *if they are still there*. So tonight he’s going to finish the fireplace. I can’t wait to take pics of the finished nursery. What a great day, I am getting conditioned to not enjoy great days like today because I feel like it’s inevitable that I will have a bad day in the future.
Antz is home now and he had to take off the nursery door to squeeze the glider through. He got it in place and it almost was too big because it was blocking the dresser drawers. It’s now in place and he put up his artwork.

We still need to find a home for his Radiohead poster but I keep second guessing if I want it in the nursery. Now we are going to Lowes and Target.

FLASHBACK: This day in 2006 we were preparing for our Cinco de Mayo fiesta

Viva Fiesta!!!

My husband is my hero!

I can not put into words how amazing my husband is. He is like the Energizer bunny, he never stops. Even beyond all the physical work he does, he is incredibly supportive. He has been breaking his back working on our house to be ready for the shower. He worked all weekend on fixing the cracked crown molding

the popcorn ceiling gives me chills, so yucky

Re-tiling the fireplace hearth and he is exhausted. He then wakes up at 7am this morning to paint. He even said to me that going to work is his *time off*. AWW!! I feel like he is taking on too much but he said he’s fine and he wants the house to look awesome. I haven’t done anything for the shower because I am impatiently waiting to get the final rsvps so I can place the rentals, catering and cupcake orders. I need to wash the curtains in the kitchen but they are hanging from a wire that Antz has to figure out how to take apart with tools. I could clean here and there but with all the work Antz is doing with the fireplace and the things we are storing from the garage it doesn’t make a difference.

You can see our living room is now a warehouse.

He keeps trying to convince me that my biggest job is relaxing and taking care of our baby but I feel like I could do more. I really should have had the shower a month ago, it’s so much work for us *mostly Antz* and with only 2 weeks until my due date we need to be as relaxed and rested as we can. Tomorrow is breastfeeding class and I feel really unprepared because we haven’t bought a breast pump or any bottles yet. I did register for this Medela set but I doubt anyone will get it for me.

Medula breast pump

On a bummer note, this morning there’s no crew working. We are waiting *always waiting* for the iron rods to be delivered today so I hope they will be here by the time I come home from acupuncture. We can’t afford to lose a day of work 🙁

How am I going to make it until June 3rd??

I feel really useless today 🙁  Antz woke up and he watered the backyard, worked on the crown molding in the living room and now he’s removing all the tile from the fireplace hearth to regrout and cement them levelly.

After a long day’s work here is the work my lovely has done. It’s looking great but he still has another full day to work on it and he’s all out of grout 🙁

I have only done 2 loads of laundry, washed dishes, went to Fresh & Easy and made breakfast. Now that sounds like I am doing a bunch but I haven’t done anything for the shower. So much stuff needs to be finished but there is always something holding us up. I want to cut the zebra fabric for the table linens but we won’t have the table until the Friday before the party. I want to hose down the front porch and wipe down the bench but the crew is still working on the garage and they will get it dirty so I can’t do that until they are done *the Thursday before the shower*. Last night Antz printed more namecard stickers so we only have 6 more people/stickers pending. I sort of wanted him to just go ahead and make them but he won’t until we know for sure they are coming. He also printed some maternity pics for our scrapbook and revised the maps to the hospital. Yesterday he painted the foam board for the menu with chalkboard paint but it caused the foam board to curve which means it won’t adhere when he glues it to the rubber mat.

We are thinking of solutions for this problem. I would love to write out the menu but because it’s chalk I don’t want it to fade or get smudged by the time of the shower. I wish I could be more productive earlier than wait until the week of the shower but all I have done today is made a playlist for Olivia’s birth and worked our birth plan:

To The Wonderful Labor & Delivery Staff:
Thank you so much for working with us and taking the time to review our birth plan! It is very important to us to keep medical interventions to a minimum. We are so grateful for your support, and we’ll of course be happy to work with you through this process so that we can receive the best care for us and our baby.

My Name: Elizabeth
Our Daughter: Olivia Lily
EED: Wednesday, June 2, 2010
My Doctor: Dr. Francis Teng
My Husband: Anthony
Our Doula: Gilli
Support: Bobbie / Maria (Mother/Mother-in-Law)

If at all possible, I would like to:
• Be free to walk, move around, and change positions during labor.
• Avoid an IV and be free to drink and chew ice chips.
• Keep the number of vaginal exams to a minimum.
• Use a birthing ball, birthing tub/shower, and squatting bar.
• Keep my door closed during labor, have the lights dimmed (if available), and play music from my own ipod.
• We would like to photograph the birth of our child as much as possible.
• We would especially like to avoid labor induction with pitocin and to be given time to try alternative methods such as walking, massage, showers, etc.

