Nursery Progress Vol. 2 *Movin’ right along*

What a different a day makes. Last night I was so impressed with Antz for putting up the curtains. It felt so official like this room now belongs to Olivia. Well today, we have outdone ourselves.  Story came by with Spuzz and brought us Chipotle for lunch *yum* and hung out for a couple of hours. We ate in the backyard and it was really lovely. I contributed in a minuscule way but I did wash the windows and assisted Antz with crib building. We made a video of it but it really needs to be edited, I had a serious case of the yawns and Antz kept forgetting about the camera and put his butt in the frame too many times. Until he works his magic on the video, enjoy these kick-ass pics!!

Ikea Expedit Shelf  *I helped build this with Story & Antz*

Don’t those windows like bright and squeaky clean??

Junco Doorknob from Anthropologie

It’s been neverending drama with this doorknob. At first we thought it was too long and now it’s too small. Antz went to Home Depot to try to find some solutions to get it on but nothing seemed to work. He finally got it on and that’s just fine with me. I love how the bird has our color palette and coordinates with the bird curtain rod.

This side of the room is what I refer to as Antz office. The shelf will hold his books, toys and maybe some frames. We still need a home for her frog humidifier so that may go on the top shelf. We washed and swiftered the floor several times but it needs professional refinishing. Maybe next year. My sweetness worked so hard building the furniture.

I am so proud of our progress, the room is really coming together just as I envisioned. There is still so much to finish. Tomorrow we’ll build the hutch and changing table pad. I need to order the mattress, glider, bassinet and tazi pouf. Today was the last day of a Gap Maternity sale so I made an order of some basics and got some badly needed undies. Oh and today I started packing for the hospital and I was nerding out while packing Olivia’s clothes because they are so small and adorable. I packed about 10 outfits for her.


Nursery Progress *hint still very much in progress*

This evening Antz put up the curtain rod and the curtains. Back in February, his Mom hemmed the bottom of the curtains because they were way too long, we totally measured them to stop just at the baseboard. When she finished sewing them we held them up to the window and they seemed fine but now that Antz has the rod in place they still hit the floor. He had to move the position of the rod higher since they are so long. I wonder what happened with our measurements? Oh well, we can live with it. He said he wanted to show more of the window molding and when the curtains are closed they look hidden.

We still need to wash the outside windows and clean the floors but I am so happy with the curtains and the contrast of color.
Antz started working on the games for the shower and I LOVE how they came out. He is such a freaking genius. So creative and cohesive.

He’s working on an adorable custom font for the invitation addresses. I am so mega stoked!!

I’m flipping over my FLIP!

Hello Mr. Postman!

This morning I got a buzz early and it was my mailman with 2 packages for me. I was totally excited because I saw one was from Amazon *when I tracked it last night, it said ETA was March 29th* and the other was quite large so I knew it was the bedding from Modern Nursery. The bedding looks great but they sent me the wrong color Uglydoll. Actually, it would be more trouble to send it back so we’ll just live with a pink/green Uglydoll.










Now that I have the Flip, we can spend the weekend building furniture *while we make a video* which will clear out the living room. Antz is going to put up the curtains and install the doorknob so I’m going to clean the floors today. He is coming home to have lunch with me so that’s nice. I called to make an appointment with our new pediatrician, Kristen Chapman, but I’m going to wait to schedule her until after my birthing classes in April. I am still bummed about the tax refund, I know it takes awhile and it’s only been a little over 2 weeks but I need it now so I can get the garage roof fixed, order the rest of her furniture and her clothes. All I do is hurry up and wait! I am so impatient 🙁

Things to Do Before I’m Due

Seems like I can’t focus on what I need to get done in such short amount of time. I try to stay organized and keep lists of what has to be done but waiting on the tax refund, the arrival of packages and the limited amount of time Antz has to work on the big stuff, I don’t seem to be crossing off many items on my list. It’s been a whirlwind since February when Antz got his bonus. The first priority is finishing the nursery.

Things to Do Before I’m Due:

Touch up paint – Baseboards, razor the paint on the windows and french door.

Install the doorknob – nearly killed Antz but he got it on!

Wash/Wax floors

Install curtain rod/curtains

Open the second window *decided not to do this, one window is fine*

Build furniture *on hold until we get the Flip* Got the Flip, need to edit the video!

Order the rest of the furniture *once we receive the tax refund* Got tax refund Friday, Whoo Hoo!

