A Finished Nursery

This morning we were woken up by a buzz at our gate at 7am! It was the crew with the iron guy and they have been happily working for the past 2 hours drilling holes for the iron posts.

I think we are having an inspection today so *fingers crossed, rubbing rabbits foot* I am holding my breathe we pass. It’s such a relief that they are working again but there are still some obstacles and the crew has to reinstall our floodlight *my Mom is bringing us a new one from her house in Apple Valley*, fix our garage sensors, the garage won’t close because they had to move the sensors so it needs to be re-configured and put back a part of our stair railing. If everything keeps going like it is, they have 5 more days of work so it’s a tight deadline.

8 Months of hard work!

My honey bunny took some pics of the nursery with the SLR this morning which look much better than the ones I took last night with the Canon powershot. Voila! Our finished nursery!!

Buying Guide:
Paint: Martha Stewart Living Interior Matte Flat Paint in Reed/Tailor’s Chalk and White from Home Depot
Furniture: Classic crib, changing table, dresser and hutch – Oeuf NYC (we found ours brand new on Craigslist for waaay less than retail)
Rug/Doorknob: Dream Menagerie Rug / Junco Doorknob from Anthropologie
Curtains/Tiebacks: Canvas Grommet Panels from Pottery Barn Kids; Leaf Tiebacks from Urban Outfitters
Poster: Sasquatch! Music Festival Giclee Print from Invisible Creature
Glider/Bassinet: Luca Glider/ Ninna Nanna bassinet from Monte Design
Footstool: Moroccan Leather Pouf from Tazi
Small Bookcase: Expedit Shelving unit from Ikea
Desk: Fredrik from Ikea (pre-owned)
Mattress/Crib Bedding: Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic 150 Crib mattress; Litto Kids Magic Garden Crib Set from Modern Nursery
Artwork: My husband!!
Mobile: handmade by my husband
Ceiling fan: from Restoration Hardware (pre-owned)

We are going to email these to the lovely woman who sold us the Oeuf furniture from craigslist today. She is preggers with her 3rd child and she had 2 boys and she really wanted a girl but she was having another boy. Which is why we scored such a deal on the Oeuf furniture.

Today I am going to World Market to buy some pretty pillows for the couch. I also need food for Maxie. I still need to find an electrician to fix the light in the closet and the kitchen. Tomorrow my Mom is coming to LA for her art show Saturday. YAY!

I just found out we passed the first rough inspection!! I can’t believe I am actually hearing good news. Whew! Now they can finish the railing to and the next 2 days they can start working on the roof. SO RAD!!

The chick who sold us the furniture wrote back:

You guys are the cutest. Thank you for sending the pictures and the nice words! I love the orange–so happy. As for us, we are figuring out our new family dynamic with Zac. It has been fun but hectic. Bryan and I send our best wishes to you 3. May you have as much love as your hearts can bear!


Awww, tear! I can’t believe we got such a deal on the furniture *saved $700!!!*

Lowes and Target

We went to Lowes and Target pretty late, didn’t leave the house after 8:30 and didn’t get home until after 10. Antz got all the supplies he needed for finishing the fireplace but he may wait until this weekend to work on it. He doesn’t have that much more to do. We picked up more ink and glossy photo paper from Target. Antz vetoed buying the topairies because they are too tall for his truck and maybe too tall for our front porch and they are too expensive. Boo!

I was burning hot and sweating in Lowes, I guess I was having a heat flash. I am kinda panicked because I haven’t been feeling Olivia move so much today 🙁 She should be totally turning flips because I finally got her glider and I will stop stressing about her room being finished on-time. Antz finished putting up the artwork, her “O” and his Neopets plushies.

The chair is much bigger in person. Antz is printing the preggers and maternity photos for our scrapbook now. I’m glad we bought new paper because it prints much clearer and sharper than the Epson paper we were using. I have the major yawns so smell ya later!

Happy Stinko De Mayo~

There should be a celebration today because this morning the crew came and started working, I scheduled Best Buy to come out to fix our refridgerator *for the 4th time* because it isn’t getting cold enough and I got a call from the delivery company that our glider and bassinet should be coming today between 12 -3pm. All makes me totally happy but I am still bummed because David is saying the city wants him to take up the roof he has already put down and use actual deck material on our roof which is more expensive and takes longer. He is going to fight it today but I don’t see how successful he will be. This nightmare will never end. I have so much anxiety about this repair not being finished by next Wednesday. It really sucks that it is my happiest time in my life and it’s ruined by drama from the stupid city inspector. It’s always something!!