Pain Relief:
Please only offer pain medications if I ask for them.
• I have prepared for this birth with focus and breathing techniques, and with the assistance of my Doula and husband.
• My Doula is also a licensed acupuncturist and will be applying acupressure, and providing other support, during labor.
• In the event I am unable to continue without pain relief I would like an epidural.
• I would also like my catheter put in after I receive the pain medication, and would like it to be removed as soon as possible.
Second Stage Labor:
• I prefer to begin pushing instinctively and to have no time limits/countdowns during pushing.
• I would prefer not to have an episiotomy; if possible, I would like to use perineal massage with mineral oil to help avoid the need for an episiotomy.
• If an episiotomy is necessary, I prefer a pressure episiotomy.
• If our daughter needs to be transported to the NICU, Anthony will accompany her, and request that he not be asked to leave our daughter unless absolutely necessary.
• I would like to be informed immediately of any updates in our daughter’s condition after she transport to the NICU, and pictures (taken by my husband) if at all possible. Please update my family in the waiting room at this time of any diagnosis.

I would like to avoid a C-section unless absolutely medically necessary.
• If a C-Section is medically indicated, please give my husband and I time alone to think about it before asking for our written consent.
• I would like my husband present at all times in the event a Cesarean delivery is necessary.
• Ideally, I would like to remain conscious during the procedure and breastfeed as soon as possible afterwards.
• I would like to see our baby as soon as she’s born, and to have contact with her as soon as possible in the delivery room.

After Our Baby is Born:
• Please put our baby skin-to-skin on my abdomen; a warm blanket covering would be great!
• I would like my husband to cut the umbilical cord.
• Please delay all essential routine procedures on our baby until after the bonding and breastfeeding period.
• I would like to use our personal clothing and blankets for our daughter if possible.
• I would like to keep our placenta which will be stored in a cooler with ice to be made into oral pills.
• I would prefer a sponge bath with my husband present.
• With the approval of our pediatrician, I would like to be present for all routine newborn procedures if possible.
• With the approval of our pediatrician, I prefer our baby to be in our room 24 hours a day.
• My husband or I would like to be present for PKU testing in order to comfort our daughter during the procedure.

• We will be breastfeeding exclusively; please do not offer her a pacifier or bottle so as to avoid nipple confusion.
• If available, I would love to see a lactation consultant as soon as possible for further recommendations and guidance on breastfeeding.

*Thank you for your time, care, and assistance!*

I hope we get nice nurses because I have heard horror stories about grumpy, mean nurses who have to do it their way. I am going to already be a nervous wreck so I don’t know how I will tolerate anyone being cunty with me.

Saturday, 2 weeks and counting!

I can’t believe after 8 long months it is only 2 weekends until our shower. I feel so physically and emotionally unprepared!! I know Antz will go into hyperdrive and complete all the projects on his list but there are so many issues still needing to be dealt with. I called everyone *except Gail because she is currently on vacation in Hawaii* to get their final rsvp. I was really worried because at first I only got voice mails and I didn’t want to spend all week playing phone tag with them. Happily almost everyone I called returned my call right away and confirmed they are coming. I still have a couple of maybe responses because one person may have to work and the other would be coming from out of town and doesn’t know if he’s available yet. So, I feel confident we will have no more than 44 guests and no fewer than 42. Whew!
The crew worked inside the garage today and David came by with the architect and the iron guy to make plans for putting in the iron posts on Monday PROGESS!! Still, need another inspection from the city so I can’t get too excited yet.
My Mom stopped by on her way back home and I showed her the maternity photos. she LOVED them. I also gave her a map to the hospital and showed her the car seat. Once she left, we went downtown to buy zebra print fabric for the gift table and caricaturist table linens. I never in a million years thought I would be shopping for anything in an animal print *I despise animal prints* but we had too much black for the other tables and the zebra will coordinate with the zebra print tableware. It’s not exactly the size we want but Antz reassured me he’ll “Make it work” like Tim Gunn.

It was packed in downtown *due to an immigration reform protest* so it took us awhile to drive all the way to Burbank to go to Lowes. We needed more materials for his big DIY projects. This morning he started repairing our cracked crown molding in the living room and he was waiting for it to dry to paint with semi-gloss.

He also needed grout and cement-board to set the loose tiles on the fireplace hearth.

He’s going to work on it tomorrow. While at Lowes we picked up a bunch of mulch for the backyard, found a decent *not totally in love with it* indoor plant to replace our sad dying one in the living room and some wood for the back of the menu mat. Walking around that place leaves me exhausted! When we were packing the truck I saw some swirly topiaries outside of the nursery that I fell in love with for the front porch.

Our porch currently has a sad plant that hardly grows flowers and has vines that love to tickle your legs when you walk by.

I would have bought the topiaries today but they look about 5 ft tall and the truck was absolutely packed with mulch. Poor Antz had to bring the mulch up the stairs and made about 6 trips! We both decided he should take the rest of the day off and just work on craft projects to relax his aching back. We bought more foam board and spray glue from Aaron Bros. so he put together the posters and framed them!! LOVING IT!!