Repair closet light *kitchen light and install floodlights in the backyard too*

Wash/put away all her clothes *I bought Dreft detergent yesterday but I’m too scared to wash anything because I might shrink or ruin them*

Finish painting/frame *Antz*

So I won’t feel so bad about our progress, let’s take a look at what we have done:

Removed popcorn ceiling *Antz worked so hard and him doing it saved us $500*

Paint nursery *the pictures don’t do it justice but the room is so much brighter and feels larger*

I taped off the floor with the furniture measurements so we can get a better idea of the floorplan. The chair looks so tiny but in person it’s huge.

Tonight Antz will touch up the threshold and put the doorknob on.

Purchase furniture *Oeuf Crib, changing dresser, hutch and changing pad*

The sad state of our warehouse living room. All this needs to be built but we may start on the office chair and the 2 shelves this weekend.

Organized and cleaned out closet

This is my hubby’s side *poor thing looks like he has no clothes*

Here is Olivia’s tiny nook, I am sure it will fill up in no time.

This morning Antz took apart and cleaned the ceiling fan so now it looks 100% better.

I really didn’t want to keep the fan in her nursery *Antz uses it all the time but he can’t when the bebe is in there* I would love the Knappa lamp from Ikea

I just couldn’t get rid of a $700 ceiling fan and we had an electrician install it so it would be really a hassle to take it down. I suppose when she gets older we’ll move Antz office out so then I’ll change the light fixture. The good thing about the ceiling fan is there is a dimmer so when I use it, the light will be subtle.

Now I have the rest of my house. We made a huge step in getting the new stove and microwave and soon we’ll have the garage roof repaired but our plumbing is retarded! I also bought new curtains for the living room and plan to buy these for the fireplace

I found this set at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Antz sister gets 20% off. I still haven’t found a candle holder I like but I need something before the baby shower. I also need to start watering the grass daily again so it will grow back. It’s doing so well in certain parts of the yard but not on the lawn.

We desperately need a new/bigger bed. We took a gamble and bought another Ikea bed although we vowed not after our old one from the apartment. Of course, it’s breaking and the “wood” is peeling like a sticker. We need to upgrade to a king, although I don’t know how well it would fit in this tiny bedroom. I also could use a new mattress while we are at it, which means new linens and featherbed. The list never seems to end. I just love the beds at W hotels and everytime we stay at one I am saying to myself, there is no reason I couldn’t be this comfortable in my own home. We are both practically 6 feet and our dog and cat tend to sleep with us which makes for a tight squeeze in this queen. I’ll probably have to put that on our list of things to do next February.

Yay! Mr. UPS just came by with a package from the Gap!! I am expecting Amazon on Monday.

Nursing pajamas

I was worried about the fit of the tops because I ordered a smaller size but because they are stretchy I have plenty of room. When the Gap says these pajamas are supersoft, they are not kidding. They feel like cashmere without the itchy heat. I am going to pack my hospital suitcase later. 🙂 I want more packages!!

Done Deal

Today is Sunday and I don’t know how I did it but I woke up at 8 am this morning and helped Antz paint. We have our first coat of the new paint color.

We still need to paint another coat, touch up the brown and then the trim, window and french door. I am hoping we finish by tonight. So after our paint party, we went back to Bel Air to pick up the rest of the furniture. The chick selling the furniture wasn’t sure if she wanted to sell the conversion kit but when we got there her husband said it’s yours! They are such nice people. We saved almost $600 and we got the changing pad for free.

Oeuf classic crib, changing pad, conversion kit

Oeuf changing dresser and hutch. My Mom is super forgetful and left her purse in Antz car, so we had to drop my Mom’s purse off to her at Gail’s house since she was there doing her taxes.
We came home and Antz tried to bring up the furniture but he couldn’t carry the changing dresser by himself so we called in reinforcements in our Godparents. Godfather Stephen came to the rescue and helped him up the stairs. So now we have all the furniture except the glider and bassinet. Aimee is supposed to come over today at 4. I am so sleepy right now so I’m going to take a nap and then get busy on the paint.

Mega Birthdayness Extravaganza

Today is the first day of Spring and the celebration of me coming into the world! We started off with a trip to Ikea to buy a new bookcase for Antz *quasi* office and a side table/shelf for the nursery.

Surprisingly calm for a Saturday

Here is the side table/shelf that will go next to the glider. I was getting a Lack side table but it makes more sense to use this piece since we’ll have so much stuff to store. We are getting cute baskets to keep her toys in.

After measuring the space I’m a little bummed I couldn’t fit the double bookcase next to Antz desk but this single one will fit fine and we got it in birch to break up all the white furniture monotony. His books, Neopet toys and pictures will go on this bookcase. I also got a new trash can and a set of tupperware. Another check on our long list of things-to-do. I have a half an hour to get dressed for Morton’s but I have suddenly gotten sleepy. Well at least we are having an early night.