Well yesterday I didn’t get anything done, I paid bills, made important phone calls but haven’t crossed anything off my list. Antz printed a few things for me last night but he couldn’t print any maternity photos because we ran out of glossy photo paper. I would love to go to Target today but I have to wait for the delivery and Best Buy. I cooked dinner last night and I totally impressed myself and Antz. I am disappointed that Antz Mom called us last night to let us know his Aunt and cousin from Mexico can’t make it to the shower, BOO! So as far as rsvps go, Gail, his cousin Chrissy and my godfather, Leon are the only ones who are still pending. Monday I am placing the rental and catering order so I am crossing my fingers I’ll hear from them by then. I so need a vacay!!

What a busy day!! I was anxiously awaiting 3 major things, Best Buy coming to look at the fridge to see why it’s not getting cold, the delivery of our glider and bassinet and word on David getting the permit from the city. Well, good news, great news and BEST NEWS!! Around 2:45 Geek squad *chick* came and of course the fridge was colder than ever. She is still ordering a part for it and she is coming back to install it on the 17th. At the exact time the Best Buy chick was leaving, a huge truck was pulling up in front of my house. I was jumping up and down like a flea, they brought it right up the stairs no problem! I am still nervous it won’t fit through the nursery door but once it’s out of the box it should be ok. I was considering building the bassinet myself to surprise Antz when he gets home but I am worn out.

Now on to best news, David texted Antz to say he got the  permit and the inspection is scheduled for tomorrow. The workers are starting on the fire wall today.

We are going to Lowes when he gets home to get more cement, grout and I want to buy the topairies *if they are still there*. So tonight he’s going to finish the fireplace. I can’t wait to take pics of the finished nursery. What a great day, I am getting conditioned to not enjoy great days like today because I feel like it’s inevitable that I will have a bad day in the future.
Antz is home now and he had to take off the nursery door to squeeze the glider through. He got it in place and it almost was too big because it was blocking the dresser drawers. It’s now in place and he put up his artwork.

We still need to find a home for his Radiohead poster but I keep second guessing if I want it in the nursery. Now we are going to Lowes and Target.

FLASHBACK: This day in 2006 we were preparing for our Cinco de Mayo fiesta

Viva Fiesta!!!

We’re Crafty!

*warning old people alert* I don’t know how we were so tired last night but we called it a night at 9:30 pm! We worked on the moustaches and man, oh man, they look awesome!! I was in charge of drawing templates and cutting out the felt ‘staches while Antz cut the foam ‘staches and added the stick. They are quite simple to construct but I was being neurotic about being precise in my cutting. So far we have 22 done so we are almost half finished. Hopefully they’ll get done today and I’ll start working on the celeb baby game board.

Finished the clothespins

Have I ever mentioned how rad it is to be married to a genuis artist? My darling Antz spent his morning and a chunk of the afternoon finishing Olivia’s *Sea Monster* painting. This was the preliminary stage and the finished work.

Hopefully you can see the details, it’s Capt. Olivia on the boat facing the *non* ferocious sea monster. I love her blue pirate hat. We totally will have a fearless daughter. I love it so much!!

We had to reconfigure the placement in the room. I originally wanted to put the painting behind the glider in the corner but it’s hidden there and when I’m sitting in the glider nursing her, I want to look at the painting. So now his Radiohead poster will go in the corner and his Mickey Mouse painting will go next to the hutch. I should be getting my pouf tomorrow so that leaves the glider, bassinet and her stroller *still waiting for the 2010 model to be released*. I feel like I am running out of time!! 7 weeks and counting.

Still Takin’ Care of Baby Shower Biz!

Last night we went to Paramount Studios and saw Alice in Wonderland. I give it 2 stars, totally lame. Antz practically slept through the whole thing. This morning we went to breakfast at House of Pies with Antz sister, Debra.

After yummy cinamin raisin french toast, we went to Michael’s so we could choose our yarn since Debra is knitting a blanket for Olivia. It was hard to choose but we came up with a striped pattern and chose these colors.

Antz and I found the materials to make our handlebar moustaches and the sticks. I am super excited to work on them today. I also am going to work on the baby celeb board but I need to find pics of the babies without their parents in them. *People.com will be heavily utilized* After that we went to Ikea so we could buy the Fabler canopy for the tables and we bought a stuffed animal holder. I saw this cool idea for Olivia’s toddler room. How adorable are these frames?

