A Few of my Favorite Things

I hate to give you a visual you may not want floating around your head on a Friday evening but I get the most creative inspiration when I’m sitting on the toilet *hey at least I admit it!!* Last night I came up with the most genius post to share with my lovelies and today my old lady mind has completely lost it. It was witty and spectacular and I have no idea what it was about. Sor-ry! *did you hear the sarcasm in that phony apology?* So now you’ll just have to settle for a Favorite Things post.

Yesterday I had my usual date with Aimee and we went to Target, breaking news, right? I wanted this plate for Olivia I saw online but I couldn’t find it in store.

Noone likes divorce….EXCEPT Jack White & Karen Elson!

After 5 years of marriage and 2 kids they are throwing in the towel in style. I can’t tell you how awesome these 2 are, especially in Hollywood. No fight over money, sordid affairs or sex tapes, like, yawn. No in all seriousness, this is a cool attitude to have for the sake of their kiddies.

You know what…I can’t focus on this post and I’m going to come clean. Today I had my very first difficult day with Olivia. It’s really only been the last hour before Antz gets off of work but I am in tears. We have had such a great routine, she take 2 naps per day, she eats like a champ and we really enjoy each others company. However today she decided was the day she was going to try out a full-blown tantrum. I was changing her diaper and she was not going to lay down like a good girl. She is walking *practically running* now so she tries to stand on everything *our bed, the couch and now her changing table* of course I strap her down so she won’t fall off but she was going nuts. kicking, screaming even biting me. I couldn’t believe it. What happened to my baby? Where did she pick up on this fight instinct. I was putting her shorts back on after somehow changing her diaper amidst her spazzing out when she threw the shorts behind her crib *the changing table is on top of her crib remember?*

Okay, deep breaths, I kept a calm tone, I wanted to lose my temper because she was being overly dramatic *unfortunately she gets that from me* so I calmly pulled back the crib and grabbed the shorts. As I pushed the crib back I managed to smash my finger on the changing table. *OUCH, FUCK* shrieked my brain, while I said “Oh gosh” aloud. Liv was crying, I was crying. I let her out of her changing table and she took off to somehow find superhuman strength to open the cabinet in the bathroom and proceeded to pull out all my magazines. This was in the 4 seconds it took me to clean up her diaper change. Ugh, okay, cleaned that up. Then she thought it would be hilarious to pull the blanket *I actually folded* off the bed. As I’m refolding the blanket, she runs off with my converse *she has a thing for shoes*. At this point, I am chanting Buddhist prayers and taking deep breaths. My lovely, charming infant is now a *cue Horror music* t-t-t-toddler! Egads, I had a migraine like you couldn’t believe. I had to ask Antz to leave work as soon as possible to take over for me because I was at my breaking point. Now, I don’t pride myself in complaining about my stay at home Mom status, but today was TOUGH! I take my hat off to anyone who can do the same with more than one child but if another person asks me when will I have another kid I just may spit directly in their eye.
*Conclusion of rant*
UPDATE: Hubby came home, by then I nursed Liv to sleep so she was, of course, her cheerful self again. Antz came home and we headed off to the Monrovia farmers market.
I now know why the Stepford wives drank.  

I’m feeling under the weather

I’m battling a bad cough. Ugh, it’s so lame because it’s at it’s worst in the middle of the night so not only do I wake up Antz and Liv, I am not able to fall back asleep. *saddington* I cancelled acupuncture and World Citizen class so hopefully I’m functioning by Saturday *Liv’s 1st swimming lesson* The weather is on the verge of raining so that’s not helping matters. We are supposed to see our friend’s band play at the Northridge farmers market with Evelyn & Dion so I need to rest and drink loads of tea. Liv is refusing to cuddle with me so I’m completely bummered!

Smell ya later!

Liv is 10 freaking months old!!!

