2012 Holiday Renegade Craft Fair

Although 95% of my holiday shopping is complete, I must swing by the Renegade Craft Fair. It’s this weekend and even though Saturday Liv’s preschool is having their annual Winter Solstice, I have been thinking about those delish rosemary butter crunch treats we had in July. I also have to find something amazing for Aimee’s cute new apartment.

Just when I thought this would be a mellow week. Liv is officially two and half years old!!


Crafty Ladies

I’m the head of the Craft committee for Liv’s school’s Winter Solstice on December 8th. This morning we had a meeting to go over what we were crafting and assign who would do what. We are going to have 4 tables with 2 craft each. I’m contributing pom pom ornaments.


I love a colorful, fat pom pom. They are super easy to make and I bought these pom pom makers to help the toddlers wrap them. The only thing I need to supervise is cutting. I’m so excited for the Winter Solstice, we went last year and Liv had a blast. I’m also helping with the other crafts all day. I am so excited, last year I was a prospective parent and now I’m participating.  Crazy how fast my life has changed in 2 1/2 years.

Trunk or Treat

This is the Halloween event Liv’s school is having on Wednesday. I signed up for it at Back to School night under the impression I would be helping with costumes or just passing out candy. Turns out I have to decorate the trunk of my car and all the kids will parade around the parking lot and pass out candy. I’m pretty stumped for ideas. My trunk is full of Liv’s car toys, extra jackets, bottles of water and other car junk. I was thinking of just putting in a black drape over the chairs, adding a few pumpkins and throwing my crystal ball witch back there.

She says witchy incantations and has an evil laugh when you make noise

Now I’m concerned that my witch may be too scary for the little ones. Liv loves her but she’s pretty hardcore about Halloween. I looked on Pinterest to get some ideas.

Trunk or Treat Example


Trunk or Treat idea

Trunk or Treat
All images found on Pinterest

Pretty elaborate right? My trunk isn’t the kind that folds down but I can sit in it while I’m passing out candy. I’m thinking of matching the trunk to our costumes but that’s totally top secret. Have you ever heard of this Halloween tradition? Should I stick with my original idea and keep it simple or go all out with a matching themed trunk? Keep in mind this event is from 8 am – 9 am! I’m looking forward to a busy next few days. I was hoping to go see Paranormal Activity 4 with Antz if we find a sitter on Friday night. We have 3 Halloween parties on Saturday, Trunk or Treat, and Antz Halloween party at his job on Wednesday. That’s 5 different times we will be wearing our costumes!! Oh well, I love Halloween and we may as well get a ton of usage out of our lovely costumes.

Adventure Time!

Jake the Dog, Bmo & Lumpy Space Princess

Hello Dolly

Two gold stars for Lizzie. I finished everything on my list despite a few hiccups *I’ll get to that later* but most importantly, the dolly is finished!


Toc Toc by The Lovers
Inspired by this doll by Jess Brown

She is still nameless but Liv has been throwing out a few possibilities…Gee-hah, Shuue, Paatah. So yesterday was quite adventurous. I found a balloon party store in downtown LA that carries what I wanted but it wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be. The place turned out to be deep down in the dirty, dirty, really scary section of downtown. I affectionately refer to it as “Zombieland“. Apparently Isabella Cruise has no problem hanging out with the tweakers and crackheads but me, I was holding my breath and not making eye contact the entire time I was there. I literally told Aimee where I was in case she had to file a missing persons report later that day. I parked across the street from the lovely shop.