Paint Schmaint!

It’s an ongoing saga of painting this tiny 10 x 10 room! We orginally painted the room the second day we moved in here 4 years ago and I don’t recall it being so tedious. So far the day is almost over and we are just on the second coat of primer. We’ll most likely finish on Sunday. It is taking a long time to dry and I read that for the Frog tape to work properly you should take it off while the paint is still wet. Well, if it takes us 2 days to finish painting won’t it be super dry and mess up our trim? Plus I don’t think I taped off the crown molding very straight.

The paint job before

And now after

One perk when your preggo is you can have early birthday cake, we picked up my cake today and I had to have a piece when we got home.

We are busy celebrating my birthday all day tomorrow, first stop Ikea for a bookcase, side table and a mirror, then Morton’s for dinner *can’t wait* and meeting friends for drinks at the Standard. Sunday we are picking up the rest of the furniture but I have no idea where it will go. This is the current state of our living room *warehouse*.

That’s just the crib, the dresser and hutch are twice as big! We aren’t building the furniture until the room is ready since we have to build them in the room. I was supposed to get my printer stand today but no UPS. Maybe tomorrow it’ll come, along with Gap, Amazon, the bedding orders and her Eat Your Peas bib.

Fortunate smiles upon us!

This morning we rose nice and early, about 8ish and got started on actual paint! 15 minutes into priming the ceiling I was already tired. I traded trim duty with roller brushing which wasn’t any simpler. I managed to sprinkle paint all over myself but we got the first coat of primer on the ceiling before 9:30!

Yikes, I look like a full on lesbian!

As we let the paint dry and relieved our arm muscles, we drove to Bel Air to pick up the crib, goodbye $750, Hello Olivia’s Oeuf crib!

Totally posh house, here’s the fancy gate.

The husband met us and we saw in his garage he had more boxes that said Oeuf so we mentioned we would like to buy the dresser, hutch and the conversion kit. He was like sure but I need to ask my wife. I called her as we were leaving and she said she’ll be home in 2 minutes so we waited for her. She said we could take the dresser, hutch and changing pad for $1400. I said sold! but because the other boxes were so large we’ll have to go back on Sunday with help to pick everything up. In fact the crib is so heavy we had to stop at Lowes on the way home and buy a dolly. It was only $45 and I’m sure we’ll get future use out it. We are super stoked we are saving about $600! I also love that I don’t have to wait around for delivery.
Now I have to find a nice mattress. I think I’m sold on this guy Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic 150 Seamless Crib Mattress, just hope it’s thick enough.

Now if we could just get this room painted we could actually complete her nursery before June 🙂

The family selling the furniture were super nice and their house was rad! I have to ask our friend Chris to go with us on Sunday to help Antz pick up the rest of the furniture. SUPER STOKED!!

Craigslist/My husband Rules!

I was a skeptic but now I am a believer in craigslist power. Antz found the exact Oeuf crib in birch brand- new in box for $750!!

The chick selling it called us and said it was still available. She lives in Bel Air which is a swank neighborhood and she told us to pick it up tomorrow when her *housekeeper* is there. We google mapped her house and it looks fancy. I feel like it’s nothing but bargains for our nursery and clothes, too bad I can’t say the same about getting our a/c unit serviced! Oh well, at least we won’t have to worry about it not working this summer when the baby is hot.

Great Enjoyments

As I promised, we went to Little Tokyo this evening and 1. I found good parking and 2. I got a sweet Totoro plush for Olivia!!

We had fun in Little Tokyo but it was torture for me because my favorite sushi restaurant was right there and I haven’t been since my birthday last year! Bummers. Antz fell in love with Coco Monkey but I find him quite creepy looking but my Antz looks adorable.

I wanted this Totoro hand warmer soo bad but it’s all about Olivia.
I almost bought these Hello Kitty Baby on Board stickers but when the salesgirl was ringing me up, they were $15! No way, for a lame sticker Antz could make for me.

*Nerd alert* we checked out this anime place but they didn’t carry any Totoro, Spirted Away or Howl’s Moving Castle merchandise, how bizarre. I wish we could’ve stayed longer but my ligament pain was getting the best of me and I couldn’t take all those yummy sushi restaurants luring me in. I do want to go back after Olivia is born and check out this awesome place.
I am so happy I got the Totoro plush because the one I found online was from Japan and they only accept yen and it would’ve taken 4 weeks or more to arrive. The one we bought was only $25 and it’s so cute. Now I need to get her this freaking fantastic Totoro bebe set.