I find it so very surreal that in 2 months our daughter will be a year old!! This time last year I was completely consumed with planning our Bebe Shower, finishing Liv’s nursery and pulling my hair out over the garage roof/deck repair. It seemed like forever ago I was wishing, praying and begging for a bebe and I finally got my wish. I am positive that all my good luck was depleted when Olivia was born. I couldn’t have a better life with her and Antz. She’s got both of our personality, she’s always smiling *showing off those 2 bottom teeth*

This is my lovely before & after her ordeal with a teething cookie. It took her close to an hour to finish it! I complain and I’m in a constant state of misery because I want to move or I want to travel but when I think about the big picture, I’ve travelled *been to Europe twice* and we have a sweet little house. I need to live in the moment and stop planning every detail of our future. I even bought Liv a pool *since I’m constantly whining about not having one!*
Yep, I couldn’t resist…the whale sprayer *and the $25 price tag* won me over. We have to go swim suit shopping for Liv since the one I liked from Janie & Jack sold out *I knew I should have bought it when I saw it back in January!*
These are top contenders
Kate Mack ‘True Love’ Swimsuit
This one doesn’t break the bank as much as my fave above
 Garden one-piece
But it’s pretty yawn to me…we need to pick one before her birthday because there is a pool at the hotel in San Diego and I intend to swim, swim, swim *although I can’t stand chlorine pools, BOO!*
We spent most of today in Hollywood and we drove past an apartment building that I adore
*this is Liv’s just woke up from a nap face*

This dude was beatboxing while he played the harp…as much as he wanted it to, it wasn’t sounding good.

The look on this girl’s face is classic! She is giving this balloon maker the side-eye like Dude, I don’t want a turnip shaped balloon!
Ummmm, geee….thanks?

OMG!!! I stopped right in my tracks…

This place was super swank right at the bottom of the Hollywood Sign mountain *too hazy to get a good pic of the sign* but I would definitely approve of Liv living in this building *it was made for her* of course, after she graduates from college!!

Here is last week’s photo…I bought Liv this Fedora which Antz felt gave her a bit of an Indy vibe
soo…cue music!

Here’s this week’s pic…my spring flower is mellow yellow

Thanks Auntie Deb for this lovely spring frock…Liv loves it!!

The Bathroom is el FIN!

Today we put the finishing touches on our bathroom makeover. We met Story & Chris at the Montrose farmers market for a quick snack *Antz had meat skewers and I had peanuts*

Spuzz was giving Liv puppy kisses but I never caught her on camera




These were the biggest strawberries I’ve ever seen. We bought a little basket because whenever I buy a giant box they always spoil before we eat them.
Story & Chris gave me a belated birthday present of a $50 Anthropologie gift card *Yay!! You know I’m itching to spend it* I am thinking of applying it to my favorite $88 pillow
We had to stop by Paper Source because last night we ran out paper for the medicine cabinet.
Look how pretty it turned out!!
We can’t get over how lovely our poop room looks!!
I adore my Anthro knobs, they make our tiny sink look lovely.
Hello Antz foot!

We went to our favorite toy store, Wackos and spent forever trying to come up with which theme we were putting on the shelf over the mirror. I wanted Calveras, then I saw Gloomy Bear toys…

But Antz vetoed it and there was only 2 toys and we wanted to fill the entire space
This guy is adorable but more suitable on our bar
I almost went with the Yo Gabbs plushies but Antz reasoned that the fabric may get wet and mildew from the moisture. *Still super cute for Liv* I want to get them but they have to have the complete set!

I was sold when I found this Bride & Groom

It took some convincing for Antz but I love the Calveras/cute style of these guys and the $8 each price tag was right but they are a little smaller than we wanted.


I wanted this guy soooo bad!! It’s so fucking rad but it cost $130 and our total budget was $100 bucks. I have to buy it for our next house. Love this artist, Nathan Ota.
There was a art show going on and I LOVE these pieces!!! Too bad they were all sold.

I am no fan of Betty Boop by any means, but the artist depicted her voluptuous shape that is exactly like mine!

These pieces remind of art Antz did in college. He has a painting of Micky cheating on Minnie with Jessica Rabbit and Minnie getting her revenge with a gun in Liv’s nursery. He also has Donald Duck holding the decapitated head of Mickey while standing on a balcony of the Enchanted Castle. *Any grotesque art of Disney makes me happy!*
Antz picked out these creepy cartoon vinyl cats and we ended spending $100.97!
Here’s how they look in the bathroom.
Bathroom Makeover (20)
Now we realize how small the skeletons are we may buy a few more *I liked the Tiger, Koala and the sheep* So we are going to take a house improvement break but sometime in May we will start our veggie/herb garden. This week is going to be my lazy week *aren’t they all lazy?*
In 2 weeks Liv starts World Citizen Dance Class so that will be radness.
Peace Out!!