I was lucky enough to find 35 cents in the bottom of my purse for the meter but I haven’t carried cash on me since 2006 so I was relieved to see the visa emblem on the door of the shop. When I walked in I was overwhelmed by the thousands of balloons but my feeling of overwhelm was more of how tacky the balloons were displayed. I have never seen more Tweety bird, Feliz Quinceanera and Spongebob mylar balloons in my life. Sadly my phone was too grossed out to get any photos but let me assure you, it was a gaudy balloon nightmare.  I waited patiently while several ladies purchased graduation balloons and attempted to get the owner’s attention since there was no semblance of customer service. When I heard a woman request the same balloon I needed I piped in, “me too!” The dude threw the balloon on the counter and grunted “$5 dollahs at me.” I pull out my visa when he rolled his eyes and said “$30 dollah min-ne-mum!” Ummm, what? Lame! I then calculated the odds of finding a ATM in the vicinity and losing my parking spot with the 7 minutes of time my 35 cents paid for so I disparagingly began to look for $25 worth of balloons in the tacky balloon paradise. Everything I was remotely interested in was on display yet the grumpy owner would tell me, “no have.” So luckily Olivia saw a sticker of Yo Gabba Gabba mylar balloons but it was close to impossible to ask this guy for a Brobee balloon. At first I said, could I have a green Yo Gabba Gabba balloon? this was received with a crazy look of Bro-blee? Then I choose sign language as means of communication, pointing to the sticker and smiling, see, green balloon? Uhh, he shakes his head again and sort of shrugs like, look lady, you better hurry up, I’ve got a cigarette that needs smoking. Okay, finally I start looking myself and as soon as I touch the hundreds of boxes of balloons he magically found it. I managed to get to $19.99 so I grabbed some ribbon spools that weren’t horrible. I ended up spending $35 on balloons but I was more concerned about finding my car on cement blocks with a nice parking ticket on it. I somehow got out of there without a ticket and with all my tires intact. I felt pretty brave after surviving that mess. So I got my car washed, went to Target, *spent more than I should* tried to exchange her clothes at BabyGap but I was told the rompers I bought aren’t available in stores yet. Anthropologie was completely sold out of the chiffon bow but I did buy a new bathmat *cause I needed it, right?* I got mine in blue.

I left the house at 11 am and didn’t get home until 4:30 so I was pretty tired when I got home. Driving home I finally remembered to get cash for Palm Springs *cause folks don’t appreciate IOU tips* Please tell me when will the world get on a cashless system? Every thing is digital! They don’t even use coins at the slot machines in Vegas anymore. Tell me what’s the point of cash? The only time I ever use cash is when I get a birthday card with $20 in it and then I blow it on the ice cream truck at my Mother-in-law’s house. Today will be just as busy and I still have projects to work on.


Git her done!

My To Do list is like 2 pages long!

Art made by Licorice. I love me some Gene Wilder!

I kinda slacked yesterday for getting ready for the rainbow birthday bonanza yet, I did work on the yet-to-be-named dolly. I was assisted by Antz and I think she will be FABulous!! I did have a big stumble with her wig hair. Antz came to the rescue and she no longer looks like she got her hair cut with a Flowbee

We will be styling the dolly tonight *giving her a face and outfit* I promise to upload photos and a video *I’m practicing for this weekend* So as long as I work my butt off these next 2 days, I will be right on track for Friday’s party at Scruffin Rock class. Today I’ll be running around town all day…Target, I have to stock up on Babybel cheese and get supplies for a last minute project I want to squeeze on to our already full plate. This kid eats cheese like crazy, she learned how to open them herself so now she wants like 4 a day! I am picking up balloons from a party store and I need my car washed *somebody went nuts with crackers in the backseat* I also need to exchange some clothes I bought at BabyGap *she’s already outgrown a size 2!* and I can’t pass up the sale at Anthropologie.

girlie chiffon bow
Chiffon Bow

I have been wanting this Ban.do bow for awhile and now it’s $10!!

I have been doing doing countless loads of laundry, not because I’ve let it pile up but Antz and Liv both have 1 white shirt and 2 black pants that are dirty so that makes 2 separate loads for like 3 things. When you do laundry how do you handle the tiny loads? Do you wait till you have enough for a regular load or do you run your machine 24/7 like me who was drying socks at midnight last night? I am keeping my fingers crossed I can pull this off, I have been more forgetful lately so please remind me to stop at the ATM and get cash!!!