It seriously couldn’t look better if we had a professional print them. We already had the frame, he painted it black, a friend of ours printed them for us, bought the foam board and spray glue, grand total: $10!! Mega radness. One poster doesn’t have a frame but it’s going to hang on our front gate with curling ribbon. The other one *with the frame* will hang on the deck railing in the backyard. So now that we have almost all the rsvps, he’s going to finish printing the name stickers for the take out boxes and print maternity pics for the Mod frames *which are supposed to arrive this Monday*. I crossed off a bunch of stuff on my list but there still is so much left that the garage repair is holding up *wash curtains, mop/wax hardwood floors, clean/organize kitchen is impossible with so much shower stuff stored in there. It is good that my Mom took home a bunch of stuff of hers that was cluttering our house today. The week of the shower I’m going to change the bedding *our Target red set which we only use for parties*

Antz can’t hang the artwork and the stuffed animal holder in the nursery until the Glider is delivered. The Thursday before the shower he’s going to Lowes to pick up some sod for the backyard lawn. That’s when he wants to buy the topiaries for the front porch because he is sure I will kill them if I buy them any earlier. I am just worried they won’t be there by then *there was only 4 of them*. Tomorrow he’s going to paint the nursery door threshold and touch up our bathroom sink storage cabinet. I bought a new toilet seat cover today because ours is always loose. Everyone keeps asking me how will we handle 44 guests and one bathroom but we managed to survive our Halloween party which I am certain we had over 50 people here. Next week is surprisingly chill, we have our Breastfeeding Basics class on Tuesday which is only 30 minutes. Next Saturday we need to get as much done as possible because that evening we are going to see my Mom perform at her friend’s art show. Tonight I need to write my birth plan and figure out a budget since I really want to have my placenta made into herbal pills for me to take after the birth. *major gross I know but it helps replenish my blood and stops post partum depression*.

Friday is cupcake day!

Today *well yesterday because it’s 2am now* I met Aimee and we went to Sprinkles. For the first time ever we went and there was no line outside. I was also shocked that we were able to get a free cupcake because I follow Sprinkles on twitter and they have a secret word of the day for the first 50 customers so by whispering Ceylan Cinnamon we got free Coco Loco cupcakes.

Since I hadn’t eaten we went next door for lunch at La Salsa. Bad idea, I knew there was a reason I hardly ever eat there, my lunch was horrible 🙁
By the time I dropped Aimee off in Venice it was already 4pm, I stopped at the grocery store in Culver City and by the time I even got close to home it was almost 6pm! LA traffic on a Friday is ridiculous. I had to stop at the house to drop off the groceries and Antz came home at 6:20. We somehow rushed to Huntington for the Infant Care class and were only 10 minutes late. We almost flaked on the class because we were both exhausted and didn’t think we would make it through the 3 hour class but we hung in there. After class we went to In & Out and didn’t get home till 11. I was so tired I fell asleep right after eating. I somehow woke up an hour ago so I had to crank this out. The crew worked inside the garage all day. David is supposed to come by tomorrow with the iron guy to work on the posts. It seems that everything is moving right along but Monday we have an inspection so I’ll have to rub a rabbits foot that everything passes. Antz brought home the posters and tomorrow we are going to Aaron Bros to buy foam board and spray glue. Antz has a long list to projects to work on tomorrow but I can’t think of anything I could help with because its all physical labor.

Garage repair take 2…?

We had our meeting with David, it went ok. I am not 100% convinced that our worries are over but at least there is a plan to move forward. I still feel stressed but I have a little more faith in having it done before the shower. The city is requiring us to build a *fire wall* on the side of the garage roof. David said we have to pay for the materials which will be stucco *lame*. The crew worked inside the garage all day and will be in there again tomorrow. They should start the posts on Saturday and the city inspector should be here again on Monday. Once he gets an approval stamp they can go into overdrive. He is now anticipating the completion date will be Monday May 10th. I have heard this so many times I’ll believe it when it happens. So another day filled with drama in the soap opera of our house. The fireplace screen was delivered today. The stupid UPS guy again didn’t ring my buzzer but the gate was open today from the workers so he just left it on the porch. I am a wee bit bummed that the screen is smaller than the one we had before.

Antz still needs to cement the loose tile and scrub the brick. I need to figure out a DIY-project for the mantel. We have the new Mod frames but I want them to be displayed outside. Actually after a convo with Antz, it’s better to put the frames on the mantel. We are using one of the *amazing spray painted* frames for the gift table and the dessert table.

Hopefully this will give the guests a little hint to use their moustaches. Antz put up our new wreath so I can see how it looks on our red door. Pretty swank!

We measured the backyard and it *appears* everything will fit but I’ll only know when the tables are delivered the day before the shower *eep* Today Antz got the last of our friends rsvp, our friend’s Dave & Sam. Now there are 11 more people who haven’t rsvped, so I have to call them on Saturday *grrr*. Tonight Antz is going to print some of our maternity photos.