Three day weekend, Whoo hoo!

There’s nothing I love more than having a 3 day weekend with my lovelies. So far we haven’t done much but today was super fun. We picked up our niece and nephew, Evelyn & Dion and we went to the Beverly Hills farmers market *where they are celebs among the vendors* I pigged out on kettle korn and we had roach coach carne asada tacos *a Highland Park delicacy*. Then we got competitive playing Scattegories and Trivia Pursuit all night.

I really love hanging out with them. They are such fun and so smart. I am so conflicted about them leaving for Paraguay in May. I really want them to go, travel to a foreign land, enjoy the life of adventure together but for my own selfish reasons I don’t want them to miss out on the next 3 years of Liv’s life. Oh well, she will skype, and correspond with them often. I am crossing my fingers we may even visit them but honestly I wouldn’t last a day without American food and modern conveniences *hello, I’m high maintenance*

So tomorrow we are doing our preliminary shopping for our bathroom remodel. I want to go to tile stores, find a company to replaster our tub and showerwall and get our plumber Malcolm, to give us a serious quote for repairing our plumbing *he always says I’ll give you a definite number next time but never does* It would also be rad to replace our water heater *which is older than dirt* and find a good, affordable electrician to repair our floodlight and the light in Liv/Antz closet.

I’ll post my finding tomorrow.

Nighty Night!

I’ll think of a title later

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I will be your tour guide today. Okay, I’m being weird, for some strange reason I cannot write today *bear with me*  Aimee made the long trip to my neck of the woods and we had lunch at Olive Garden *cheesy, I know but that was Aimee’s pick, Lord knows I’ve dragged her to terrible restaurants*
but we cleaned our plates *all 5 of Aimee’s* That girl is teeny tiny but throws down like a competitive eater

Liv feasted on Aimee’s pear and gorgonzola ravioli because Super Mom left her pureed sweet potato at home. So this evening Antz and me went to the South Pasadena farmers market *I had to have some kettle corn* and we lucked out on some veggie for like $3 *closing time at the fm is the best time, they practically give you stuff* strolling through downtown South Pass *as the locals call it* I happened to see that this cute cereal and grilled cheese place was open, there was a bunch of people watching these 2 guys and it turns out they were having a food challenge *Man vs Food style* Both guys were given 1 hour to eat every grilled cheese sandwich on the menu AND a jinormous bowl of cereal too.

LOVE the artwork, this place is adorable
We met the owners who were super nice, it sucks they have such erratic hours but maybe we’ll eat there on a weekend. We left before they finished but I’m going to see the results on their facebook page. You know what’s a hard word for me to say? Amicable. I don’t know why this popped into my head but it bothers me that I cannot pronounce that word. *I’m not medicated, trust me it’s just one of those nights*
As we were walking back to my car we drooled *I mean I actually fogged up with my hot breath* the windows at this fantastic kitchen, tile and bath showroom. I know I couldn’t afford one piece of tile from this place butPRETTY!!!

Hello gooseneck faucet of my dreams *the one in the middle* we own the world’s only wall mounted faucet!!!

They have the loveliest-est tile ever, I am completely smitten.
This wall tile is perfect, the floor tile even more perfect. We’re going to check it out next Monday *Antz is off for Prez day* I am pretty sure I will regret going into this store because it’s much too fancy for me and when I go into high priced shops, I feel awkward leaving without purchasing something so I’ll be like Lucy and walk out with a $500 toilet seat cover.
Well, I gotta hit the sack, I am incoherently rambling like this news anchor did after the Grammy’s. I hate to brag but I discovered her first *ask Antz!!*

Lame-o Stupidbowl!!

Allow me to express my complete and utter annoyance with football *or any other professional sports* particularly the lame fanatics. I could care less about over paid neanderthals stuck in PE class. I might have more respect for the athletes of America if they weren’t constantly getting caught doing the dumbest things *dog murder, maid rape, driving drunk with guns in the car*, just another reason why I despise sports. Also, I think the halftime show and commercials are overrated and unless you are flashing a boob, I’m unimpressed. Okay, I have completed my rant.