I scream for Sprinkles Ice Cream!!!

Yup, tomorrow Aimee, Liv and I are going to Sprinkles ICE CREAM opening! I hope the line isn’t as ridiculous as the Sprinkles ATM was.


WOO-HOO! I love Memorial day weekend, it kicks off summer season and Antz will be taking off a bunch of days next month. He’s taking next Friday off so he can come to Scruffin Rock class with us to celebrate Liv’s birthday. Did I mention I went to Surfas and bought a mini cake stand and icing spatulas?

That little guy is for the edges
I want mine to look like this one

Rainbow cake #rainbow #cake


I’ll be freezing the cake Friday night so Saturday I can frost it nice and smooth.

So besides her doll, I need to finish working on her 2nd year video and wrap her presents. I really hope my laptop cooperates with my camera cause I’m going to be taking thousands of pictures. Lately I’ve been uploading 5 at a time which takes forever but it’s the only way I’ll ensure to not get those lame black images. Next week I’m definitely taking my computer in for service *and the Nikon D3000 too!*

I got her Shutterfly Photobook in the mail yesterday. I love how it came out. I really like their new chalkboard style. You can see it online here. We plan to make a book every year!


It’s on!

Rainbow cake
I have no clue how they made this guy
My first purple layer *I’m loving the food coloring*

I’m making mine a mere 6 layers thick. I’m using One Charming Party’s recipe so if it turns out lovely, I’ll attempt 8 layers for Liv’s birthday. MERDE!! Her birthday is 16 days from today.

Hopefully in 3 hours or so, I’ll have this pretty guy. I’ll be back with more pics later.

Rainbow Cake


Update…why oh why is my cake coming out so dark? Boo, the color is so vibrant and lovely in the bowl but when I bring it out of the oven, it’s darkness. I’m using the special super expensive cake grease I bought from the fancy schmancy Chef’s store. I suppose we’ll see when we cut into it.


Not very violet
What’s the secret to keeping it this color?
BOO!! my bright turquoise blue looks green


While I’m slaving away over a hot stove, the BFF is in the living room engrossed in the smut book!

50 Shades of Grey

I’m back and four and a half hours later, I have completed my cake. It’s pretty, I am definitely happy with it but thank goodness I did a trial run before her birthday. I found some things I need to tweak to get it perfect. Mainly, remember to measure each layer, I have some pretty wonky looking layers. I had to slice the green layer in half since it was much thicker than the rest. I also needed to use a dowel to keep it from becoming a leaning tower due to the crooked layers. I ran out of icing, so I didn’t frost the outside but I will freeze the cake the day before Liv’s birthday so it’s easier to frost. The tools I got from Surfas really came in handy. I was wary about spending so much but I’m glad I bought the professional grade stuff. I am thinking of going back to pick up one of the cake stands I drooled over but thought I could find an alternative for less at Macy’s. I browsed the Martha Stewart section on Friday and even with the 30% off sale, I didn’t love them as much as the ones at Surfas, yet the smallest one was $29. I’m not sure how often I’ll make cakes to invest in one yet.

My Top Chef loot
So pretty, I want a small white one *the small ones are on the far right*

Here’s the remainder of my rainbow cake making. As you can see it’s crooked and my banner is much too big but this was the largest circle cutter *4 inches, I would prefer 6 inches* they carried so I bought it.



the cakes were just a hair too small to cut out 2 circles


This part was fun cause the cutter is so precise and easy to use



the cake looks like a green hamburger







I love you Olivia!


Liv was beyond excited to taste it


I’m telling you, Olivia loves being nude


It’s gonna be a rainbow extravaganza!