I picked up a cute pot on a whim for the plant in the living room. I love how it brings much needed pop of color to the room. I smile whenever I walk by, the plant even looks happier.

Antz installed the curtain tiebacks and they look awesome.

They are bigger than I thought, but they show up better too so I love them for $24!! I’ll post the moustache and celeb baby game results later.

We made it to the BIG TIME!!

I got my usual daily email from CasaSugar and what is the top featured story of the day? Our *Whimsical* nursery!!! Good Grief, if I knew it would be featured I would have used much better pics of us and the room. I am so proud of us! Seriously, we put so much work into that room and I love hearing positive feedback. I am so bummed my glider isn’t ready so the room would be complete. Antz needs to finish his painting so we can hang it.


So I got a buzz on the door and it’s Mr UPS with my new camera!! I ordered it Monday and it’s already here. Why can’t everything be like that. It’s mega cute, all the instructions are in Japanese but luckily there are pictures to depict what’s going on. I got 2 5pks of 10 film so that’s 100 pics.

Last night while Antz was printing the namecard stickers the printer ran out of black ink. Well he tried to use the ink we bought as backup and *lame* it’s the wrong size. It says 564 black but it has triangles on it and we need 564 black with a hexagon. Way to confuse us HP! So back to Target I go to exchange it. I needed to go there anyway because I finally came up with an idea on how to decorate the clothespins. I also need to buy Antz more exacto blades since all the cutting has dulled his. I’m going to look for a rug pad too for the rug in the nursery, it’s pretty slippery in there. I can’t stop smiling about our Lil Sugar feature. My friend Mia was featured on there a few months ago for her baby’s *gorgeous* nursery and I was thinking she is so stellar! I suppose we belong in the Stellar Club too now. Once the room is done I am hoping we get featured on Ohdeedoh. That would be MAJOR!

Happy Happy, Joy Joy

Well last night we dropped by Antz Mom’s house since his aunt and cousin were in town from Mexico. I hadn’t seen my cousin Aleida for years. We hung out for a few hours showing each other pictures. Since we knew they were in town and the mail to Mexico is super slow we printed their bebe shower invitation to hand deliver. Antz figured out how to double-side print and used his exacto knife to cut the paper. We were planning on having them printed at Kinkos but since it worked so well we can save $60 and Do It Ourselves. When we got back home we started printing the rest of the invites. We starting running out of ink when we called it a night. This morning Antz was asking me if the printer had a scanner, well on Target’s site, it’s advertised as having a photo scanner but on the printer, there is no scanner bed. We had to go buy ink anyway so we decided to exchange the printer for a better model. The one we got is an all-in-one wireless for only $10 more and bought 2 packages of extra ink. I like the new printer so much better, it’s easier to set-up, less bulky than the other one and makes happy noises when you print.

Our new *and improved* printer. So as we were coming back from Target I saw Fed Ex guy and he had our mattress!! Sweet! We put her bedding together and it looks so rad.

Antz used the Nikon to take these great shots of the nursery. He is getting to be an expert with his photography. All I need is the glider!!

Aren’t these pretty freakin sweet?! So we are back to printing baby shower stuff and maybe later we’ll go to Kinkos to have the quiz and bebe wishes paper cut since there are so many.

A Good Friday

This Sunday is Easter, we don’t have any big plans. We may go to St. Andrews Church but haven’t decided yet. Last night I crashed early while Antz was still printing the quiz. I made a mock up of the map/directions. I need Antz to figure out how to make namecard/stickers to put on the take-out boxes. I had a miserable night, I woke up at 4am and felt crampy in my tummy. I thought I was hungry so I had some pineapple. I told Antz I didn’t feel well and he rubbed my back. I didn’t fall back asleep until almost 6. Today Mr. UPS came early before Antz left for work and I thought he would have my Gap order or the mattress but it was just the accordion and goldfish kite.

Fed Ex came shortly afterwards with the plates and napkins order.

Still so many things to be delivered. I have no idea when the glider is coming but I did get an email from them saying they sell the lumbar pillow seperately for $35. I am considering getting an orange one. I went on my weekly errands and took back the accordion at Cost Plus World Market. I wanted to get a straw dispenser but they didn’t have them. I looked around for shower supplies and I found this for the Izze sodas/ice bucket and matching tray for the baby bottles.