Now it’s shame on me time, I have been really lazing on posting. Last week was pretty hectic but that’s no excuse. 
*Bad Lizzie!*
Wednesday night Antz came home early enough to take a sunset walk through Atwater. It was like we were in the Twilight Zone because we were shocked to discover the children’s shop we always drool at their windows was actually open. Turns out they have very sporatic business hours but we met the owner’s husband and he was super nice. We bought a skirt and he threw in some free barrettes for Liv. Now another reason for me to heart Atwater Village! We randomly ended the evening having steaks at Applebee’s in Alhambra *I know, Applebees makes a pretty decent steak for under $20!* It was Liv’s 8 month birthday so we had to celebrate. The hostess gave Liv a balloon and she ate veggies/fruit from our plates. She was giving Antz’s steak a look straight from Tom & Jerry with cartoon eyes. I think we may start bigger meals since she’s always wanting more food.
So Thursday Aimee, Liv and I went to a cosignment shop in Silverlake
I was all excited to sell Liv’s 0-3 clothes and my preggo books but after the owner evaluated my stuff she offered me a store credit of $19.50 for my $70 Stella McCartney set, Janie & Jack tutu bathing suit, 5 of my preggo books and several BabyGap onesies. I was dumbfounded. I wasn’t expecting more than $50 but she definitely got over $200 worth of stuff. I texted Antz to see if he thought I should keep the stuff and try another store but he said just get rid of it *since we are already keeping more of her newborn stuff than we should*. The store was pretty sweet, there was tons of adorable vintage clothes although they were too big for her *like 4 years and up* but Aimee and I picked out a few cute dresses and a handmade diaper cover.

Aimee loves the green dress but I would have to add some thick striped thighs, cream thermal or turtleneck and a these Mary Janes by Livie & Luca to complete the style I’m going for.

Very Brady Bunch, I know but that dress totes reminds me of my Girl Scout days and she needs a little kookiness in her wardrobe. The red dress *that looks like a dolls dress* will make it’s debut next weekend at Leslie & Stephen’s 2nd Annual Valentines Day Brunch *last year was fantastic*
We had our regular Target shopping spree but I had the bright idea to take a shirt Antz bought Liv and have her name embroidered on the collar *I am an embroidery-holic* So we went to the mall but the guy at the cart couldn’t fit his machine on the collar so I had to settle for this

The embroidery came out rad but I would have much rather had her collar monogrammed. Friday I was running around all day with my Mommy and her BFF. My Mom’s style and mine are like oil and vinegar, we never like the same stuff BUT…for some reason her BFF, Debbie mentioned to my Mommy that I was looking for baby Uggs and she found a substitute until I could find them. She told my Mom to buy these Zutano Cozie Booties. Adorable right? Say whaaa… Okay, score one for Mommy!! So we went to the store that was advertising them only to find out they didn’t have the color I wanted *turquoise* so the saleperson said she would have them transferred from another store and I could pick them up when they call me *still waiting as of today* but I think they are sweet, they are adjustable and will keep her tootsies warm *hopefully she won’t try to eat them like she does with all her shoes*. I took them to lunch at Afloat Sushi but Debbie doesn’t eat sushi and we went around 4pm so there wasn’t much selection on the boats.
3 generations of ONLY CHILDREN!!

*Debbie is always a joy to be around*
I seem to have bad luck with that place whenever I take someone and tell them how fabulous it is. I drove them home and by the time I got home it was close the 10pm *hence Friday’s lame post*!
Saturday was just as busy. We met Antz Mommy, his sister and his nephew at the cemetery his Dad is buried at and we hung out together *it was Liv’s first time going to visit her Granddad’s grave* afterwards, we went to the East LA farmers market since we were nearby and we totes lucked out on some perfect pears, yams and peanuts for myself *which I thought it would be funny to spill the entire bag in my car, lame!* We feed the ducks and ate paletas *that’s Mexican frozen fruit bars for you pale faces* and when we got home I vegged out on the couch  catching up with my DVR *An Idiot Abroad is my fave at the moment* I also finally watched A Single Man *after it was on my Netflix queue forever* which I LOVED not just for Colin Firth and Julianne Moore’s brilliance but Tom Ford’s impeccable taste for 60’s fashion, music and architecture *what I would give to have a time machine and be able to experience that decade sans the civil rights crap*. It’s pretty much the 60’s equivalent of Revolutionary Road another film I really adore.
And now that brings us up to date for today. We had to go to the Happiest place on Earth to pick up a ticket for Sarah *our amazing photographer* since this Thursday is our photoshoot and I need to drop it off at her sister’s house tomorrow. One the drive to Anaheim we noticed there was an open house around the corner from our house so we checked it out. When we saw the house, our jaws hit the ground! I am shocked there is a house this cool in Highland Park.
As you can see this house is a diamond in the rough, check out the neighbors dump…I mean apartments?