By the way, I used 2 boxes of vanilla cake and cream cheese frosting. The food coloring doesn’t change the taste at all. It was yummy and we have tons of excess left over. I think I’ll use buttercream frosting next time. It’s possible the cake came out darker due to the vanilla cake mix being yellow. I may just go with a white cake to keep the colors bright. The work was tedious and long but fun!


Rainbow Connection

I can’t help myself…I wanted to keep some of Liv’s birthday details a secret but I just finished a few more items and they are too cute to not share.

I have been trolling Etsy all month looking for a birthday hat but since she has this one from her first birthday.

Fastest year ever
OMG!! I miss how little my monkey was!!

I thought a crown would be cute for her 2nd. So I put this guy together.

I still need to add a few bits to the crown

I am using this pendant for her rainbow cake

So, I’m crossing things off her list and we’re looking forward to her big day. Yay!

It’s great to be a Mummy!!

Antz asked Liv what should he get me for Mother’s Day, she told him “Daddy, we all know Mommy needs a new camera!” Huzzah! I am so excited to finally have a camera that isn’t wonky or broken. I have read mixed reviews on the Nikon J1 but here’s my bottom line, it’s a hybrid SLR so I have the functionality of a detachable lens *mine comes with a 1 NIKKOR 10-30mm lens* but I can upgrade to a 30–110mm 1 NIKKOR VR zoom lens if I like. I also still can use the D3000 55-200mm lens if I’m shooting a long distance. One thing that has always bugged me about the D3000 was the shutter speed felt slow and it’s hard to use a viewfinder. I know the pros prefer it but whenever we asked someone to take our picture we always had to give them a tutorial of how to look through the viewfinder and because you don’t look at the LCD screen, we would end of with tons of shitty photos. I snagged this bundle with includes the camera, 8 GB memory card, battery and case on sale for the cost of the camera alone. So it’s affordable, does this fancy camera magic and it’s smaller and lighter than my bulky D3000. Hopefully I won’t break it in a month *yeah right* and I’ll just have to overlook the Kooch’s endorsement.

Here’s a review I watched that shows off some of the fancy features and it’s weaknesses.

I know most Mom’s want jewelry or a day at the spa *both sound lovely* but Liv’s birthday is almost here and I would hate to end up with disappointing photos. Plus, I’m not afraid to admit, I’m a techie, I like gadgets and once I get my Sassy Strap, I’ll be one happy Mommy. I’m still getting the old SLR a doctor’s appt. but now I have a backup camera cause I’m sure Nikon will take forever to repair it. I’m actually betting they will advise me to buy a new camera cause the D3000 is so outdated anyway.

Thanks for the early Mother’s Day gift, Anthony & Olivia. You are super rad!

My fancy strap I made for under $10!!
View the complete set here

Rainbow Bright

I am taking the rainbow theme to the extreme! The Saguaro is my inspiration. Such a lovely, colorful hotel.

I think this place is giving the W a run for it’s money

Outdoor lounge

I’m hoping for a pink room

Pretty stoked to taste the tequila!!

I wanted to make a banner for Liv and I loved this one made by Liz Stanley at Momtastic. I made my hearts a little bigger but I love how my guy turned out. This was one of my first stress-free craft projects, I didn’t hurt myself or stay up all night cursing, it was really fun to just sew and be creative.

Luckily I had all the right colors in my felt bin
Fits perfectly on our mantle *although Liv keeps trying to pull it down*

My next project is making these rainbow streamers. I picked up really cute wrapping paper from Paper Source today. Aimee just ordered her gift for Olivia…

Kickboard Mini Scooter

SUPER FABULOUS!! I know Liv will love it *I sure want to use it*. I am looking for an equally fantastic helmet but we have to take her in-store to try them on. I just ordered her presents online which I’m going to try to keep secret *so excited about how darling they are*. Back in the day our parents had it so easy, all they had to do was let us watch a half an hour of TV and we would ask for whatever was in the commercials and that’s what we got. Of course I had a Rainbow Brite doll!

Who knew the Poltergiest girl was in this commercial?