I hope I can fit them all in our refrigerator. I browsed the pillows and saw these 2 I like.

I like this candle holder for the fireplace but it looks a bit small.

I need to measure our hearth. I went to Michaels to get foam board for the baby celeb match game and find a scrapbook for the photos. I like this one even though it has plastic sleeves.

Well, I have a serious case of the tireds so I’m going to try to take a nap.

Liv’s Nursery is getting Mobile!

This morning my lovely woke up with the birdies and started working on Olivia’s mobile. He didn’t want to use the wood stick he originally planned because of the weight over her crib. He found a nice alternative that is light and cohesive. I love how it came out!!

How cute is the mobile?? I couldn’t seem to get a shot of all of us facing forward but it cracks me up how much it looks like us. So when Antz got home from work he picked me up and we went to the Glendale Galleria to check out the new Stella McCartney line at Baby Gap. Aimee is more excited about it than I am. I am not blown away but the line, the colors look so muted and 80% of the clothes are for big kids. I did like a couple of dresses and a one piece knit but Antz wasn’t so keen on them. We ended up getting  a cute coral shorts outfit.

After dinner at Panera Bread, we stopped by Whole Foods to see if they carried Izze sodas. They had them in the 4 pack bottles for $5.39 so I got 4 packs in sparking apple and peach. I need to go to Bev Mo today and get 2 more packs of Sofia white wine and a 6 pack of San Pellegrino sparkling water. I need more ice buckets like the one we have but I can’t remember where we bought it. Antz brought home some belated birthday presents from my friends Nicolette & Ale and they got me the kid’s accordion I wanted!!

Kids Accordion

Yesterday I went into baby shower online ordering overload. I ordered the envelopes, straws, plates, napkins, and take-out boxes. I still need to order the ostrich feathers, frames for the pregnancy portraits, baby bottles, pencils, and paper for all the things we have to print. Antz hasn’t found the frame for the menu chalkboard but I have complete faith in him. When we got home he tried to work on editing the Flip video but we can’t figure it out. Most of our electronics we refuse to read the instruction manuals and just figure it out through trial and error *mostly error*. At one point he thought he lost the video footage but he will try again tonight.

I am 31 weeks today, Holy Cow!! 9 weeks to go. I have made it the single digit countdown. Please stay cooking until 40 weeks Olivia.

Olivia has a little lamb

So this morning we finished building the hutch and the changing pad. Taadah!

Both were fairly simple to build. Antz put his office back in the room and filled out the shelves.

I am so happy with how everything looks but we have a few items that we can’t figure out where to put. Antz has a Radiohead poster and his artwork that I want to incorporate into the room but he thinks it would look too crowded.

After getting rid of the mountain of cardboard boxes from the living room and putting away the tools we got dressed and went to Pottery Barn Kids and Anthropologie. We got her changing pad cover and an adorable lamb hooded towel. At Anthropologie we bought knobs for her hutch and for my printer stand.

Antz attached this knob to the side of the hutch to hold her hooded towel.

Finally put her clothes in the closet, we still didn’t wash them *I am too scared I’ll ruin her beautiful clothes*.

I have had too many mishaps doing laundry. Antz and my Mom are voting don’t wash them in case we have to make any returns. Since most of the clothes are 6-12 months, we have time to reconsider. Baby Gap is launching a new Stella McCartney line so I need to exchange the stuff Aimee bought and grab a few dresses and shoes next week. I am also on the lookout for this top I saw in InTouch magazine. Jessica Alba’s daughter, Honor is wearing a mini Bjork swan dress!! I must find it!!

We went to lunch at PF Changs and I used my birthday present gift card from my friends Tom & Jess. OMG! I ate myself dizzy. I totally pigged out. I’m glad we went there because I spoke with the manager and made an appt. to see him about the catering for the shower. I have a volunteer *Antz sister Debra* who can pick up the food on the day but I don’t see how she can manage all that food and the parking is underground 2 levels.

Afterwards we went to Target to pick up and few things and I decided to buy her first pack of diapers.

I hope these are the right fit. So today I lost all will power and ordered the glider, bassinet and mattress early. I should wait until Monday but what the hell! So now I’ll be playing the waiting game for the next 2 weeks. Now I am seriously tired and Antz is working on the mobile. We are having dinner with his sister on Wednesday so she may come by and take a peek at the nursery. I need to figure out a way  to photograph the room because I can’t figure out how to get the ceiling and the floor in one shot.