Mid Century Modern style among all these icky stucco traditional ranch houses.

Antz was sold the minute he saw this kitchen, everything was brand new, clean and tastefully designed.

This is the identical tile I want to put in our bathroom

2 bathrooms, I’m super jealous!

I am definitely inspired to renovate our bathroom and kitchen

The 3 bedrooms were modestly sized but ample closet space.

The backyard was the dealbreaker for me. The stairs may be a problem for when Liv gets older but we have stairs in our backyard so we’ll have to address the safety soon. Zero privacy from the 3 surrounding neighbors and the only view was of the noisy street below. There was 3 seperate terraces with enough space for a pool at the top but no way would I put a pool in a space with people gawking at us.
I had to get my car washed since it reeked of peanuts *I am such a clutz* and away we went to buy the Disneyland tix. We walked through Downtown Disney and checked out the Disney Store since Antz needs some new ears *his old ones won’t work for our photoshoot because they light up at night so you won’t really see them*
He tried a bunch on
Retro ears are too generic, yawn!
This one screams Dorky Dad!
*I am thinking it getting this for Antz as a Valentines Day gift but his desk is pretty crowded and I am worried Lola may knock it over, as she’s done with his figurines in the past*
We picked up a new pair of ears for Liv *in case we want to change hers during the shoot* but no luck for Papa, hopefully we’ll find some cute ones next Thursday. We went to Target to get the dog food *I forgot to buy on Thursday* and on a whim, we stopped at Old Navy to take a look at their spring line. I was hoping to score some shorts and a yellow cardigan but didn’t find any I liked. I did get an adorable dress *that I will be wearing to Disneyland* that is a total knock off of this Katie-Bot Holmes Celine dress
Antz bought some shirts and we looked at the bebe clothes but nothing really wowed me. So that was my week, I will try break my lazy habit and get back into daily posts. As a treat, here is our lovely’s latest weeklies but first, please check out my fierce Lola’s PETicure *soft paws are the best, since she’s always sneaking into the nursery against our wishes*
I crack up whenever I see her strutting around with her hot pink nails!!

This sweet girl has my heart, I cherish every hair on her head!

Antz made fun of my style choice this shoot but I love the stripes *and she is trying to eat her shoe as always*

*this is the new skirt we bought at Milas Boutique*
She’ll be a year before we know it. Stay little sweet baby, don’t grow up!!

Measuring, measuring….ooh!

This word is haunting me! I wanted to spare myself the daily scrutiny of weighing but it seems I may have to in order to track my progress. So I step onto the board and wait with nervous anticipation while the Mii tells me she is measuring, measuring…last night I lost .9 lbs but it was the same .9 lb I somehow gained Monday. I suppose I should stop breathing because everything I do consumes calories. Last night I did the Island lap run for 15 minutes. This would be a fun, light run for my skinny bitches friends but for me, it was a major feat. I was sweating, huffing and puffing. I am stunned I finished it. I actually added strength training to my routine since my muscles are close to atrophying from non use. I am sore today but overall I feel good psychically and mentally. I just have to keep this up for the next 8 weeks.

Today Liv and I are going to the Barnsdall Art Park in Hollywood to pick up some healthies. These are the produce that is in season now:

Winter Squash

We’ve tried Winter squash, kale and chard. Broccoli is not a good idea because it causes extreme gas *and Liv has enough of that on her own* Doc Wang said to not give her any citrus just yet so that leaves apples, pears and beets *no way turnips* This morning she tried her first official fruit….organic bananas!!

I think I am ready to start combining foods from my baby cookbook.

Tomorrow will be a busy day, Aimee and I are going back to Ikea to find a TV stand and I need to go to Target. Now forgive my lazy ass but I need a nap, all this eating right and exercise has made me sleepy so Liv and I will catch a catnap. Au revoir

Giant Question mark hangs over my head

Apparently, I have been stripped of my farmers market queen title because I am the only person in LA that hasn’t been to the Hollywood fm and now I hear rumors that it’s endangered of being closed due to space issues. I have been invited by several people to go and yet I have impolitely flaked everytime. Gah!! So I am trying to convince my old bones to get dressed and check out what makes this farmers market so special. I was going to straighten my hair *not that I’m motivated to do it because it’s a grueling 2 hour process* but next week is Disneyland so I would like to not look like Little Orphan Annie. 

Last night our friend Carlos had a sale at his downtown loft. He had a bunch of his fancy designer friends stuff there too. We bought a bunch of adorable stuff from this designer *Rock Baby Rock*. Our friend Erin has began to make/sell candles so I am shamelessly plugging them here.

I’m bummed I couldn’t buy these rad bathing suits, but I won’t be wearing one anytime soon *and noone wants to see me in a bikini* YIKES!!!

Antz picked out her new clothes, he’s become quite the kiddie couture stylist
I win at taking this picture. It’s super hard to take a pic of all 3 of us with the Nikon *it’s heavy and the button is in an awkward position*

After the sale we walked *what I thought was a few blocks, turned out to be several long blocks* to the Nickel Diner. Blast! I hate getting tricked into exercise.

It was actually exciting/scary to walk around downtown at night. We have always driven through and said we want to walk around but there is a equal mix of rich-looking trendy people *complete with their hipster look and designer dog* and scary bummers.

Here’s my point, this sign is basically what all the bummers were up to. Antz kept saying someone was going to try to steal our camera. We looked like such naive tourists.

We were soo relieved when we made it to the diner but, unfortunately, it didn’t open until 6 so we had to find something to do for 10 minutes. Luckily, we found a book store a block away. Antz found this book for me. Swoon, he knows me so well, of course now I want it!! I adore flight attendents particularly from the 60’s.
Flight Attendents by Brian Finke.

Out on the mean streets

We made it alive!

Antz ordered a mint lemonade and grilled chicken sandwich with onion rings

I ordered an awesome cherry limeade soda pop

Antz food made me jealous I didn’t order onion rings.

My bacon/avocado burger was amazing *yet messy* but my micro fries got 2 thumbs down!

I somehow managed to make room for dessert

Antz really wanted a bacon donut *they are famous for them* and we found out they were sold out of them *LAME* So he ended up with a Irish carbomb *Guinness crumble and Jameson-infused cream filing donut*. I stuck with a classic, good ole fashioned red velvet cake *SUPER YUMMY!!*

The bacon donut taunts us

My most favorite photo of Antz & Olivia
I would definitely go back to this place, the pictures don’t do the decor justice. I want to go with our friends Nic & Ale *we don’t get to hang out with them enough*

When we got home, Antz & I were super tired. I can’t believe how early we go to bed now. I am typically a night owl but I guess Liv waking up around 7am is conditioning my body to sleep early. I am going to straighten my hair tomorrow *I have to just to relieve Antz of my complaining that my hair is so gross*

First weekend of Wintah!!

Boy, oh boy, we had an awesome weekend! I am not used to having actual seasons in California but we are starting winter, for sure. It rained pretty much all day and night Saturday and Sunday it was sunny but cloudy and chilly. I have been trying out the timer setting on the Nikon with different results.

Manual Setting *boo, I seldom wear jeans*
Automatic setting
Portrait setting *nice & blurry*
We broke out Liv’s new hat and went to the Studio City farmers market.

We bought a couple of these mystery veggies. I thought they were squash but they aren’t

I can’t get over how steroid pumped there persimmons are. We have a persimmon tree and ours are like persimmon midgets!!

Everything was king size and yummy-looking

Lobster ‘shrooms!!

I have been eating pomegranates like nobody’s business.
We had lunch at Panera Bread *yummy* I always get broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl but I wish I didn’t when I saw how delicious Antz chili and cornbread looked.

Since we were out, we decided to randomly drive to my Mummy’s house in Apple Valley for a surprise visit. It was snowing in the mountains by her house and it was super cold! Antz took some sweet shots from the backseat.

My Mommy’s casa